Care and Feeding of Social Networks

In case you haven’t noticed, it isn’t 2006 anymore.  There’s too much noise competing for attention on every social network out there. 

You can’t just open accounts on every network and expect them to grow.  Even agave won’t grow if you don’t maintain it.  It’s the same with social media.  Your following won’t grow if you don’t feed, water, and love it regularly. 

You might think that buying followers, likes and comments is the Miracle-Gro of social media but consumers are too savvy for that.  When you have thousands of followers that are clearly Turkish or Russian, consumers know that what you’re serving up is fake.

Wait…you didn’t think that people were checking out your followers before they followed you? 

Time is finite and valuable and consumers don’t want you spamming up their feeds with something of little or no value.  The consumers you want, the ones that actually buy quality, craft tequilas are looking for quality and craft in your social profiles as well. 

You can’t just slap up a shingle and expect business to roll in.  You’ll need to know what, when, and how to post to your networks to make them engaging and grow your brand’s fan base with real, live consumers.

The first step is posting great content regularly.

I see this a lot with new brands:

They believe they need to spring forth, social networks fully grown and populated as though they were some God from Mount Olympus. 

Well, that would be great but *news flash* unicorns and mermaids aren’t real either.

You don’t need to post every day when you’re just getting your social media started.  In fact, if you do, it could overwhelm a small initial following and they may just drop off. 

The key is to post consistently. 

As I said previously, I recommend brands who are just getting started post only three times per week: 

  1. Post on Monday to help followers ease into their workweek or share their weekend stories.
  2. Post on Wednesday to get your followers over the hump and looking forward to the weekend.
  3. Post on Friday to get their weekend started with a bang.

Remember that not all posts should be broadcasting.  You can’t you’re your following to BUY, BUY, BUY all the time.  They’ll burn out and stop following.  Share your brand story, educate consumers about what sets your brand apart from others, and let them know where they can find local tastings or retailers that stock your brand.

Consistent posting shows new visitors to your social networks that you are active, your brand is alive, and they should be looking for it in stores, bars, and restaurants.  It signals a virtual pulse and, in this time of brands drying up due to the agave shortage, a pulse is vitally important.


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