12 Ways to Add Video to Your Tequila Brand’s Social Media

It is a fact that video gets more impressions on any social media network than photographs or text posts. While other tequilas are out there posting glamour shots of their bottles, you can get ahead of the game using video to your advantage.

You must realize that the processes you have come to accept as mundane are actually part of your brand’s story that the consumer wants to see.  It’s time to give them what they want.

Following are 12 easy ways to add video to your brand’s social media:

  1. Share video of the local drive to your distillery being sure to include terroir features like local crops, flora and fauna.
  2. Share video of a walk through your agave fields.  Show the rich colors of the soil and plants.
  3. Share a video of the agaves being harvested.  Jimadores are the unsung heroes of tequila and master craftsmen.  Show their precision. 
  4. Share video of the agave pinas being loaded into trucks, hornos, and/or autoclaves.
  5. Share video of the shredding or tahona process.
  6. Share a video tour through the interior of your distillery.
  7. Share video of your tequila being bottled and labeled.
  8. Share video of cases of your tequila being loaded for export to the U.S.
  9. Share video of your tequila being delivered to retailers.
  10. Share live video while setting up for retailer promotions and tasting events.
  11. Share video of consumer responses at retailer tastings and events.
  12. Share video reviews of your brand.

Incorporating more video into your social media posting provides a way to bring the consumer into your story and make them feel as though they can be part of it. 

Making the consumer part of your story gives them a sense of ownership and emotional investment.

That feeling of investment creates brand evangelists who will promote your brand far and wide, faster and more effectively than any advertising campaign.


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