Is Your Mezcal a “Craft Spirit?”

By Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D. Is your favorite mezcal or agave distillate a craft spirit? In this opinion piece I attempt to refrain from using brand names of mezcals we tend to consider being traditionally produced (i.e. ancestral or artesanal). The reader, after reviewing the following, will likely be able to place particular mezcals along … Read more

Mexican Craft Tradition Explodes With Mezcal / Agave Distillate Boom

         Aficionados of Either Can Step Up to the Plate in Wake of Coronavirus Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D. Now is the time for those with an affinity for Mexican crafts, and aficionados of agave distillates such mezcal, to show their support. As of May, 2020, the strength of the US dollar combined with the ravages … Read more

Craft Tequila: WTF Does THAT Mean?

Craft Tequila: WTF Does THAT Mean?

What does “Craft” mean for tequilas? An interesting question crossed my desk concerning the term craft as it relates to tequila. This person asked… “The one thing I am finding is the definition of ‘craft’ is all over the place. What does craft mean to you? Do you think it is based on the method, … Read more

TC Craft Extra Anejo Tequila Review

TC Craft Anejo Tequila Review

TC Craft Reposado Tequila Review

TC Craft Blanco Tequila Review

Chisholm Trail Crafts | Jarrito Tumbler Tasting Notes

Tasting notes submitted to Chisholm Trail Craft Glasses for the prototype of Stolzle’s jarrito tumbler, a proposed vessel designed to exclusively appreciate agave spirits. *** JARRITO TUMBLER TASTING NOTES   Mr. Romeo Hristov from Chisholm Trail Crafts, Incorporated, has asked me to test a prototype of the Jarrito tumbler for tequila/agave spirits produced by Stölzle … Read more

Open Bar | Romeo Hristov of Chisolm Trail Crafts Glasses

Artisinal Glasses Made for Artisinal Spirits Mike Morales interviews Romeo Hristov of Chisolm Trail Crafts Glasses, makers of fine tequila glassware, on this episode of Tequila Aficionado’s Open Bar.     Chisolm Trail Crafts: LUXURY HANDCRAFTED TEQUILA & MEZCAL GLASSES       Chisholm Trail Crafts’ Glasses (CTC Glasses) is a small Texas company specializing … Read more