Tequila Aficionado Magazine: TC Craft Tequila Special Issue

We are pleased to present this special collector’s edition of Tequila Aficionado Magazine on the TC Craft Tequila line.

As a 2018 Tequila Aficionado Brand of Promise Winner with a Gold, Bronze and three Silver medals, we are not at all surprised to see this brand is working it’s way into the hearts of tequila aficionados across the country.

Inside this special issue, you’ll find interviews with TC Craft owners Todd and Chad Bottorff and their Master Distiller, Melly Barajas, as well as a great selection of cocktails to try with TC Craft Tequila. Of course we always recommend that you sip TC Craft straight first. Whether you choose blanco, reposado, anejo or extra anejo, this is a fine sipper!


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