Golden Rule Spirits Ready to Drink Margarita Review

When we asked for more information on the source of their tequila, James Mauk of Golden Rule Spirits replied as follows:

“Thank you for the kind words regarding our product, it took about 2 years to create so it’s always nice to hear strong feedback.

As Lena mentioned, my partner (Hunter) and I traveled to Jalisco to find the right tequila profile for our project. After visiting a number of distilleries and trying many different products we landed on one of the tequilas from Tequila Selecto NOM:1459. It was very important to us that the margarita be made properly and mixto vs 100% agave was not something we were willing to waiver on. Furthermore we were cautious to not use diffusers as we are not huge fans of the final product.

Due to regulations we bottled the tequila exclusively for us, only to be taken out of bottles in the states, blended and canned. While it would have been much easier and cheaper to use mixto as it can be shipped in bulk with up to 49%GNS, again we didn’t want the final product to suffer.

As for the labeling, we will probably add the NOM for future canning rounds as we refine the labeling. However, getting our label passed through the TTB with “100% agave Blanco Tequila” was no small feat and took nearly 8 months.

We are also looking at the possibility of getting the product fully blended and canned in Mexico, it is just very difficult with the unique sizing.

I did see you already taped a review of the product and due to the amount of work that went into making this beverage a reality we are hopeful it does not elude to it being made with mixto.

I hope all this helps and we greatly appreciate your support!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with further questions or comments.



James Mauk
Golden Rule Spirits”


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