Malinalli Anejo Tequila Review

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From the Malinalli Tequila Website:

Sipping Off the Cuff | Malinalli Tequila Anejo

NOM: 1551

AGAVE SOURCE: The Midlands Region of Jalisco

COOKING METHOD: stone/brick oven


DISTILLATION: Double distilled. It is filtered for smoothness using a preparatory filtration process.

STILL TYPE: Stainless steel pot stills

PROOF: 80 (40% abv)

FERMENTATION: Stainless steel tanks

SUGARS: 100% agave tequilana weber

WATER SOURCE: Deep aquifer

AGING: The Anejo is aged in American oak barrels for average of 24 months.

APPEARANCE: Medium long, roasted, a touch smoky, but far more vegetal than anything else, rich in agave flavor.

AROMA: The initial inhalations detect sturdy aromas of dill, pickle brine, salt, and green pepper; later sniffs encounter deeper, slightly toasted fragrances of black pepper, jalapeño, toasted almond, linseed oil, and dried dill; the main message is that agave is acutely present and not overshadowed by oak.

TASTE: The entry flavor is delicately salty, a clear signature taste of roasted agave, and displays a silky texture that’s firm and compelling; midpalate flavor range includes paraffin, prickly pear juice, toasted almond, and a slight trace of wood resin/sap.

OVERALL: The combination of core substance, satiny texture, high acidity, and a superb balance between oak treatment and agave presence make this one of the best anejos currently in the marketplace.

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