The Education of a Tequila Drinker – Ladies Talk

About The Education of Tequila Drinkers As with any education, we understand that not everyone gets it completely correct the first time out.  Every tequila aficionado has experienced a learning curve.  If you’re new to tequila, understand that it is a complex spirit and takes time and experience to fully appreciate.  If you’re a long-time … Read more

The Education of a Tequila Drinker: Destilando Amor

You’re probably wondering what a telenovella has to do with the Education of a Tequila Drinker.  Well, I’ll tell you.  But first, a bit of backstory: I’m not a follower of network soap operas.  Yes, I cut my teeth on As the World Turns and Guiding Light because my mother watched them.  This is how … Read more

The Education of a Tequila Drinker: Varietals

Originally posted on December 29, 2012 at For those of you who may not have noticed, I’m a pretty big fan of tequila.  To me, it is a food group!  It is also a topic that my brother and I will discuss at great length and provides a special connection for siblings who live … Read more

The Education of a Tequila Drinker

Coming soon to Tequila Aficionado: The Education of a Tequila Drinker Exclusive to Tequila Aficionado: one woman’s long journey from making poor choices at the liquor store and shooting mixtos to becoming a 100% agave Tequila Aficionado. AFICIONADO: a·fi·ci·o·na·do əˌfiSH(ē)əˈnädō,əˌfisyə-/ noun noun: aficionado; plural noun: aficionados 1. a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic … Read more

Jose Cuervo Black & The Education of a Tequila Drinker

Hello, As you know Jose Cuervo quit making their Black Medallion label product. Could you recommend a close match that I can get here in Tennessee? The description: Jose Cuervo Black Color:        Deep Amber Hue Aroma:    Toasted oak, cinnamon, red apple, cocoa, coffee Flavor:    Sweet, toasted oak, subtle agave notes Finish:    Warm … Read more

Knowledge and Education of Tequila Consumers

Clayton and Kent discuss the level of tequila consumer knowledge and education in the Pacific Northwest for Never miss and article or review again – Subscribe now! * indicates required Email Address * Email Format html text View previous newsletters. Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share … Read more

Getting the Most Out of Mezcal

By Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D. On virtually a daily basis, both mezcal aficionados and novices alike comment and post questions online about what they have recently sampled and/or added to their growing collections. I perceive a sense of pride, and a little bit of boasting, all of which is fine in my books. But some … Read more

2022 Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine Special Issue


Celebrating The Tequila People’s 11th Annual Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine event which is second-to-none for tequila lovers and one of the most reputable educational tasting events in the United States.

Whether you attend the event in person or virtually through Tequila Aficionado Magazine, this issue will allow you to browse their incredible line-up of tastings – including tasting sheets for you to make your own tasting notes, cultural performances, Latin inspired Mercadito, and delicious food.

Development of a Oaxaca Mezcal Reposado & Añejo Program: Change is Finally in the Wind

By Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D. It’s a phenomenon I both predicted and hoped for, more than a decade ago. Finally, that new breed of mezcal aficionado, youths as well as the not-so-youthful who have been gravitating to the agave distillate over the past several years, has come around to respecting the spirit aged in oak … Read more

Mezcal Dogmatism & Misinformation: The Bane of the Industry

By Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D. Dogmatism in the mezcal industry causes misinformation to metastasize. It begins when those with the broadest and loudest platforms create other lesser aficionados, yet still in their likeness. The latter are agave distillate (relative) novices who as a consequence of predominantly online social media find their own audiences, and these … Read more