London Tequila Fest Review by Felipe de Herida

I headed toward London on 7th October for Tequila Fest. Founded by Eduardo Gomez and starting its fifth year with the headline “The largest and original tequila and mezcal fest in the UK and Europe”.

London Tequila Fest 16

Having been for the previous two I steered myself toward Brick Lane where they’d been but a coffee brought me to the realisation that looking at your ticket helps and that it was at the Bargehouse Oxo Tower.

I arrived around 13:30 and headed straight to the bar, third floor so as to get my bearings after an hour and half on the trains (UK trains aren’t exactly renowned) and a 30 minute walk.

London Tequila Fest 15

Initially I wasn’t sure how it was going to be over three floors but there was a program provided with a  map of exhibitors so it wasn’t long until I was familiar with the layout.

At the bar I got a beer and decided to pick maybe a half dozen exhibitors and most importantly, pace myself. There was a DJ playing and smells coming from Cafe Pacifico. The same Cafe Pacifico who were founded by Tomas Estes in Holland and went on to produce Tequila Ocho with the Camarena family. So all in keeping with the spirit of agave.

London Tequila Fest 14

It was during this moment when I was given my first taste of the tequilas. The barman asked if I knew of Codigo and would I like to try the Rose.

I’d seen it about and after spending some time in Nashville it had come to my attention several times that George Strait was involved, “You like tequila?! Well George Strait has his own” ad.infinitum.

Codigo is aged in Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels, thanks to Strait’s links to the wine industry. However, the Rose is aged only for a month and in uncharred barrels to enable a bit more floral to seep in.

London Tequila Fest 13It was like tequila water like rose wine but tequila. Incredibly light and refreshing. And although I wouldn’t go out my way to buy that expression, I find those types more of a talking point, it did make me wonder about the other Codigos.

The previous fests at Brick Lane were open planned with rooms off to the sides for lectures and a seated area out back for food.

London Tequila Fest 12Nothing of the sort here foodwise but there were seats placed throughout so you could take the weight off while the DJ done his thing and kept a fiesta vibe ticking over.

The second floor had a room for the seminars and master classes plus there was a cinema room on the first. I know they showed “Hecho en Mexico” because I chatted with a rep who was going around drumming up people to go watch.

London Tequila Fest 11But it didn’t take much until I was enjoying the layout. It ran parallel to my consumption but as they say, “correlation does not imply causation”.

Except maybe that Sunday afternoon.

Saturday vs. Sunday

London Tequila Fest 10

Which brings me round to Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately for me I’d missed a couple of friends who’d got themselves down on the Saturday and to top it off I missed Carlos Camarena who was there for his new G4 tequila. By the Sunday G4 had gone as had several others that were listed on the map.

I know this, I was sober at the time.

So, a beer and a Codigo in I took a stroll. And I must say the place was a lot better than previous.

London Tequila Fest 9I’d just missed out on Patron’s “History of the Margarita” in one of the rooms but the new layout gave more wall space so the place had colour splashed everywhere giving a fantastic vibe.

I soon forgot how to spell margarita and there was always something to grab your attention if your mind wandered more than your legs. Be it the bottles of Padre Azul, which I love or the colour of various canvasses adorning the open brickwork. Looking on the map the artists were listed along with the spirits, fantastic stuff.

London Tequila Fest 8On top of that, placed in the stairwells were security guards. Good touch if you ask me. There was a lot going on, plenty of scurrying about by punters and exhibitors so a few of those, especially in the stairwells was welcome.

Stairs + tequila + me on a Sunday afternoon = ?

Answers on a postcard.


London Tequila Fest 6All the exhibitors bar one were incredibly friendly and on point. I shan’t mention who but it didn’t help that their tequila was by far the worst. Perhaps it was my shock that they used brand new barrels to rest the tequila which made the tequila taste like well, nothing. Shall we say “Not for me”?

But this is mere digression as although I only checked out a few I did talk to more and they all were happy to tell you their story. Agave information overload was high on the menu.

London Tequila Fest 5Having a few familiar faces on the stalls with different brands was great for re offenders.

Two years ago previous I ran into Cesar who was promoting Herencia de Plata. It didn’t fail me and I bought the repo so seeing the bearded cheeky grin I ended up talking to him about his current tequila, Reserva de Senor.

And yes, I bought it. The repo again. I seem to have a thing for repos…

London Tequila Fest 4As a side note, while chatting away in broken Spanish, which appears to improve with alcohol, there was a dance troupe that came into the area which were fantastic. More vibes, more tequila, more everything!

And speaking of more.

Maestro Dubel. I cannot recall the gentleman’s name but they were at a bar on the second floor. I’ve got the anejo and a friend had their Humito which is a smoked blanco. So this guy racks me every one of theirs. I refused the anejo on grounds that I know it but he knew what he was talking about. Not reciting the information, he had a love for the spirit and joined me in several sips.

London Tequila Fest 3Then, after all that he threw in a couple of shots of Jose Cuervo Platino and Reserva de la Familia for good measure. He’d happily have given me a shot of everything behind the bar if only I wasn’t wearing my sensible shoes.

I need to give a shout out to Megs Miller and Joe Wild from Altos who were all smiles and were my final stop before stumbling to the shop area to get a bottle of Reserva de Senor repo and a Corazon anejo. Except I got Corazon’s repo by mistake but no worries, the anejo turned up the other week and is as good as I kinda remember….

London Tequila Fest 2Worth Every Penny

Overall, Tequila Fest is worth every penny even if you’re going as a +1 and tequila isn’t your thing.

There’s plenty to get your attention and you may even find one that suits your fancy because there is one hell of a lot of tequilas and mezcals out there and the ones that get in on the fest are always fantastic.

I recall two years back there was Mezcal Gin. I’m not a gin lover but this was an outrageous drink. Absolutely uncivilised. Great.

London Tequila Fest 1Booze and Education

Thing is, not only is it “Come look at all this booze” it’s a well thought out and educational expo.

You can walk in knowing nothing, learn everything and forget it in the hangover the following day.

All the different methods are on show, you can taste the difference and hell, you don’t even have to drink! There’s so much happening, lectures, films, food and dance.

The atmosphere is beyond friendly, everyone is there because of a shared interest and belief in the spirit of agave.  Eduardo and his staff/crew have done themselves proud. I wouldn’t put it as a family day out but even if you’re on a date.

Just remember to sip wisely!

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Tequila Mandala Dinner at Mercado

[On March 4, 2019, Founder Alex Perez was on hand at a special Tequila Mandala Dinner pairing that took place at famed restaurateur Jesse Gomez’s second Mercado location in Los Angeles, CA.  Here’s Alex’s report on that memorable evening.]

Foodie Heaven

Tequila Mandala Dinner at Mercado do you get when you combine one of your favorite tequila’s with a top rated L.A. restaurant?  You get foodie heaven!

I had the privilege of visiting Mercado Los Angeles during their Tequila Mandala dinner recently, and I was thoroughly impressed.

In all transparency, my senses had already been excited with their exciting take on Mexican cuisine when Mercado opened a location in Pasadena, CA.

As for Tequila Mandala, this fine line is on my favorites list.

Put it all together, with both owners and the chef in attendance, and it was truly an experience.

For Starters

Tequila Mandala Dinner at Mercado

We were set up in a private area with some sixty guests who were anxious to get tasting.  Co-owner, Jesse Gomez appeared and welcomed all of us and got things going.

For starters, the attentive wait staff brought out jicama shrimp tacos.  Crispy breaded shrimp on a jicama tortilla with chile de arbol aioli and Mexican slaw that included bits of mango.

[Tweet “Foodie Heaven at @MercadoResto with @tequilamandala”]

It was paired with the refreshingly tasty Tequila Mandala Blanco and was a perfect accompaniment withTequila Mandala Dinner at Mercado its notes of fresh citrus on the nose and sweet roasted agave on the palate.

Barbecue and Grown-up Cocktails

Next up was a beef rib, perfectly braised, with guajillo mustard BBQ sauce and BBQ potato chips as a garnish.

The beef rib was rich, smokey and melted in your mouth.  For the small portion that was served, it was very satisfying.  I wanted to pick up the bone and eat up the last piece stuck to it–so I did!

This dish was paired with a “Special Cocktail” served by the Mercado bar manager Caesar, and made with strawberry, pomegranate, Aperol and Tequila Mandala Blanco.

It tasted like a grown up’s Margarita.  I’ll be experimenting with this one in my own bar, for sure.

The plates kept coming and so did Jesse and Chef José Acevedo, catering to our needs.  Their service and attention to every detail was superb.

Childhood Memories

Tequila Mandala Dinner at Mercado

Next on deck was sope de chorizo con papas with cabbage, salsa de molcajete, crema fresca, tomatoes and cotija cheese.

The sope took me back to when I was a kid visiting family friends in Highland Park, CA.  His mom would make delicious handmade sopes.

Tequila Mandala Dinner at Mercado


I started with a knife and fork, then of course, I picked it up with my hands like it is supposed to be eaten.  And, the Mandala Reposado was PERFECT.

This is a great reposado and a good example of why I say reposados are making a comeback.  Wood and dried fruit on the nose, and the cooked agave still shines through on the palate.  Hints of oak, vanilla and coconut also make an appearance.

The Home Stretch

Tequila Mandala Dinner at Mercado tasty offering from Mercado’s menu was roasted chicken on a bed of Mexican rice and mole Oaxaqueño topped with a crispy kale.  The nuttiness of the mole was complemented harmoniously by the Mandala Añejo.

This beautiful añejo has dried fruit, oak and vanilla on the nose and sweet dried raisin, oak and vanilla on the palate.  It’s an añejo that wants to be like its big brother Mandala Extra Añejo.

The Crown Jewel

Dessert was a chocolate Abuelita tres leches cake over berries and cajeta sauce drizzled on the plate.  My mouth is watering just writing this!

Paired with this decadent dish was Mandala’s crown jewel, the Extra Añejo.

In the glass, I smelled dried fruits and nuts along with hints of toasted oak.  On the palate, an explosion of honey, vanilla, dried raisins and wood notes.

It is addictive and dangerous.

At Your Service

Tequila Mandala Dinner at Mercado

The hospitality at this Mercado and Mandala event was fantastic.

Co-owners Jesse Gomez and Chef José Acevedo and staff came around to every table making sure all our needs were met.  I experienced the same great service and attention to detail at the Pasadena location, too.

Humberto Ibarra, one of the owners and importers for Mandala, and brand manager Moises Rivera, were on hand and visited every table and guest, preaching the Mandala gospel.

I died and went to Foodie Heaven.

But, I’ll be back!


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October 26, 2018

El Cholo Pasadena Tequila Tour, celebrating 95 years of El Cholo in Los Angeles

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Mammoth Margarita Festival Tomorrow

We’ll be in Mammoth Lakes, California tomorrow for the Mammoth Margarita Festival!






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The Arizona Taco Festival

No Days Off

When we discovered that on one of our rare free days during the Wild Wild West 2017 Tour would coincide with the famed Arizona Taco Festival, we knew that was a party we needed to crash and cover.

The Arizona Taco Festival

Armed with press passes courtesy of the Founder of the Taco Fest, David Tyda, we arrived at the Salt River Fields in Scottsdale along with what seemed to be the entire city.

Bring Water!

Even though the event took place on the weekend of October 14th and 15th, 2017, the desert heat was unrelenting.

Planned Events

The Arizona Taco Festival

The 8th Annual Arizona Taco Festival is famous for its wild and crazy contests during the two day affair.

[Tweet “@AZTACOFESTIVAL Billed as one of the country’s most exciting food shows.”]

Billed by USA Today as one of the country’s most exciting food shows, besides endless amounts of tacos from established eateries, the festival also features a chihuahua beauty pageant, hilarious eating competitions, lucha libre wrestling, and–the real reason for our interest–a tequila expo.

Surprises Under the Tequila Tent

Having heard all kinds of stories over the years from people who attended the Arizona Taco Festival, we felt we needed to investigate their claims for ourselves.

What we didn’t anticipate were the following pop-up surprises by brands we’ve followed with great enthusiasm and even some that came along with us on our Wild Wild West 2017 Tour.

Azunia Makes a Splash!

[*FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Wild Wild West 2017 Tour were vetted as Brand of Promise(c) Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be included.]

Tequila Terralta Makes an Appearance

Enrique Ramos of Creo Spirits was hard at work in his space serving Terralta Tequila to the masses.  Note the cleverly placed chairs to welcome attendees to sit and sip awhile.

Terralta Tequila and the Arizona Tequila Mafia

And who should be sitting at the Terralta booth but some of the members of the Arizona Tequila Mafia.

These affable gents formed their own Facebook group and get together to sip and savor their favorite brands once or twice per year.

Chili Terralta Cocktail 

And, this was dubbed the official cocktail of the Arizona Tequila Mafia that everyone was raving about made with Terralta Tequila 110 proof–

Cuestion Everything

The Arizona Taco Festival

Making an unexpected entrance into the Arizona Taco Festival to celebrate the resurgence of Cuestion Tequila was none other than the brand’s front man, Jason Fandrich.

Casa Mexico in The Mix

Eric Buccio, founder of Casa Mexico Tequila also exhibited at the Arizona Taco Festival.  Here, he gives us a sneak peek into the man and the brand.

The Fun Never Ends

The Arizona Taco Festival

Magic like this happens whenever we get out into the public and take tequila to the streets.

Want to reach more tequila and agave spirits enthusiasts?

You should.

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Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival

[Editor’s Note:  All photos and videos are by Tequila Jockey, David Dinius, Special Correspondent to Tequila Aficionado Media at the Mammoth Margarita Festival.  Thanks also to Michelle Dinius and David Decker.]

For Love and Fun

[Tweet “One of the more beloved #agavespirits events is @MargFest1 in Mammoth Lakes, CA.”]

One of the more beloved and popular tequila and mezcal events these days occurs in the Village of Mammoth in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

The Mammoth Margarita Festival, celebrated its sixth year in 2017.  It is the brainchild of Russ Squire and Michael Ledesma, owners of Gomez Restaurant and Tequileria, reputed to have one of the largest selections of tequila and mezcal in North America with over 500 bottles.

Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival

Not your average agave spirits tasting event, the two-day Mammoth Margarita Festival commits to raising money for Disabled Sports and the local non-profit American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO).

As Russ puts it, “…It is a feel good thing for love of what we do and fun….”

By all accounts, love and fun are exhibited by everyone, from the customers to the participating brands and their representatives.

What follows are interviews, sights and sounds reported by Special Correspondent and Tequila Jockey, David Dinius from the Mammoth Margarita Festival.

Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival

 Doug French of Scorpion Mezcal

“My first interview at the Mammoth Margarita Festival 2017 and it was with the one and only Doug French of Scorpion Mezcal.”

Del Maguey Mezcal

“My second interview at the Mammoth Margarita Festival 2017 and it was with Alfredo Gama of distributor, Wine Warehouse for Del Maguey Mezcal.”

Alex Chaigne for Banhez Mezcal

El Silencio Mezcal

Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival

“My fourth interview at the Mammoth Margarita Festival 2017 and it was with Natalia Garcia Bourke of El Silencio Mezcal.”

Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival

Cazcanes Tequila

Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival

“This brand is not in the states yet, but these guys tell me it should be in about 2 months. When it does, get a bottle or two.  You will not regret it!  This is one good juice.”

Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival

Campo Azul

“Here I talk with Dean Berger from Pacific Edge Wine and Spirits about Campo Azul Tequila.”

Alma De Agave Tequila

“Nene Gonzalez tells me about Alma De Agave Tequila and gives a little history of the Mammoth Margarita Festival.”

Fortaleza Tequila

“The charming Alfredo Gama reappears in the next couple of frames.  Here, he tells me about Fortaleza Tequila.”

Arette Tequila

Patron Barrel Selects

“Here I talk with Mike McGinnis from Patron about a couple of Barrel Selects they had at the festival.”

T1 Tequila Uno

“I let Jim Friedrichs tell us about T1 tequila.”

Siete Leguas

“Talk to Mark Fania about Siete Leguas.”

Maestro Dobel Tequila

“We end up totally catching Andrea Kelley off guard and have her tell us about Maestro Dobel Tequila.”

Tres Agave Tequila

“Mike Kelly talks to us about Tres Agave Tequila and bar mixes.” 

Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival

Sin Rival

“I talk with Rodolfo Gonzalez about Sin Rival and he mentions a couple of others at the distillery.  And of course he has to get a shout out to Mike Morales!”

Mammoth Margarita Festival Wrap Up

“Here was the wrap-up at 2017’s Mammoth Margarita Festival.  I talk with Michael Ledesma and Russ Squire from Gomez’s about the festival.”

“This was such a fun event to take part of.  Thank you to all involved.  These two put on a wonderful event and I am grateful for them helping me out this weekend.”

Love and Fun at the Mammoth Margarita Festival


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Spend Saturday Night with Mike Morales & Tequila Penasco!




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Bats Are Dying!

1016151502aDuring Tequila Aficionado Media’s historic Dia de los Muertos Tequila Tour, Lisa Pietsch and I paid a visit to Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.  Before exploring the awesome depths of the caves and the formation of stalactites and stalagmites, we were also met with this alarming notice.

Even though it’s the Mexican freetail bats that are suffering man’s encroachment onto their turf, all bats are going through a hard time, including the “tequila bat.”

[Tweet “Bats are dying! Please help!”]


Vicious Circle

The industrialization of the tequila making process, and to a certain extent some mezcals,  has made the preservation of the agave (blue, espadin, etc.) vital to the longevity of these industries and to the survival of the people who rely upon them for their existence.

It’s no secret that the weber blue agave is susceptible to diseases now that it is not allowed to bloom a quiote or stem for pollination by the lesser long-nosed bats.

By not letting the agave run the length of its lifespan, it is also upsetting the eco-system and natural migratory patterns of bats that rely on the agave for sustenance.

[Tweet “The agave gene pool has been tampered with by the explosive growth of tequila and mezcal.”]

The agave gene pool has been tampered with by the explosive growth of the 1016151541tequila and mezcal industries.

The plant’s natural defenses against diseases and pests are compromised.  This means that pesticides are required to defend the valuable agave crops against diseases and pests.

In turn, the pesticides are hazardous to the health of harvesters, bats, bees and birds alike.  Not to mention the eventual pollution to the soil, ground water and water supplies.

It’s a vicious circle that agave growers can remedy by simply letting a portion of their agave crops grow naturally.

What Can Consumers Do?

Look for certified organic tequilas, mezcals, or sotols for starters.  These must follow certain protocols which prohibit the use of pesticides in order to earn the USDA seal.

1016151438aIn addition, though considered a marketing buzz phrase, look for agave spirits that are produced with agave or sotol that has been “wild harvested.”  Chances are, none of them are using pesticides.

Secondly, seek agave spirits brands that claim to be “bat friendly.”

According to Angelica Menchaca Rodriguez, whose PhD studies are concerning this very subject, look for mezcal made with maguey papalote (agave cupreata) since “…this species cannot reproduce without the intervention of bats and can be found mainly in the state of Guerrero.”

The Tequila Interchange Project is working with Rodrigo Medellin–the Batmanbatfriendly of Mexico–in the pilot stages of a massive Bat Friendly Tequila & Mezcal Recognition Program that will likely include some beloved brands of tequilas and mezcals.

In the meantime, be kind to bats.  Build bat houses for them to roost in as suggested by the Bat World Sanctuary.

The bat you save could be your best sipping buddy.



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Tequila Adventures at The Texas Restaurant Association Market Place

[On June 28 and 29, 2015, San Antonio-based Tequila Aficionado Media was invited to participate with Embajador Tequila at the Texas Restaurant Association Market Place in Dallas.]

Texas Restaurant Association Market Place

When the call came from Andres Garcia, Embajador Tequila’s sales manager, to accompany him to the state’s largest tradeshow at the Texas Restaurant Association in Dallas, we jumped at the chance for another road trip.

The Texas Restaurant Association serves, educates and supports the restaurant 0628150946bindustry in Texas.  Alternating trade shows between Houston and Dallas, this year’s event was held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center next to the luxurious Omni Hotel in the heart of downtown Dallas.

Embajador would be participating in conjunction with ProMexico, a government entity that promotes Mexican companies in order to contribute to its economic and social development and strengthens the country’s image as a strategic global business partner.

Witness the brief ribbon cutting ceremony of the ProMexico section of the Texas Restaurant Association Market Place on June 28, 2015 in Dallas.

Big D


Aside from classic travel slogans (“We do things bigger in Texas,” and “It’s like a whole other country”), my only exposure to the city of Dallas was like everybody else’s who didn’t hail from Texas–the beloved Dallas TV show.

0629150925a~2Overlooking the sweeping downtown skyline from the window of our room on the 19th floor of the Omni Hotel, you could almost hear the show’s theme song.  The Ewing saga kept us glued to the set every Friday night.

The bigness of the city was certainly reflected in the size and scope of the Texas Restaurant Association Market Place.

 The Highlights

Inside the section reserved for venders involved with ProMexico, Embajador was awarded a commanding corner booth that Andres decorated with bottles of his tequila.

Resembling a duty free perfume counter at an international airport, Embajador wowed fellow venders and attendees for the two straight days of the Market Place.

Above, Andres Garcia samples Embajador Tequila to attendees at the Texas Restaurant Association Market Place.

Hectic as most popular trade shows are, we did manage to check out a few of the 0629151507dozens of participating businesses and products.  Among other venders at the Market Place were…

Texas Specialty Beverage–carrying an array of products like Tropics Natural Infusions, a 100% natural fruit infusions with a slew of tempting flavors as wild as 4 Berry and Ice Cream.  Catering to specialty foodservice for premium cocktails and smoothies, as well as culinary and savory applications, they even concocted a signature margarita using Embajador reposado.

Zodiac Vodka–an American-made craft potato vodka. Produced from farm to bottle using 100% locally sourced ingredients, based in Idaho (of course!).


New Mexico Green Chile Company–a family owned company of brokers and distributors of the state’s prime crop (and a personal favorite of mine!), Hatch green chile, direct to distributors and restaurants throughout Texas.

Every product or service one could think of, from coffee service to professional barbecue grills, was featured in the Market Place.  Similar to the Sabor Latino Food Show that we had attended in California earlier this spring, the organizers also provided a separate location for all Texas-based spirits that participated in the event.

0629151104aIt was no surprise to run into Empresario, a merged entity made up of Austin-based liquor companies who aim to give global distillers like Brown-Forman a run for their money.  Among the partners are Pepe Z and Republic tequilas.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home 

Rather than make the long drive home from Dallas to San Antonio in rush hour traffic, Andres Garcia and I decided to visit one of the city’s favorite places for tacos and tequila–Tacos And Tequila!

Earlier in the day, several members of the chain’s management and 0629151912ownership had stopped by Embajador’s booth seeking new tequilas and mezcals to add to their already extensive selection.  We decided to return the favor and visit the Routh Street location for dinner.

Tableside Guacamole

Emphasizing fresh ingredients in all their menu items at Tacos And Tequila, we were treated to tableside guacamole.

Freshness Philosophy

Manager Zak Baron explains the chain’s freshness philosophy.

What’s Up With the Rebar?


Tacos and Tequila has a unique way of expanding their bar and displaying even more agave spirits.  Zak explains…

The Secret to A Successful Menu


Pinning down the secret to Tacos and Tequilas’ agave forward menu.

One Thing


Zak and bartender Nadine reveal the one thing you should know about Tacos and Tequila.

 Into The Sunset

All in all, a more than worthy trade show in the Texas Restaurant Association Market Place, topped off with a memorable celebratory dinner at Tacos And Tequila–

Dallas really does do things bigger and better!


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