The #1 Way to Attract Millennials to Your Agave Spirit Brand

The #1 Way to Attract Millennials to Your Agave Spirit Brand

The #1 Way to Attract Millennials to Your Agave Spirit Brand

Hold on to your seat because your world is about to get rocked with the biggest game-changing piece of information you need to know about getting millennials to buy your agave spirit brand.



That’s it.  Story is the game changer.

Don’t believe me?

While you’re busy selling babes, boobs, beaches, and beards, the smart brands are selling their story.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Hot chicks, party pics, beaches and bearded bartenders are all I need to sell tequila.  Patron does it. I want to sell like Patron.  Therefore, I should do it too.”


Patron was first to make a splash in the market and yes, they did it that way, but not anymore.  Patron has continued to up its marketing game since it entered the U.S. market back in 1989.  If you want to mix it up with the big dogs, you need to be constantly evolving your marketing game, not playing catch up. 

Hookers moved bottles of Patron back in the 1990’s, but then again, pagers were really fricking cool back then too. 

Nobody buys pagers, so why would they buy booze based on the opinion of a barely legal girl in a tight dress? 


Here’s the key:

Millennials drink to remember an experience – not to forget the experience. 


It’s time to give your consumers more credit, stop dragging your knuckles, and tell your story – the real story – not some fictional Sparkle-Donkey-Unicorns-and-Rainbows bullshit.

And why the hell are we even talking about Patron?

Let’s talk about your story.

Here are some questions that will help you tell your story:

Who are you?

  • Who are your partners?  Were you college buddies?  Did you grow up together? 
  • Are you married to your business partner?  Did you meet in Mexico? 
  • Does your cultural background play a part?  Is it a family tradition?
  • Are you women, veterans, Indian, Cuban? 

What are you producing?

  • Is it tequila, mezcal, sotol, bacanora?
  • Are you using brick ovens, clay pots, tahona, diffuser?
  • Are your plants estate grown, purchased on the open market, grown in your backyard?
  • Is your product Kosher or organic?  Gluten-free is not a differentiator.   

Where are you producing your spirit?

  • What is your microclimate?
  • What’s the terroir?  Are your fields surrounded by lime trees?  Do you grow flowers between your rows? Is the soil deep red, volcanic black, or sandy?
  • Where do you get your water for distilling?  Deep wells, natural springs, Culligan? 

When did you get into the business?

  • Was it a college project that grew?
  • Were you born into it?
  • Was it to create a business with your grown children?
  • Was it a retirement project with contemporaries?

Why are you in the agave spirits business?

  • You can’t be in it to turn a quick profit because it just doesn’t work that way. 
  • You wanted to make the best tequila in the world?  I have to call “bullshit” on that.  Everybody says it.  It’s like saying “I’ll text you”.  Just stop. 
  • You wanted something special you could drink with friends?  Now we’re getting to a story!

How did you develop this particular flavor profile?

  • Are you a fan of the long finish and nothing on the market was warming your cockles the way it should? 
  • Was there a particular part of Mexico you fell in love with and wanted to bottle?
  • Was your Dad a bourbon drinker?
  • Were you looking for something better than Manishewitz for Kosher holidays?

By telling your story, you’re allowing your consumers to connect with that story every time they pour your spirit. 

Everyone wants to connect with best friends who vacationed together in Mexico and enjoyed sipping tequila by the pool. 

Everyone wants to connect with a proud Jewish family that wanted something a little more festive during kosher holidays.  

Everyone wants to connect with someone whose family has been distilling for 200 years and survived wars, intrigue, and heartbreak.    

Connect with your consumers and give them something they can share with their friends.  Consider the questions above and start telling your story on social media and every chance you get.

If you want to know if your story appeals to consumers or how you should start telling it,

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