Let’s See How Far We’ve Come!

In October 2016, we did an open call for tequila aficionados who were willing to work for tequila by becoming official tasters for Tequila Aficionado (Tequila Jockeys or “TJs” in the fine tradition of MTV’s VJs).

We spread the word far and wide and several bold souls took us up on the offer to audition with a tasting of the agave spirit of their choosing.

Here it is three years later and we look back on their initial auditions like a proud parents. They all came to us with their own preferences and strengths but to see each of them as they expanded their palates with experience, and sometimes tasting things they didn’t want to…has been an amazing experience for me and Mike. These guys are still with Tequila Aficionado today and have become valued members of our team – and family. We couldn’t do this without them.

See how far they’ve come on this Throwback Thursday!

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