DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina

DesMaDre Tequila Makes Magic at Sol Cocina

 California Cool

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Southern Californians love to eat out and grab a few cocktails.  And there’s no place trendier than the famed Sol Mexican Cocina.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina was the Newport Beach location where we were set to meet Marcos Higareda, owner and leader of the DesMaDre Tequila family during this leg of the Wild Wild West Tour.

Waterfront Views

Nestled right up against the Balboa Marina with delightful waterfront views, Sol Cocina is renowned for offering Orange County’s finest weekend brunch with its own creative take on coastal Mexican cuisine.

Agave Spirits Galore

Offering more than 70 artisan, premium, and ultra premium tequilas and mezcals during Sol Cocina’s daily happy hour, their cocktail game is also on point.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina

Watch Sol Cocina’s Beverage Director, Colin Pflugradt, as he constructs an Old Fashioned using DesMaDre anejo.

Baja Vibes

The idea behind Sol Cocina was inspired by the best of coastal Baja California and several memorable surf trips to the spectacular peninsula.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina

Offering a California cool and inviting setting, Sol Cocina serves upscale Mexican dining that celebrates authentic flavors and traditions concentrating on the ever-changing array of fresh seafood and crisp, seasonal ingredients.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina

In the following clip, Sol Cocina’s Chef describes the churro he made to pair deliciously with DesMaDre Tequila.

This was amazing and unlike any other churro we’d ever seen or tasted before. (And we’re big fans of churros!)

Meet the Leader

[*FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Wild Wild West 2017 Tour were vetted as Brand of Promise(c) Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be included.]

Marcos Higareda, is the brand owner of one of the hottest and fashionable tequilas on the US market, DesMaDre.

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The name in Spanish roughly translates to chaos.  It is Marcos’ opinion that everyone has some desmadre going on in their lives, but that a great tasting tequila makes our daily chaos easier to handle.

As a young Southern California nightclub deejay, Marcos was inspired by former Los Angeles Lakers’ forward, Dennis Rodman, to learn the family business of tequila from the ground up.

The DesMaDre Evolution

Initially involved in the DeLeon tequila label that was eventually acquired by Diageo in 2014, DesMaDre evolved into the new family brand.

Listen to Marcos tell his DesMaDre story:

Future Plans

Marcos surrounds himself and DesMaDre with a well-oiled crew of professionals that he considers family.

Having learned some hard lessons from the DeLeon days, Higareda knows full well the allure of star power from the nightclub world.

With a definite focus, he has the dubious distinction of refusing celebrity endorsements for DesMaDre, preferring instead to grow the brand’s ardent following organically.


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