Craft Tequila: WTF Does THAT Mean?

What does “Craft” mean for tequilas?

An interesting question crossed my desk concerning the term craft as it relates to tequila.

This person asked…

“The one thing I am finding is the definition of ‘craft’ is all over the place. What does craft mean to you? Do you think it is based on the method, quantity, who makes it or maybe all of these factors?”

This reader went on to ask if I considered a particular big name brand a craft tequila, and if not, would I consider a certain higher priced line from this same transnational corporation that owns the brand as a craft tequila.

Further, he confessed that two other well-known brands could be considered “craft” tequilas even though one of them had reported sales of over 50,000 cases in 2013.

What does craft tequila mean to you?
Is it method, quantity, who makes it, or maybe all of the above?

We’ll explore all the aspects of craft tequilas and tequila marketing “happy talk” designed to mislead consumers in “Craft Tequila: WTF Does That Mean?”



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