Patsch Tequila Review

By Lisa Pietsch

Over the years, many people have mistakenly assumed that I’m just a supportive girlfriend helping her influencer other and have no clue about tequila. The facts of the matter are quite different. I run the business of Tequila Aficionado Media, my significant other isn’t in the business, and I’ve tasted hundreds of tequilas over the past 9 years that have run the gamut from “Sweet Jesus, don’t put that in your mouth!” to “Life is too short to leave any of this in the bottle when I die”.

I have a palate and I’m not afraid to use it. What I don’t often have is the opportunity to review tequilas. Recently, I had occasion to speak to Martin Schapira of Patsch Tequila (Nom 1480) and he was kind enough to offer to send me samples as well as the two we require for the tasting team’s official Sipping Off the Cuff episode. I demurred, knowing the expenses involved in launching a tequila brand (and shipping samples) but he was gracious enough to send them anyway.

If someone sends me samples, the least I can do is comment on them.

Mind you, I don’t spend 30 minutes on an expression like Mike and the team do.

That being said, here are my thoughts on Patsch Tequila Blanco, Reposado and 7-year Extra Anejo. ( ) I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried it!


The Blanco is fresh and green on the nose and warm on the palate where it lingers long after the short finish fades. There is never a trace of anything that shouldn’t be there. Very nice sipper. If you used it in a margarita, it would duck in behind the lime and you might not realize there was alcohol in it until you were three sheets to the wind.


The Reposado is lightly woody but still green on the nose. There’s a little wood on the palate and it lingers there longer than the blanco, but warmer and with a shorter finish. Another nice sipper. Creating a Manhattan with this one will convert your non-tequila drinking friends to tequila in a single swallow.

7-Year Extra Anejo

The Extra Anejo is unexpected and delightful. The nose brought back memories of Southern Comfort Whiskey, sweet and gentle. It lingers like a whisper on the palate and has a very short finish. This struck me as remarkably light for a 7-year and not at all what I expected. As a tequila purist, I would not, in good conscience, mix this into a cocktail. It is far too old to share the stage. 

In my opinion, this is a very fine product.

Well done to Martin Schapira, Steven Davis and the team at Tequila Las Americas!

No financial compensation was paid for this mention but a free sample of product was received to review.

Lisa Pietsch is a multipublished author and “La Jefa” at Tequila Aficionado Media, running all business and publishing operations. She is a fan of beefy tequilas with long finishes and smoky mezcals made with Madre Cuixe and Barril Karwinskii.


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