What is a Tequila Aficionado Tour?

What is a Tequila Aficionado Tour?

Tequila Aficionado Tours were created in 2015 by Lisa Pietsch and Mike Morales as a cooperative marketing program for Brands of Promise© that might not be able to finance huge end-of-year publicity pushes.

By sharing the cost of a massive campaign among all the participating expressions, we’ve been able to maximize brand exposure and content creation while keeping price points manageable for even the smallest craft brands.


What do sponsors get?

The sponsor package changes every year to provide the greatest social exposure possible on the most popular social networks.  We analyze the trends for the strongest social platforms and their most in-demand content to determine the best bang for sponsor bucks.

This year’s tour is video heavy so we’re bringing on more crew and equipment to create the most authentic video content we can for our sponsors.

Do sponsors travel with you?

We travel in an RV and carry 2 bottles of each sponsored expression with us.  One for photography and another for the tasting at El Cholo.  El Cholo is the only event we’re pouring at.  We do not have room for brand representatives to travel with us, but they are welcome to attend the shows and be interviewed and photographed with their brands.

What events will be on the tour?

By adding coverage of large events to the tour, we plan to continue in a cooperative vein by creating buzz for these events and assisting in their survivability and growth in an age of disappearing Mexican spirits shows.



The events we’re attending on tour this year include:

  • Mammoth Margarita Festival
  • Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine
  • El Cholo Café Pasadena’s Annual Tequila Tour

Tequila Aficionado Tours are the only cooperative marketing campaign of their kind.  Even if you can’t finance a huge end-of-year publicity push for your brand, you can still afford a Tequila Aficionado Tour.  Nobody else reaching an audience of 3 million agave spirit aficionados can give you 6 months worth of brand exposure at our price.


The 2018 Tour is limited to only 60 expressions.

Click here now to reserve spots for all of your brand’s expressions.






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