Tequila Aficionado Magazine, May 2022

In this issue of Tequila Aficionado Magazine:
  • Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Ruben Lopez - Sunora Bacanora
  • Our Tasting Team
  • Our Latest Reviews
  • Our Upcoming Reviews
  • May Nom List
  • Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Martin Pazzani - Tears of Llorona Tequila
  • How to Choose a Mezcal
  • How to Use the Tequila Aficionado Scoring Sheet
  • Tequila Aficionado Tasting Sheet
  • Horizontal Flight Tasting Sheet
  • Vertical Flight Tasting Sheet
  • Tequila Aroma Wheel
  • Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Terray Glassman - Amorada Tequila
  • Who’s Who in Agave Spirits index
  • How to Get Paid to Drink Tequila
  • The Tequila Aficionado Consumer Catador Course
Publisher: Lisa Pietsch

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