The World’s Leading Bartender School Launches Exclusive Spirit Expeditions

The World’s Leading Bartender School Launches Exclusive Spirit Expeditions

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European Bartender School introduces Scotch Whisky Trip in partnership with William Grant & Sons and Tequila & Mezcal Expedition for enthusiasts to gain an in-depth understanding of their favourite spirit.

BARCELONA, Spain 2019 – European Bartender School (EBS) is now adding another string to its bow by providing Scotch Whisky and Tequila & Mezcal expeditions, unique opportunities to experience Scottish and Mexican cultures by becoming immersed in the worlds of whisky and agave.

European Bartender School has debuted their first spirit expeditions of many more to come. On the 6th September 2018, the first group of participants embarked upon a 10-day adventure across Mexico during which they were able to live, breathe and of course taste all things tequila and mezcal in a way never possible before. The journey began in none other than the town of Tequila, before participants ventured into the highlands of Jalisco and finished in Oaxaca. Carefully crafted by expert tequila connoisseur and member of European Bartender School’s board of education, Björn Kjellberg, the expedition allows participants to explore agave fields, some of the most important distilleries as well as small and traditional family-run operations that are not accessible to the average tourist. From visiting La Capilla, the birthplace of La Batanga cocktail, to traditional pulquerías, to learning about the challenges the industry faces from the CRT (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) itself, this expedition strikes a perfect balance of fun and educational activities. This allows  participants to not only understand the intricate details of production, but also how agave spirits fit into and ultimately lie at the very heart of Mexico’s cultural, historical, economic and political identity.

‘I can talk about it so much and I can show pictures, but you won’t get it until you come here, until you see the agave fields, until you get all the smell and get to feel it, and get to feel the culture, not only the culture surrounding the distilleries and the producers, but the whole culture of Mexico; the bars, the people, the markets, the roads, the noise, the colours, everything. It goes so deep.’, says Björn Kjellberg

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Soon after, on the 1st of October, European Bartender School launched their second spirit trip; a 4-day Scotch Whisky expedition to the Glenfiddich distillery created in partnership with William Grant & Sons. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay on-site at the Glenfiddich distillery has never been available to the general public until now, making this the most exclusive and immersive way for enthusiasts to experience whisky to date. There is no greater place to meticulously follow the production process than Glenfiddich, producer of the world’s best-selling and most awarded single malt whisky, situated in the heart of the biggest whisky producing region in Scotland. Glenfiddich carries out every stage of production from grain to glass, allowing participants to gain an understanding of each stage of the whisky making process, before blending their own whisky to keep and taking part in exclusive tasting sessions and a gala dinner with industry experts and a VIP whisky guest.

“It’s the first time we are opening our distillery accommodation to the public. The course promises to be hands-on, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable in a beautiful corner of Scotland at the Glenfiddich distillery,” says Ludovic Ducrocq, Head of Brand Ambassador Advocacy, William Grant & Sons

The whisky, tequila and mezcal industries are all enjoying great success, each more popular today than ever before, and European Bartender School is proud to provide enthusiasts with the experiences they’d been missing, broadening the ways in which these spirits can be explored. Following the success of these first trips, European Bartender School has announced three new dates for each trip, to take place in 2019.

For more information about the tequila and mezcal expedition, click here.

For more information about the scotch whisky expedition, click here  

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