The #1 Thing You Need to Know About Touring with Tequila Aficionado

Here’s the thing: We handle all of it.


You don’t need to plan events

You don’t need to provide staff

You don’t need to provide photography

You don’t need to write catchy copy

You just need to sit back and share all the social goodness that gets created about your brand on the tour.


From our most recent 10 tweets

We Don’t Displace Your Agency

You may have an agency that is handling all of your promotion and that’s OK.  What we do complements what your agency is doing.  The material we create on our tours is additional publicity that your agency, your social media manager, and you can use to further your overall promotion strategy.


Tequila Aficionado’s (real) Instagram, April 2018

We Don’t Take Over Accounts

We don’t take over your social accounts.  We create and share promotional content about your agave spirit brand with Tequila Aficionado’s audience (about 3 million aficionados) that you can use in advertising and social campaigns as you see fit.


You Can’t Beat the Price

The beauty of the Tequila Aficionado Tour is you pay a modest price to have your brand(s) tour with us and then we take it from there.



We take pride in our transparency and are completely transparent about our networks and our reach.

Everything we do is organic and our followers are real tequila aficionados who buy and drink agave spirits.

If we boost a post about your brand, you’ll know about it and have access to all the details.

We also ensure all our posts are FTC compliant.


No Extra Work For You or Your Team

You don’t need to plan events, but your brand will be featured at several.

You don’t need to provide staff because our staff has tasted your brand, knows it, loves it and will sing its praises.

You don’t need to provide photography because we’re featuring your brand in photos and videos shared on all of our social networks.

You don’t need to write catchy copy because we know your brand and write the copy that resonates with our audience.




When you ride with us, we take care of everything!

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