Route 66 Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

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ALEX: You are watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila, also part of Tequila Aficionado Media. I´m Alex Perez in Southern California.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Route 66 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] (making motorcycle noises) I´m Mike Morales.

ALEX: On his motorcycle.

MIKE: On my air-cycle. (making motorcycle noises)

ALEX: On your Harley Air?

MIKE: On my Harley Air. (laughing) That sounds like a tennis shoe!

ALEX: Why? Because we´re doing…

MIKE: Because, Alex. Show everybody what we´re doing today.

ALEX: Route 66 Tequila.

MIKE: Route 66 Tequila. Now Alex, you just confessed to me – I completely spaced because I haven´t lived in Southern California in a while. You live very close to in Pasadena very close to the original Route 66, right?

ALEX: Yeah, so I´m right off of Foot Hill.

MIKE: Right off of Foot Hill, in Pasadena. I used to live in Albuquerque, and right down Central Ave is Route 66. Look at this, check this out.

ALEX: (making motorcycle sounds)

MIKE: This is – do not be fooled; this is a motorcycle bottle.

ALEX: This is a cool bottle.

MIKE: It´s a really cool bottle, great design. The packaging is really cool too. You have of course, the eagle eyes. See the eagle eyes? The eagle eyes are upon you.

ALEX: This is why you call it Sipping Off the Cuff I haven´t even opened up my bottle yet.

MIKE: Yeah, yeah. People don´t believe me when I tell them that Alex pops these babies open as we – well, you know, I haven´t even done this one either. I´m going to have to pop this one open too. We´re both actually popping this open on camera and it´s a very easy bottle that – now this is a, to be clear, this is not a 750 it is a 375 and because of the special shape, you´ll understand why it has to be a certain size. Because this stopper here is the stopper, there´s no alcohol in there. And it´s a fairly decent sized stopper you still have yet to wet it down a bit to get it off. It´s not as difficult as we´re trying to make it seem, because it really is a very clever design. As soon as I can just get it off of here.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Route 66 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] (laughing) Here we go.

MIKE: It´s got an extra long cork, see how the cork is a fairly long cork?

ALEX: Yeah, it´s to keep it together.

MIKE: Right, right. And it´s doing its job.

ALEX: I see bubbles.

MIKE: Yeah these folks are from the same makers – in fact, Alex can you see the NOM number on that distiller.

ALEX: I do, this is 1433.

MIKE: 1433. These folks are

ALEX: Nice.

MIKE: These folks are Route 66 Tequila, Diva Tequila, Peñasco Tequila, are all the same importers. They´re great guys based in actually, based in San Antonio. I believe that they´re planning an office shortly up in this area. They´re very clever guys; Larry Large and his son Bradley Large. In fact, what´s the name of the company? Oh –

ALEX: Is that why there´s an XL on the seat?

MIKE: I, I´m not sure.

ALEX: For large?

MIKE: He´s a big guy and his son is a bicyclist actually, he does a lot of cross country biking. And they, the Diva Tequila is the infused tequila that won a Brand of Promise from Tequila Aficionado Media last year for 2014. They´re used to some great tequilas and there´s more coming, they´re phasing in every market that they happen to get into, with every niche they fill that niche.

ALEX: Looks like they´re the same distillers that does the Hijos de Villa Tequila, the gun.

MIKE: Hijos de Villa Tequila, yeah, the gun, which those are mixtos. These are not, these are cien por ciento (100%).

ALEX: Right, this is cien por ciento (100%).

MIKE: And don´t be fooled by the bottle. You know, it looks like a – you know, if you´ve seen any of the Hijos de Villa bottles, they´re guns, I own the rifle, I got that in storage – everybody´s seen it… But look at the color on this tequila.

ALEX: Yeah, that´s nice. Yeah, it´s a novelty.

MIKE: Yeah, it´s a novelty but, unlike other novelty bottles of tequila, I think this one is going to surprise us.

ALEX: Yeah it´s got a nice light, straw color. It´s got a really nice nose.

MIKE: The color is really beautiful and it´s got great legs; I mean, it´s got clingy legs.

ALEX: Yes.

MIKE: Did you notice that? Very nice, it sheets down very nicely on your Riedel glass. Course we´re using Riedel tequila glasses.

ALEX: I get some, uh… Wow, some nuts and like dried fruit.

MIKE: Yeah, it´s almost got a nose like an anejo, almost.

ALEX: Like dried raisins, yeah.

MIKE: I´m not exactly sure how long this is aged. Let me see where…

ALEX: There isn´t much information on their website.

MIKE: I´ll have to find out from the Larges; from Larry and Bradley about the aging of this particular tequila. Yeah, we´re not getting a whole bunch of information out of their website. It´s kind of a slick website, but there´s not much information there.


MIKE: I know they´ve done promos, as a matter of fact, last year they actually went up to Sturgis for that big Harley…

ALEX: Oh. (laughing)

MIKE: Yeah, they didn´t do it this year, but they did it last year. And whenever they can do some Harley or any of you guys who are tequila drinkers or collectors or who have bikes, you know who you are, this is definitely one you´re going to want to get in your collection. But even more than that, even more than that…Oh nice, wow!

ALEX: Wow!

MIKE: (growling noises) Mmm! Mmm!

ALEX: This is a special reposado. Very nice. I love the dried fruit.

MIKE: There´s nuts, dried fruit, a little caramel in there.

ALEX: Mmmhmm!

MIKE: It´s kind of, it´s more of a whiskey-forward tequila, I think.

ALEX: I think so too. It´s got an attack right in the front. Right as it enters your mouth. And a really nice finish, too. Great, great reposado.

MIKE: Great nose, too. I was extremely surprised, because you know, I´m thinking, you know, you got a bottle that looks like a motorcycle why would I want it? Other than the fact that it´s going to go with my gun, my machine gun, my rifle… there´s another one that looks like a flint lock, like a pirate, like a dueling pistol… why do I want it? You´re going to want this to sip on, boys and girls. Let me tell ya. And ladies also! It´s kind of a novelty bottle, it really is a novelty bottle, but it´s very well done. I think the packaging, Alex I think if we were to nominate this not only for reposado but I think the entire the packaging is fun, if you live anywhere near Route 66 if you have a motorcycle that you´ve traveled on to Route 66 somewhere along you know, from where does it start? Chicago? I think it goes through Chicago, New Mexico, San Bernadino, how does that song go? Winslow, Arizona.

ALEX: Come on Mike, sing it for us!

MIKE: I can´t, I can´t hold a tune but I love the flavor profile on this tequila, man! This is a real, real dark horse. Oh you´re looking it up, aren´t you?

ALEX: Looking it up.

MIKE: (laughing) It goes past your back yard.

ALEX: Get your kicks, on Route 66!

MIKE: (together)…on Route 66!

ALEX: Here ya go. Now you go through Saint Louis, Joplin, Missouri, And Oklahoma City is mighty pretty…

MIKE: (laughing)

ALEX: You’ll see Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico, Flagstaff, Arizona. Don’t forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino. (laughing)

MIKE: (laughing) Oh my god… You see how much fun you can have with tequila, ladies and gentlemen? This is what we do. We get paid for this – well, not really, but… anyway!

Sipping Off the Cuff | Route 66 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] We don´t really, we get paid in juice.

MIKE: We get paid in juice. And this juice is really, really good.

ALEX: Technically I´m very impressed.

MIKE: So was I. You know, I had my reservations because we know the folks at Del Bravo. I´ve tasted a lot of what their line consists of. And they have the value line and they have unique line the infused line, which they´ve done Gangbusters with, with Diva Tequila, they´re coming with us on our Tequila Tour in October. And then with this, I´ve got to tell you folks, whether you own a Harley or not, whether you like unique bottles or not, this is a great sipper. And I´m going to go out on a limb and say this is a Brand of Promise for reposado and for packaging.

ALEX: I agree. Good choice.

MIKE: It´s just, you know, the beautiful color, don´t – whatever you do, I know that those of you in the motorcycle/biking culture like to shoot whiskey and you like to shoot tequila – don´t shoot this one!

ALEX: No, you want to sip it.

MIKE: You want to sip it. This is truly a sipping tequila. If you didn´t see the bottle and you didn´t see the packaging, and somebody handed one of these to you, this is definitely a worthy sipper and I´m real happy with this, Alex. It´s charming….

ALEX: It´s charmy.

MIKE: It´s charming, it´s chiny, you know, and it´s a Br-

ALEX: It´s charming, it´s chiny, and it tastes real good. (laughing)

MIKE: Yeah, and it´s a Brand of Promise nominee. It´s got everything that your whiskey pallet will desire without being so whiskey or bourbon-y either, because it´s more on the sweet side than the dry side. So that´s our take on Route 66. For those of you living all over America.

ALEX: Nice.

MIKE: Get yourselves a bottle of Route 66, America. You´ll be happy.

ALEX: Vroom, vroom!

MIKE: Vroom, vroom! I´m Mike Morales, from San Antonio.

ALEX: And I´m Alex Perez in Southern California. You´ve been watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila, thanks for watching and as always, sip wisely.


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