2014 Brands of Promise

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B49LGVjCQAAKck8, fubar, brands of promiseBlanco Tequilas

Blanco High Proof

Blanco High Proof Organic

Blanco Organic

Blanco Kosher (NOT Organic)

Blanco Infused

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repoReposado Tequilas

Reposado High Proof Organic

Reposado Organic

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Anejo Tequilas

Anejo High Proof Organic

Anejo Organic

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Extra Anejo Tequilas

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Tequila Packaging

Tequila Packaging .375 tri-pack

Packaging Extra Anejo

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cabo wabo anejo tequila sammy hagar, brands of promiseLegacy Tequila Brands

Legacy (anejo only)

Legacy Extra Anejo

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2014-08-11 15.09.09, brands of promise, briscasMezcals (High Proof)

Entry Level (Gateway) mezcals 40% ABV




Mezcal variety

Legacy Mezcal

Mezcal Packaging

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Congratulations to all the nominees!  

The final scores have been tallied and the complete list of nominees & winners can be viewed & downloaded here!