Social Media Done Right Does the Heavy Lifting For Your Sales Team

You may think all your tequila brand needs are brand ambassadors with their high-heeled shoes on the ground, smiling at liquor store customers from the end caps, but you need a whole lot more than that. 

People need to see or hear about your brand at least seven times before they’ll take action and buy it.

Now, you can get them to see your tequila brand on billboards, magazines, television shows, bars, and liquor store shelves, but that’s a mighty expensive and time consuming process.

What you should be doing is making sure they’re seeing you all week on social media so that by the time they see that promo at their local bar or liquor store, they’ve already decided your brand is the next big thing.

The first option with ambassadors, magazines and billboards, can take months, even years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

But the second option, using social media, can happen in a single week. 

Save yourself the blood, sweat, and tears and let your social media do the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re not sure how to get started with an effective social media strategy, click the link below for a free, no-risk analysis and strategy that can make your brand stand out from all the rest.


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