Reach Millions of Tequila Consumers With One Simple Step

Partner with the right publisher on a unified strategy and your brand can reach millions more consumers.

The whole purpose of the Tequila Aficionado influence programs is to provide the perfect combination of content creation and message amplification to help your brand reach the greatest number of consumers possible.

While you may already have an excellent following on all of your social networks, they may not be the same as those of Tequila Aficionado. That’s why we will amplify your message to our audience by sharing your posts and helping you build the strongest possible networks for your brand.

Following are the social aspects of what we do for influence program partners.  Each item outlines our actions as well as recommendations for how you can get the most out of a partnership with Tequila Aficionado.

Pinterest Pin Board

While Pinterest is often overlooked by spirits brands, our Pinterest boards generate over 750,000 views monthly.  This number, in itself, should be enough social proof to show that utilizing our Pinterest audience to build your own is a great idea.

Here are some things you can do to make this pinboard work for you:

  • Have a Pinterest account for your brand
  • Optimize your Pinterest account for search engines by including keywords in all of your board descriptions and ensuring that you have at least 20 pins on each of your boards
  • Send us your Pinterest URL and we will invite you to the board we create for your brand, making it a shared, group board.
  • We will also add you to any of our other boards that you would like to contribute to in order to tap into our Pinterest following more deeply
  • Participating in our shared, group boards grows your Pinterest network with our followers and that instantly builds your network

Pinning Your Instagram Posts 

We will pin each of your Instagram posts to the pin board we created for your brand.  By doing this we provide greater exposure for your brand with our audience.

Here are some things you can do to make this work for you:

  • Have an Instagram account
  • Post to your Instagram account at least once per day
  • Create engaging captions on every Instagram post because these will be carried over through Pinterest and Twitter
  • Utilize hashtags on your posts to optimize for Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest searches

Tweeting Your Instagram Posts

Tequila Aficionado has over 13,500 Twitter followers.  We have never paid for a follower on any of our social networks and always grow them organically. This means that every follower is there because they are an actual person and want to follow us.  This leads to far higher engagement than accounts that have purchased hundreds of thousands of follower bots.

When we pin your Instagram post to our Pinterest account, a tweet is generated that tags you on Twitter and tells our followers that we just pinned to the board for your brand. Now they see your image, check out the pinboard, and they can follow you on Twitter and Instagram.

Here are some things you can do to make our Twitter following work for you:

  • Have a Twitter account so we can tag you, thereby allowing our followers to see your Twitter handle and follow you
  • Follow Tequila Aficionado on Twitter so that you will know when we post about your brand
  • Retweet whenever you are tagged in a Tequila Aficionado tweet

Facebook and IGTV Native Sipping Off the Cuff Features 

Our Facebook page has 6,500+ Fans and every single one of them came to us organically. We do not inflate our numbers with purchased follower bots.

By posting a video in the native Facebook format, we tap into Facebook’s preference for native video which they will share far more widely than they will a post that links to a YouTube or Vimeo video.  The native Facebook format also allows us to optimize that video with keywords and tag you as a partner so that you can utilize that video as well.

Here are some things you can do to make these native Facebook videos work for you:

  • Follow us on Facebook 
  • Have a Facebook page, not a profile, that allows Partners to tag you
  • We will tag you as a partner whenever we post about your brand so that you can see the analytics for these posts and, if they go deep with organic views, they may just be video posts that you choose to boost with your advertising budget
  • Whether you boost them or not, you should share these posts as social proof to lend additional credibility to your brand with the Tequila Aficionado stamp of approval

Let’s Collaborate!

These are just a few of the many ways you can make the most of Tequila Aficionado’s content and amplification capabilities.


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