Kosher Tequila: Juan More Time

A late addition to our list of Kosher tequilas for the holidays is Juan More Time Tequila. We just received word of their recent certification from OK Kosher (   We hope you won’t wait for the next Kosher holiday to try it!

Kosher Tequila: Karma

Karma Tequila is crafted in the Highlands of Tequila with the intention of being more than just another premium spirit, Karma Tequila strives to impress discriminating tequila aficionados with the promise of an exceptional tasting experience.

Kosher Tequila: 3 Amigos

3 Amigos Tequila has a wide line of six expressions that would make a spectacular flight for the holidays.  Their Blanco, Organic Blanco and Reposado are all Kosher.

Kosher Tequila: Cava de Oro

Cava de Oro Tequila is made in El Arenal, Jalisco, Mexico, and a great choice to try during a Kosher holiday – or anyday!

Kosher Tequila: Santera

Santera Tequila’s agave is grown in the red volcanic soil of the dormant Volcano of Tequila in the Northern Highlands of Jalisco.  Others are too, but this one is Kosher.  Give it a try.

Kosher Tequila: 4 Copas

4 Copas Tequila has experienced two incarnations thus far.  It debuted as the very first Organic tequila.  If you’re lucky, you may just find its second incarnation, both Organic and Kosher in your favorite liquor store today.

Kosher Tequila: El Consuelo

El Consuelo Tequila is being touted as a new brand, but we knew about it back in 2017 – and loved it!  This Kosher and Organic tequila is a great choice for the holidays.

Kosher Tequila: One With Life

One With Life Tequila is both Kosher and Organic.  If you’re looking for either, we highly recommend trying this one out. Don’t forget to read the writing inside the bottle!

Kosher Tequila: Vida

Vida Tequila is a longtime favorite of ours here at Tequila Aficionado and one of the featured tequilas on Las Tequila Standing.  

Kosher Tequila: Milagro

The time was 1997, and Europe had just signed a trade agreement with Mexico.  It officially recognized such spirits as scotch and cognac, among others.  In turn, Europe acknowledged tequila and mezcal’s denominations of origin.  Even though Mexico had issued its Protection of the Appellation of Origin Tequila in the early 70’s, this agreement was the first … Read moreKosher Tequila: Milagro