Don’t Put Off Establishing Your Agave Spirit Brand on Social Media

In my experience, I’ve seen plenty of brands who put off getting their social media started.  There’s so much work that goes into creating a brand, distilling a spirit, bottling it, and then bringing it to market that social media is often left to the wayside. 

It isn’t easy getting a brand off the ground, but if you don’t factor in the time and budget to get your social presence in order before you ship product, you’re doing so at your peril. 

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have product in the country yet or not.  It’s actually better for your brand to get your social media rolling before you hit the streets because your sales pitch will be far more persuasive if you already have a social following to back you up with “Social Proof”. 

Now before you get all crazy about social proof and start thinking you need to buy thousands of followers before you get organic followers of your own,


99.9% of the time, a new brand that has thousands of followers right out of the gate bought them.  Those aren’t followers, they’re bots.  They’re vanity numbers to make you feel good.

While I want you to feel good and hate to harsh your mellow, those vanity numbers are going to bite you in the butt.

Bots don’t buy booze.  It is far better to have a few hundred followers that are real consumers rather than a few thousand you paid for. 

Buying followers kills your brand before you even get started!  Thousands of followers and no engagement goes against you in the Facebook, Instagram & Twitter algorithms. 

The ratio of engagement to followers tells your networks that your content isn’t worth seeing in feeds.  If you only have 2 followers and 1 engages with every post, you’ve got 50% engagement – and that gets you in front of eyeballs all day. 

Here’s a little secret bot buyers don’t understand: It’s not about the number following you.  It’s about the percentage of your followers that are engaging you. 

For example:

If your Facebook Page has 100 followers and 50 of them like everything you post, that’s 50% engagement and Facebook will weigh your page higher and show it to more people. 

But if you have 1000 followers and only 50 of them like everything you post, then that’s only a 5% engagement rate and Facebook will bury your page deep in the darkest recesses of its algorithm. 

Don’t compare your brand’s beginning to a big brand’s 20 years in the business.  There are no shortcuts you can take that you won’t regret later.  You’ll need to grow your audience from zero just like everyone else. 

Focus on quality from Day 1 and you’ll never have a problem growing your audience.


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