G4 Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

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MIKE: Hi, you are watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila Aficionado Media. All of our platforms are right in front of you. I´m Mike Morales in San Antonio. That young man out there is…

RICK: Rick Levi In San Diego.

MIKE: And Rick has been filling me in, he´s filling us all in, because he´s – because his close personal friend, Felipe Camarena, signed his bottle of tequila.

RICK: I wouldn´t say that, I´m a fan though.

MIKE: That´s how – Ok, well.

RICK: I did get to meet him, and I was able to sign a bottle.

MIKE: Yeah! You had him sign a bottle! You dog, man! Well, maybe I´ll get to meet him shortly. (laughing) You know, we can talk. I´ll just tell him what you told me, you know, and maybe he can sign a bottle for me. But, we fell in love with the blanco, that G4 blanco. And how like he said, he was pulling he was like orchestrating – I love that, he´s like this conductor where he was you know, one musical piece he´s got the, or maybe it´s the same musical piece, but he´s got you know, the horn section up, and then on another musical piece he´s got the strings. So, it really makes more sense, we call him a mad scientist, a mad genius, because the guy holds two degrees; he´s an ingeniero twice. And, but he really is at heart, he´s an artist.

RICK: I´m thinking now of the Sorcerer´s Apprentice, you know with Mickey Mouse

Sipping Off the Cuff | G4 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LnMIKE: It´s Mickey Mouse, yeah.

RICK: You know, the conductor´s wand and…

MIKE: The conductor´s wand. So, we loved the blanco. By the way, that was a 40-ABV 80-proof blanco, this is the reposado. And again, if you´ve watched many by now, you may have seen our Terra Alta reviews and you noticed that his tequila´s aged versions are very light in color. I think Rick, you and I, and Alex and I when we talked about Pasote, there was an article on Bin Magazine, I think it was that or Tasting Panel, where he talks, where Felipe says that he uses as oldest barrels he can find, right? 30, 40 years old, because he doesn´t want a whole lot of the wood to mask…

RICK: He has a very light touch, he has a very light touch when it comes to his barreling; it seems he does like you know, older depleted barrels. And, you know, I guess he does like what would you say it´s like a light char, and he –

MIKE: Probably, if he does any. Well, I mean he has to I suppose but yeah.

RICK: Just to toast, you wouldn´t even call it a char, it´s just a toast.

MIKE: Yeah, yeah.

RICK: And you know, he doesn´t keep it in there overly long. I think this reposado we´re about to have is a 6-month reposado.

MIKE: Okay, alright. Very similar to the Terra Alta I think. And very light in color. As you pour yours, I´m pouring mine in the – this is the smaller version of the jarrito that we were talking about over the earlier blanco version. These are prototype glasses that we are working with, Chisholm Trail Craft Glasses, that they are working with Stolzle. We´re hoping that this becomes a thing for agave spirits.

RICK: Absolutely.

MIKE: So, yeah.

RICK: Yea, I´m using one of the jarrito prototypes as well. This is one of the heavier ones, but it is the taller design.

MIKE: Right.

RICK: Of like the current prototype that I used on the blanco. So it´s very similar just a bit heavier. And that´s what I´m going to be using for the reposado.

MIKE: Okay. This one, I have when we were testing it and ___, I submitted my notes to Chisholm Trail, and I´m sure Rick will shortly because those notes will, those flavor notes and aroma notes will be submitted to Stossel, so we´ll see what they, what the powers that be decide. But you know, if you´ve been following SOTC and TA, you know that we feel that tequila at this rate after seventeen years, sixteen years of the Riedel, it´s just out-paced the Riedel. I think the quality of tequila that´s out there now, deserves a much more precise glassware. So that´s what we´re doing here. And you notice the, look at how light this color is. Six months in an ancient barrel, wow.

Sipping Off the Cuff | G4 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5Ln
Transporting agave piñas by donkey. Courtesy of Tequila G4.
RICK: Extremely pale straw color.

MIKE: Yeah, I mean you have to look twice. If this wasn´t a 6-months, legally, it´s 3-months or more to be a reposado, but this almost looks like a blanco suave that they pulled out right before 30 days or 60 days. I think it´s –

RICK: I think it´s 60 days.

MIKE: That´s what it looks like! Yeah, a blanco suave. So, but you know, I think that´s why he does that too. I think, I think he´s manipulating the normas to fit –

RICK: Exactly.

MIKE: To fit his mad plan to take over the tequila world, so.

RICK: Yeah. Well, what we found out when we reviewed Terra Alta, is that the añejo felt like what we would normally find in a reposado, and…

MIKE: Right, right.

RICK: You know, everything´s kind of stepped down on…

MIKE: Yeah, the progression was not, wasn´t what you would expect. Or what we´ve been used to as consumers, right?

RICK: Yeah. But then we got to his XA and it was still extremely agave-forward.

MIKE: Yeah.


MIKE: So, now I´m using the short one, I´m getting those sweet notes though. And they´re like wood notes, Rick. These are, these are, of course you and I are using the different glasses; you have the taller chimney, I´ve got the shorter one. And I´m finding that in the shorter one, I´m getting a lot more of the sweeter wood notes at the top.

RICK: Yeah, I´m finding it to be a lot warmer as well. I´m getting a little bit of, little bit of vanilla.

MIKE: Yes.

RICK: Touch of cinnamon.

MIKE: Oh, my goodness.

RICK: But also, I feel like I´m getting a more of a baked agave note.

Sipping Off the Cuff | G4 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5Ln
Jimador lifting piñas. Courtesy of Tequila G4.
MIKE: Yeah, the agave´s still there. I mean, obviously that´s why he looks for these ancient barrels. Because they´re probably cheap on the market to begin with, and number 2, they´re not masking what he´s trying to do with the tequila. Now we talked about the blanco. This is a 50/50 blend of rainwater, and well water. Because his distillery is equipped to gather rain water and of course, he sits on a well as well. So, again, just he spends way too much time in his head.

(both laughing)

MIKE: But it´s to our advantage – this is beautiful! This is almost like, and I can´t even call it caramel, it´s like this – it´s… It´s like a baked pineapple. Or like a grilled pineapple.

RICK: Yeah!

MIKE: It´s like grilling fruit. That´s what it, that´s what it smells like. Do you ever grill pineapples? Or, yeah, I could even go so far as to say I grilled peaches as well. But a grilled pineapple has more of that, more of the acidity in it.

RICK: Absolutely.

MIKE: In that nose. That´s what this smells like. It smells like grilled pineapples.

RICK: Yep.

MIKE: Wowww.

RICK: We had, you know, our blanco review, we had noted possibility of maybe some green pineapple. And so there are the pineapple´s gone and been thrown on a grill.

MIKE: Yeah, because there was a fruitiness I couldn´t pin down. You know, we called it a green fruit of some sort, it was a – you know, I know there was some citrus on the blanco as well.

RICK: Yeah, we highlighted grapefruit.

MIKE: I´m not getting any citrus here, but I am getting that grilled pineapple. Whoa, that´s beautiful.

RICK: I´m still getting some bright notes. I think I can probably still pull out some of that citrus. But now it is mixed with like, I don´t know, like a little bit of a cinnamon.

MIKE: Well, it´s whatever spices are left in the barrel. You know, from the toast, you know it´s not a char it´s a toast at this point.

RICK: Yeah.

MIKE: I mean even in the blanco if I put my nose up to the, inside here, I pulled out some wet cement. And now I´m getting something completely different. These glasses are amazing folks. I´m telling you

RICK: They´re a lot of fun.

MIKE: They are! Yeah, they are! It´s like – where, where wa – It´s like I don´t even want to try with any other glassware –

RICK: Yeah.

MIKE: – because I´m afraid that I´m going to lose some of these notes that I´ve never been able to pull out.

Sipping Off the Cuff | G4 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5Ln
Jimador, courtesy of Tequila G4.
RICK: It´s like the zone for sensing these things is increased.

MIKE: Yes!

RICK: You know, when you have a Riedel, there´s very few angles that you can come at it at.

MIKE: You have to really dig in, right?

RICK: But with this – yeah.

MIKE: If you don´t have a big schnoz like we do, it´s like come on!

MIKE: But here it´s like it comes right up to you and it´s lovely!

RICK: It really is.

MIKE: It´s lovely.

RICK: And it´s just, again, that wonderful highest of the highlands agave is very forward.

MIKE: Wow. OK, I´ve got to taste it, I´ve got to taste it.


(growling noises)

MIKE: Wow. Oh, wow. The sweet notes are still there. There´s still pepper, got a nice finish. It´s got a nice medium-to-long finish. It was like an explosion on your palate too. I inhaled while I still had the liquid in it, which I – you have to be real careful when you do that, because you don’t want to drown. And the retro nasal, it´s just the consistency of the notes. It´s even more amplified when – you know, it allows the taster to use these techniques to amplify what you´re already getting out of the glass and out of the tequila.

RICK: Yeah. There´s some, there is some barrel spice being added to the pepper affect from the agave. Which is really nice.

MIKE: I got a touch of bitterness just underneath my palate, on the sides of my tongue which is probably – it´s normal. That´s where it – It was just fleeting as I was swallowing.

RICK: And I was kind of attributing that to the citrus affect from the blanco.

MIKE: Could be, yeah. Because it was like a grapefruit, like some grapefruits can be bitter. I´m not a big grapefruit guy because of the bitterness. To me, it´s like biting into an aspirin, I don´t know.

RICK: (laughing)

MIKE: Just it´s awful, you know. It´s like or it´s like really bad coffee.

RICK: Yeah. I love citrus and tart flavors. I´m not the kind of person that can sit there with half a grapefruit and eat it for breakfast, but…

MIKE: Yeah, I can´t.

RICK: You know, big fan of citrus.

MIKE: See, I´d prefer limes if I were to, if I was going to drink a juice. Limes or lemons. But, we had a lemon tree in our backyard when we were kids and it´s still there, you know, giving these enormous hybrid, these huge lemons. And so, I love lemon juice and can pick it out and lime juice and orange juice, obviously.

RICK: Yeah.


RICK: Yeah, and it´s like when I make my own Margarita Mix, I love throwing some grapefruit juice in there.

MIKE: Yeah!

RICK: I like that extra tart aspect that it adds.

MIKE: ___Great!

RICK: You know it´s got this lovely vanilla layer.

MIKE: Well, that´s at the very top too right? That´s the wood nose we were talking about is more like vanilla, not caramel, but like a light vanilla.

RICK: Yeah, just a light vanilla that is, it´s accentuating the baked agave.

MIKE: Or the grilled pineapple. Cause it is! I´m telling you. If I´m wrong, tell me. Tell us in the comments below. Again, I – I´m telling you, I just fleeting wet cement at the bottom. It´s weird, man! I haven´t smelt – it´s like an old friend I haven´t seen wet cement in so long! Oh, these glasses are a lot of fun. This is really fun, and you know, what makes it really special is of course the G4 because it´s such a well-made tequila. You know, one thing we didn’t touch on before, Rick, that I wanted to touch on now, is that there´s a – the pricing. I knew you did some –

RICK: Yeah, we forgot to mention the pricing on the blanco.

MIKE: Right.

RICK: I found a range of pricing on the blanco between $30 and $50 dollars. Now, at Old Town tequila right now…

MIKE: That´s a wide spread man.

RICK: Yeah, Old Town tequila right now has the $30 price, and I think it usually, you know I think the prices I was finding was more between $30 and the upper end was like $45, but I did find one at $50. But, you know, the blanco right now is $30 at Old Town and that makes it an extreme value.

MIKE: Wow! Go get it now!

RICK: Yeah.

MIKE: But yeah, by the time you see this, Rick will have already –

RICK: I will have gone down all bottles these cases.

MIKE: He will have already harvested all the $30 tequila!

(both laughing)

RICK: So, this reposado, the range I´ve found was from Zeke, at Old Town has it right now for $37. And then the highest point I´ve found it at was $60, so again quite a large spread, but I think most of the points were like between, you know, $37 and $50.

MIKE: You´re – for those of you who are big fans of Felipe and have, and have tried G4, you might notice because guys like you, guys like me, guys like the guys who watch us consistently, you read labels. We´re like kids when we were growing up, we´d read the cereal box we´d read it front to back while we were eating. It´s the same thing, we´re just drinking booze now.

Sipping Off the Cuff | G4 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LnRICK: (laughing)

MIKE: So, if you´re reading labels back and forth, back and front, you´ll notice that there´s a couple of importers that are listed. And I think, I was talking to Rick off camera, I think the disparity, the large spread of pricing is probably due to the importation situation that G4 finds itself in. I will tell you that these, that were sent to us, was sent to us curtesy of a new PR company that, from what they told us has an interest in the distribution of G4. So, they are also planning a huge roll out, okay. Very shortly. So, forget – if you find the G4 at a bargain, you´d better buy it now.

RICK: Yeah.

MIKE: Because I´m not sure when they roll it out nation-wide.

RICK: This stuff is going to blow up.

MIKE: I can´t get this in Texas right now.

RICK: This is going to blow up, yeah. And it´s had very little distribution so far, but it´s, it´s going to blow up. It´s going to be amazing.

MIKE: Yes. So if you find it at a really bargain-basement price, or a bargain that you think is a bargain, you´d better get it, because I´m not sure… We´re not privy to what the PR company is planning, and how many states they´re – you know, how big this blitz is going to be. They´re telling us it´s going to be a big splash, a big roll out nationwide. So that being the case, that´s a warning to you folks, maybe by the time you see this they still haven’t pulled the rip cord on this parachute, they may do it in September. Hopefully this´ll, this review will show itself somewhere in August, but if you find it at a bargain price, you´d better get it because the roll out is going to, like you said Rick, it´s just going to blow up.

RICK: Yeah, you know right now at Old Town, $37, again, is just an amazing bargain.

MIKE: Bargain. Go get it, it´s G4 from el Pandillo, which is Felipe Camarena. G4, that G4 represents his sons, correct? This is the –

RICK: That´s right, yeah. Felipe is the third generation Camarena distilling, and his sons are the fourth generation.

MIKE: If you know anything about the Camarena family. They are, the whole family itself was one of the first families to settle Arandas. So they are one of the founding families of the Arandas area. So, these guys have a lot of pedigree and a lot of, there´s a deep – tequila runs deep with them. And agave growing as well, because…

RICK: Yeah.

MIKE: …if you know Felipe Camarena and Carlos, they grow their own agave. They´re state-grown and it… I can only imagine what Felipe does with his agave. I´m going to have – you know, if I run into him, I will ask him if he does anything special with his plants. Because we know what he does with his juice.

RICK: Well, some of them are – some other interesting stuff that he does, is that.. So the fibers, the what´s the word for that, the….

MIKE: The agave, the tauna fibers, the agave fibers. Does he throw the fibers in with the fermentation tanks?

RICK: I´m not sure about that, I haven´t found any information on that, but what he does do is he takes the waste, and then he brings it to a neutral ph. And then turns it into fertilizer for his fields.

MIKE: Well, there you go.

RICK: And other things that he does, I think both he and his brother Carlos do this, is that for some of their agaves, they´ll let grow to full maturity, and they get the full like 20-foot quixote that grows up.

Sipping Off the Cuff | G4 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LnMIKE: The stem! Yeah!

RICK: And you know, once it´s developed that full mature stem, after about 10 years you can´t harvest the agave at that point.


RICK: But what that does do, is that it helps to support the local bat populations that are dependent upon….

MIKE: Yeah, so he´s – I would imagine he´s a working on becoming part of the bat-friendly program. I´m sure Carlos is, and Felipe´s right along with that. And you know, in the old days, right? They would pollinate these plants. I mean, that´s the idea is to strengthen the blue agave, because whether we like to believe it or not, we´re in a crisis, and in fact, the two families that called it, the two generations that called it, are Carlos and Felipe. They know that this is, this is a tough time for agave.

RICK: Yeah.

MIKE: There´s is a severe shortage, if you´re not growing your own, it´s getting hairy.

RICK: And so they´re doing things to enhance the ecosystem where they´re growing as well. And so, he´s you know, neutralizing the pH and returning the fibers to the soil. You know, the thing with supporting the local bat population. But also, you know, he´s trying to bring other animals to the area as well, and so we mentioned this with Terra Alta: he´s planted other things around. He´s planted some cinnamon trees, and strawberry guava trees, fig trees, and citrus trees around his agave estates. And you know, to bring back more of the…

MIKE: More of the creatures.

RICK: More of the critters.

MIKE: Yeah. Psshs. What´s not to love, right?

RICK: Yeah.

MIKE: Great price, great tequila. Brand of Promise Nominee, in the Legacy Reposado category. And oh my gosh, they´re just lovely in these glasses. They´re just – it´s a, it´s you know what I said in my notes about this glassware? It´s like tasting tequila, it´s like watching television in HD. So it´s like nosing in HD. I can´t wait for, I´m really hoping that Stossel decides to go to run with these versions, because can´t wait to introduce it to people like you guys out there.

RICK: But you know what´s important when you´re watching something in HD?

MIKE: What´s that?

RICK: To have great cinematography.

MIKE: Ahh!

(both laughing)

MIKE: Great direction. The Francis Ford Coppola of tequila, Felipe Camarena. That’s our take on G4 reposado. Stick with us, you´re going to get a treat with the G4 Añejo which I´ve not had yet. I´m Mike Morales in San Antonio. That young man over there is…

RICK: Rick Levi in San Diego.

MIKE: You´ve been watching Sipping Off the Cuff in whatever format you´re watching or listening to us, please subscribe. Either down below, or you know, or on iTunes and all those. And but whatever you do, just tomar sabiamente.

RICK: Sip wisely.


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