5 Reasons to Tour with Tequila Aficionado

You might be wondering what’s in it for you when we suggest your Brand of Promise© tour with Tequila Aficionado.

We’re the only agency that tours with brands so it is a valid question.

Following are five big reasons why you should hop on the next Tequila Aficionado Tour:

  1. Give your social networks a jumpstart. A Tequila Aficionado Tour is 4-6 months of concentrated photo and video opportunities where we create social media content that you might not have the time, inclination or inspiration to create yourself.  This can help to jumpstart your social media efforts or just give them a welcome boost.
  2. Great end of year campaign. The last quarter of the year is the biggest spirits selling season of all.  Unless your brand has deep pockets, it’s impossible to compete with the big boys that throw buckets of cash at traditional advertising.  That’s why we take your brand outside the box and create content that our followers, you, and your fans will love to share virally.
  3. You never know who we’ll share your brand with. We sip with rock stars, tequila royalty, industry movers and shakers, and influential tastemakers.  When your brand tours with us, you never know who we’ll introduce it to but you can be sure we’ll be singing your praises because, after all, it’s a Brand of Promise.
  4. Content you don’t have to create. “User generated content” is a common buzzphrase but few people really understand the influence it carries.  When Tequila Aficionado creates content for and about your brand on tour, you can take that to the bank because we’re sharing it with about 3 million agave spirit aficionados.  If you’re smart, you’re sharing it with your audience too!
  5. Tap into our networks for new fans. We continue to work hard to build and maintain the largest, strongest audience of agave spirit aficionados.  We build our fan base organically, never buy followers, and our numbers aren’t inflated with bots that won’t buy booze.  Our audience is the exact audience you’re looking for because they love agave spirits and they follow the brands we recommend, like yours.

Touring with Tequila Aficionado is an easy answer to building your brand recognition and increasing your customer base.  It’s so easy that some brands think there’s a catch – there isn’t.  You come on tour with us and over 3 million agave spirit aficionados will recognize your brand name when they see it on a shelf – and they’ll remember that Tequila Aficionado recommends it.

The big question now is why haven’t you signed up for the 2018 tour yet?

Click here to get on the 2018 Tour now.


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