Celestial Reposado Tequila Review

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In the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, natives once believed that tequila was a gift from the heavens.
We agree, and delight in sharing this gift with you.
Our hand-made tequilas are as flavorful and robust as the agave plants and lands from which they come. We have a rich artisan tradition rooted in our Mexican heritage.
Tequila Celestial’s Distiller
Raul Garcia is quick to laugh, eager to learn, and enjoys creating. Raul was born in Mexico and discovered a life-long love for learning and making great tequila.
Tequila Celestial was born from a celebration of life and reflects the history and character of Mexico. Noble. Resilient. Proud.

Remarkably smooth, this medium-bodied tequila is a great introduction to anyone new to

tequila and a sweet, subtle joy to the connoisseur. Its honey-sweet taste is a delightful surprise.

Color: Amarillo. Flaxen, blonde. Warm sunlight.

Aroma: Crisp mint, earth, vanilla, orange flower. The grassy sweetness of agave.

Taste: Medium intensity. Honeyed – almonds and marzipan. Baking spice,
a hint of smokiness. Smooth.

Finish: A warm, honeyed suggestion left on the palette. Ephemeral.