Do I Really Need Social Media for My Tequila Brand?

Yes, you really do.

Everyone asks this question and I’m happy to answer it every time because I’ve seen the value firsthand.  Social media is the fastest, most effective, and least expensive way to reach the consumers who will buy your brand.  Social media allows your brand to speak directly to the consumers, mixologists, beverage managers, distributors, and importers of the world.  Not just your city or state – the world.

Social media saves you money by allowing you to have a direct relationship with your consumers and influence their buying and consumption without spending an arm and a leg.  It enables you to reach out and touch thousands of tequila lovers with the push of a button. 

Social media also proves your brand’s existence.  If your brand doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, it might as well not exist.  The first place people check for new brands they hear about is on social media.  In fact, the first place they hear about new brands is on social media.  If you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account that can be easily tagged when a fan wants to share your brand as her new “go to” tequila then you’re leaving money on the table.

Having a successful social media presence means you’ll be recognized in every new account you attempt to open.  And if they don’t recognize you, you can bet your bottles they’ll be looking to see if you have a Facebook Page or not.


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