Titanium Tequila Week Preview


Here at Tequila Aficionado, we’ve been around the tequila industry for 18 years now.  Just as our website and associated networks have evolved over those years, we’ve been witness to the evolution of some really wonderful agave spirit brands.  The makers of Titanium started out with a great blanco tequila and an elegant package that was equally suited to home entertaining and table service.

Here’s our initial review of Titanium Tequila Blanco in both audio and video formats:



But their brand has evolved…

In late 2016, they announced the addition of three new expressions in their lineup and we’ve been waiting anxiously for a sip ever since.  Coming up this week on Tequila Aficionado is a whole new series of Sipping Off the Cuff episodes featuring the new line of Titanium Tequilas.  We were not disappointed!

Editor’s Note: if you’re a Highlands blanco lover and would like a true treasure of a tequila for sharing or for gifting, find a bottle of Espiritu del Viento.  It’s made by the same people who bring you Titanium but only available in Mexico as yet.


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