FREE Kindle Book! Profiles in Agave Spirits, Vol 1

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Profiles in Agave Spirits, Volume 1:

Profiles in Agave Spirits: The people who create and contribute to the tequila, mezcal, sotol, bacanora and other agave spirits industries (in English and Spanish).

The Profiles in Agave Spirits series of books is an encyclopedia for education, entertainment, reference and posterity with each volume including both English and Spanish translations.

By creating a Who’s Who in Agave Spirits, we provide a ready reference for those in the industry, as well as those researching or hoping to break into the industry. We also believe that this industry deserves to have a lasting record of historical significance beyond oral history and urban legend.

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Featured In Volume 1:

Refugio “Ric” Contreras – Tequila Project Management Consultant

Phillip Bayly – Mezcal Ambassador

Martin C. Duffy – Glencairn Crystal

Blair Salisbury – El Cholo Pasadena

Alex Delgado, DipWSET Epitome Wines & Spirits Consultants

Martin Pazzani – Tears of Llorona

Joe Cruz Jr. – YaVe Tequila

Martin López Alvarez – Tau Tequila

Esteban Luis Soto – Amorada Tequila

Ryan Berry “Don Ryno” – Ryno Tequila

Octavio Herrera Ortega – Tierra-Noble Tequila

Sergio Gutiérrez Torres – Tequila Cruz Spirits


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