Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase

Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase does The Great Festival Chase start?

Our tour begins on National Tequila Day, July 24th, as we depart from Texas and make our way to Mammoth Lakes, California.  It’s a 1600 mile drive just to get to our starting point and our driver (Lisa) needs breaks.


Can I still get in on this tour?

YES!  We need to depart Texas earlier this year in order to make it to the Mammoth Margarita Festival in Early August, but you still have time to get on board.

The tour information page & pricing is available here:

If you’re interested in a lot more exposure to get your brand on the tip of every agave spirit lover’s tongue, Brands of Promise Nominees from this year, and any previous years, are also qualified for our Influencer Marketing Package (which includes the 2018 Tour). Details can be found here:


How long do I have to decide?

If you choose to tour with us, we will need to know by June 15 and receive payment and 2 bottles of each expression by July 1.


How much does the tour cost?

The total cost to you for each expression that you would like to go on this tour is only $500.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase else do I get as a sponsor?

In addition to exposure at these shows, sponsors will receive a ridiculous amount of social media posts on behalf of Tequila Aficionado, on all of our social networks, to promote their brands. You can find the complete list of posts and items that we will be providing to all of our sponsor brands – for each expression – at


Are you pouring at all of these shows?

No.  We will only be pouring at the El Cholo event.  If we were pouring at each event, we’d need to carry a lot more booze and our RV just isn’t that big.


Will I get exposure at all of these shows?

In early August the first stop on our tour will be the Mammoth Margarita Festival. While we aren’t pouring there, we will be auditioning tasters for Tequila Aficionado and using sponsor brands for those tastings.

Our next stop will be in Monterey where we will do a series of interviews at the Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine event. Sponsor brands will get exposure there by product placement in the videos.

Lastly, we will finish the tour at El Cholo in Pasadena at the end of October, where we will be pouring sponsor brands.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase sponsors get to participate with you at the events?

If you’re available, the Mammoth Margarita Festival, Monterey or El Cholo will be great venues for interviews for our Open Bar show.  Please email to let us know the most convenient venue to meet up.

Also, if you’d like to represent your brand at the El Cholo VIP tasting, we’d love to have you there.  (See below for details.)


What if I want to pour at Mammoth Margarita Festival?

Let us know and we’ll put you in contact with the organizers.


What if I want to pour & enter at Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine?

In order to participate in the blind tasting competition, exhibitor must have entry form and fee paid and submitted, no later than Friday, August 17th.

Blind tasting competition: Each exhibitor will be given one entry of one expression, either blanco or reposado to be entered in the blind tasting at no cost. MBTC organizers will purchase the expression online.  For additional expressions to be entered, MBTC team will purchase online, however, exhibitor is responsible for cost of purchase.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase if I want to pour at El Cholo?

Great!  As a tour sponsor, your brand is already participating in and will be poured during the VIP Hour at El Cholo.  If you or a representative of your brand would like to do the pouring and be available to discuss your brand with the VIPs, we’d love to have you there!  Please email and let her know you’ll be there.

How do I get Tickets for Each Event?


Mammoth: Buy Tickets Here. 

Monterey: Buy Tickets Here.

El Cholo: Buy Tickets Here.


Can I just wait until next year?

You can, but our tour locations and itineraries change every year and you’ll miss out on the massive exposure these three big events on this year’s tour will bring to your brand.


What are you waiting for?

Click Here to get on the tour!

About The Great Festival Chase – The Tequila Aficionado 2018 Tour

Our 2018 Tequila Aficionado Tour About The Great Festival Chase - Tequila Aficionado's 2018 Tour early this year, in late July, as we depart from Texas and make our way up to the Mammoth Lakes area of northern California.

In early August the first stop on our tour will be the Mammoth Margarita Festival (August 10-11).  We’ll have two crews there bringing you all the fun and festivities with live video daily.  While we won’t be pouring sponsor brands there, we will be auditioning tasters for Tequila Aficionado and using sponsor brands for those tastings.  So whether you’d like to taste what we’re touring with or actually get a Tequila Jockey gig working for tequila, we’d love to see you for open auditions in Mammoth!





About The Great Festival Chase - Tequila Aficionado's 2018 Tour next stop on the 2018 Tequila Aficionado Tour will be in Monterey for the Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine event on October 13.  We’ll be covering all the fun there with live video and plenty of recorded interviews.  Tour sponsor brands will get exposure there by product placement in our videos.




As we make our way south toward Pasadena, we’ll stop in Bakersfield at Sol y Luna Mexican Cuisine for a special pop-up event.



About The Great Festival Chase - Tequila Aficionado's 2018 Tour will finish the 2018 Tequila Aficionado Tour with a massive event at El Cholo Restaurant in Pasadena on October 26, where we will be pouring sponsor brands in the VIP area at El Cholo’s annual Tequila Tour.




In addition to all of this, sponsor brands will receive a ridiculous amount of social media posts on behalf of Tequila Aficionado, on all of our social networks, to promote their brand(s).  Brands interested in participating in our biggest, boldest tour yet can find the complete list of posts and items that we will be providing to all of our sponsor brands – for each expression – here.


Tequila Aficionado: Where It All Began

In the Beginning, There Was Only Audio

Tequila Aficionado: Where It All Began

On October 27, 2017, Tequila Aficionado Media celebrated its 18th anniversary with an invitation-only VIP tasting at the site of the very first Sipping Off The Cuff© podcast

The iconic El Cholo Cafe in Pasadena, California.

As the crowning jewel of 2017’s Wild Wild West Tour, El Cholo Cafe itself was commemorating its 94th year serving authentic Mexican cuisine to Southern California.

For those who attended, the 2017 Editions of both anniversaries was indeed magical.

We’ll be back once again in 2018 as our last stop on the Great Festival Chase Tour.

A Celebratory Audio Podcast

During a short lull in the action, Tequila Aficionado’s Founder Alex Perez, and CEO Mike Morales, took a moment or two to catch their breath and to reflect on the nearly twenty years of honest, authentic tequila and agave spirits news and reviews.

Growing with The Internet

We often say that Tequila Aficionado has grown parallel to the Internet.

For instance, in the early days, most all of our reviews were audio only.  Later, with the creation of YouTube, Tequila Aficionado moved to strictly video reviews on its own channel.

To date, we have over 500 video reviews, with new ones being added weekly.

The Resurgence of Audio

As the Internet continues to evolve, it seems that certain thingsTequila Aficionado: Where It All Began never really die.  Audio podcasting has been reinvented and is even more popular than ever.

Whether using an elaborate set up, or simply pressing the button on the voice recording function of a smart phone, anyone can establish their own podcast channel.

The advances in software have allowed us to pull the audio from our Sipping Off The Cuff(c) episodes and to upload them to our BlogTalk Radio channel.

Multi-tasking is a way of life these days, but now you can take us with you wherever you go–

To the gym, on the way to work, to the local bar, or even to your neighborhood liquor store.

“Alexa, play Tequila Aficionado podcast”

Another easier way to stay up-to-date on the latest Sipping Off The Cuff(c) episode of your favorite tequila, mezcal or agave spirit, is to tell your virtual assistant, Amazon Alexa, to play it for you.

Tequila Aficionado: Where It All Began

Simply repeat the above command and–BAM!–Alexa will play the latest Sipping Off The Cuff(c) review for you.  If you’ve missed earlier episodes, just ask Alexa to play the previous review, and so on.

[Note:  BlogTalk Radio inserts short commercial breaks into the audio.  A radio aggregator then picks up the audio tracks and feeds them to Alexa, however, the ads are blacked out.  Please disregard the intermittent “dead air,” and keep listening to the end of each episode.]

Hey, nothing’s perfect, but…

We have come a long way from handheld tape recorders, microphones and tequila glasses.

What It’s Like to Tour with Tequila Aficionado

Touring with Tequila Aficionado is a pretty simple process for our sponsors.

What It’s Like to Tour with Tequila Aficionado

Here’s a quick checklist that walks you through the process of getting your brand on a Tequila Aficionado Tour:

  1. You commit to coming on tour and tell us how many expressions you want on board.  This can happen by clicking on a button on our tour page, an email, phone call, text or private message.
    1. We’ll reserve your space(s) on the tour.
    2. We send you an invoice via email and include shipping instructions for 2 bottles of each expression you want on the tour.
  2. You make your payment by using the link on the invoice to pay with a credit card or bank transfer.  We have a payment cutoff date to ensure we have a proper budget for tour preparations that includes deposits for campgrounds and interview locations; paying for gas to transport us, our gear and your booze.
  3. You send 2 bottles per expression to us by the cutoff date.  This cutoff date is necessary to ensure we have enough time to film, produce and schedule unboxing videos; take brand photography for memes and promotional videos; sorting and balancing the load in the RV; and scheduling posts and videos to go out on social media between events.


This Year’s Tour Proceeds as Follows:   

July 1:  We’ll begin retweeting as many of our sponsors’ tweets as we can, helping to build their following with ours.  60-Second Sipping Off the Cuff videos will air as native Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos once per day.  Unboxing videos will air as native Facebook and Instagram videos once per day.

July 20: We roll!

August 9: We’ll arrive at Mammoth Lakes, California, and begin interviewing the people behind the shows, select brands represented at the show, and any of our sponsors that are at the show or nearby.


You know you want to come.  Click here to reserve your spot now.


August 10-11: We’ll cover the Mammoth Margarita Fest with photos, interviews, livestreaming and recorded videos.  We’ll also do pre-event and post event panel discussions with our Tequila Jockeys and special guests.

August 12: We’ll pack up our gear and move on to Yosemite National Park for some epic photo shoots with our brand sponsors’ bottles.

We’ll begin booking interview times with any of our sponsors attending the next show in Monterey, California.

October 12: We’ll arrive at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey for the Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine and begin interviews and panel discussions with event personnel, brand representatives, and our Tequila Jockeys.  We’ll attend all of the Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine events and report them back to our followers with live and recorded video, photos and an event writeup by Mike Morales.


You know you want to come.  Click here to reserve your spot now.


October 14: We’ll wrap up in Monterey and then take advantage of some great photo opportunities on the coast before driving south.

October 25: We’ll arrive in Pasadena for El Cholo’s annual Tequila Tour Event at Paseo Colorado.

October 26: We’ll set up for the Tequila Aficionado VIP Tasting Hour taking place just prior to the El Cholo Tequila Tour event.  (Our sponsors and their representatives and distillers are welcome to attend and represent their brands but it isn’t required since we’ll have Tequila Aficionado personnel on hand to guide tasters through all the sponsor brands we’ll be pouring.)


You know you want to come.  Click here to reserve your spot now.


October 27: We’ll wrap at El Cholo with a brunch for our crew, sponsors and special guests and then hit the road to make our way back to Tequila Aficionado HQ in Texas.


Get more information on this year’s tour details here.


Making Magic

alien tequila

Sometimes, our sponsors express fears that we won’t represent their brands with their voice.  The fact is we don’t, we won’t, and that’s a good thing.  We represent your brand to our audience in our voice.  We don’t whitewash our communications because they work.

Where most brands fail in a Tequila Aficionado Tour is by trying to control it.  That’s not your job.

By setting a basic itinerary and plan with a commitment of particular deliverables, we can ensure we do our jobs and leave enough room for organic growth and creativity which leads to even more content created for our sponsors.  By leaving room for creativity, we allow the magic to happen.


The number of expressions we can take on this tour is limited so click here to reserve your spots now!



The #1 Thing You Need to Know About Touring with Tequila Aficionado

Here’s the thing: We handle all of it.


You don’t need to plan events

You don’t need to provide staff

You don’t need to provide photography

You don’t need to write catchy copy

You just need to sit back and share all the social goodness that gets created about your brand on the tour.


From our most recent 10 tweets

We Don’t Displace Your Agency

You may have an agency that is handling all of your promotion and that’s OK.  What we do complements what your agency is doing.  The material we create on our tours is additional publicity that your agency, your social media manager, and you can use to further your overall promotion strategy.


Tequila Aficionado’s (real) Instagram, April 2018

We Don’t Take Over Accounts

We don’t take over your social accounts.  We create and share promotional content about your agave spirit brand with Tequila Aficionado’s audience (about 3 million aficionados) that you can use in advertising and social campaigns as you see fit.


You Can’t Beat the Price

The beauty of the Tequila Aficionado Tour is you pay a modest price to have your brand(s) tour with us and then we take it from there.



We take pride in our transparency and are completely transparent about our networks and our reach.

Everything we do is organic and our followers are real tequila aficionados who buy and drink agave spirits.

If we boost a post about your brand, you’ll know about it and have access to all the details.

We also ensure all our posts are FTC compliant.


No Extra Work For You or Your Team

You don’t need to plan events, but your brand will be featured at several.

You don’t need to provide staff because our staff has tasted your brand, knows it, loves it and will sing its praises.

You don’t need to provide photography because we’re featuring your brand in photos and videos shared on all of our social networks.

You don’t need to write catchy copy because we know your brand and write the copy that resonates with our audience.




When you ride with us, we take care of everything!

Click here to secure your spot and get the attention your brand deserves on the next Tequila Aficionado Tour.



What is a Tequila Aficionado Tour?

What is a Tequila Aficionado Tour?

Tequila Aficionado Tours were created in 2015 by Lisa Pietsch and Mike Morales as a cooperative marketing program for Brands of Promise© that might not be able to finance huge end-of-year publicity pushes.

By sharing the cost of a massive campaign among all the participating expressions, we’ve been able to maximize brand exposure and content creation while keeping price points manageable for even the smallest craft brands.


What do sponsors get?

The sponsor package changes every year to provide the greatest social exposure possible on the most popular social networks.  We analyze the trends for the strongest social platforms and their most in-demand content to determine the best bang for sponsor bucks.

This year’s tour is video heavy so we’re bringing on more crew and equipment to create the most authentic video content we can for our sponsors.

Do sponsors travel with you?

We travel in an RV and carry 2 bottles of each sponsored expression with us.  One for photography and another for the tasting at El Cholo.  El Cholo is the only event we’re pouring at.  We do not have room for brand representatives to travel with us, but they are welcome to attend the shows and be interviewed and photographed with their brands.

What events will be on the tour?

By adding coverage of large events to the tour, we plan to continue in a cooperative vein by creating buzz for these events and assisting in their survivability and growth in an age of disappearing Mexican spirits shows.



The events we’re attending on tour this year include:

  • Mammoth Margarita Festival
  • Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine
  • El Cholo Café Pasadena’s Annual Tequila Tour

Tequila Aficionado Tours are the only cooperative marketing campaign of their kind.  Even if you can’t finance a huge end-of-year publicity push for your brand, you can still afford a Tequila Aficionado Tour.  Nobody else reaching an audience of 3 million agave spirit aficionados can give you 6 months worth of brand exposure at our price.


The 2018 Tour is limited to only 60 expressions.

Click here now to reserve spots for all of your brand’s expressions.





The El Cholo Cafe Tequila Tour

A Southern California Tradition

The El Cholo Cafe Tequila Tour

Pasadena, California’s landmark El Cholo Cafe Restaurant’s Tequila Tour has been a major community event for the past 17 years.  Commemorating its 94th year serving authentic Mexican cuisine to Southern California, the October 27, 2017 edition was destined to be special.

Also in 2017, Tequila Aficionado was celebrating its 18th anniversary of the very first Sipping Off The Cuff© podcast episode taped at the family-owned eatery’s original Pasadena location.

Needless to say, it was an honor when El Cholo’s owner, Blair Salisbury, graciously asked Tequila Aficionado Media to anchor an exclusive VIP Hour during El Cholo’s Tequila Tour, and to share the fine craft agave spirits accompanying us on our 2017 Wild Wild West Tour.

The El Cholo Cafe Tequila Tour

Flawlessly guided by El Cholo’s point man for this shindig, consultant Alex Delgado, we were given the restaurant’s intimate West Patio to showcase the Brand of Promise(c) nominees that traveled with us throughout the month of October.

A Very Special Guest

The El Cholo Cafe Tequila Tour before the El Cholo Tequila Tour, with help from the fine folks at PKGD Media who handle publicity for Tequila G4, we managed to convince the “Mad Scientist” of tequila, Felipe Camarena, to make an unscheduled guest appearance at El Cholo’s fiesta.

It was enlightening to discuss the state of the Tequila Industry from a long time agave grower’s point-of-view.  Of great concern was the ongoing Agave Crisis, the ramifications of an agave shortage, and what Felipe considered was the real cause of the problems.

[*FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Wild Wild West 2017 Tour were vetted as Brand of Promise(c) Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be included.]

The VIP Hour

Before we knew it, employees of El Cholo’s opened the floodgates of the West Patio to the VIP Hour.

The El Cholo Cafe Tequila Tour

Joined by CMO Lisa Pietsch, Tequila Aficionado’s Founder, Alex Perez, and Tequila TJs Dave Dinius and Rick Levy, as well as some Brand of Promise(c) representatives, we were instantly surrounded by the smiling faces of dozens of passionate tequila aficionados.

These anxious VIPs were more than ready to sample some of the finest small batch, micro-distilled and handcrafted agave spirits that may or may not have been available, yet, in California.

The El Cholo Cafe Tequila Tour

Where It All Started

Mid-way through the VIP Hour, Blair, Alex, and myself took a few minutes to reminisce about that first podcast, and how each of our endeavors had grown exponentially with the demand for 100% de agave tequila, and now, mezcals.

The El Cholo Cafe Tequila Tour

Alex and I even took a moment to record a brief audio podcast memorializing the humble beginnings of Sipping Off the Cuff(c).

End of The Trail

El Cholo’s regularly scheduled Tequila Tour went off without a hitch, while almost everybody who had purchased VIP tickets lingered throughout the rest of the evening.

It was very gratifying to meet and greet so many fans and followers, to answer their burning questions on the participating Brands of Promise(c), and to experience the level of sophistication of the current crop of agave spirits consumers, whether newbies or seasoned sippers.

To Continue the Battle The El Cholo Cafe Tequila Tour

Constant and continuing education on agave spirits is a must these days.

El Cholo’s yearly Tequila Tour is not just an event designed to savor authentic Mexican cuisine, but to also elegantly enjoy your continuing agave spirits education.

We look forward to joining forces once again with El Cholo in 2018 to, as Felipe Camarena put it, “Para darle la guerra.”

You can view more photos of El Cholo’s 2017 Tequila Tour here.



Glass Bottom Spirits: At the End of Good Tequila

What’s at the End of Every Good Tequila?

In the agave spirits soaked Southern California market, no distributor works harder or smarter than owner Humberto Ibarra, importer and distributor at Glass Bottom Spirits.

Co-founded with his cousin, attorney Arturo Lomeli Ibarra in December of 2012, Glass Bottom Spirits was established with a single vision and purpose–

Glass Bottom Spirits: At the End of Good Tequila

To import and distribute only the best premium tequila that the great state of Jalisco, Mexico had to offer.

Glass Bottom has since expanded its portfolio to include craft Mexican beers and wines whose quality they believe in.

As a licensed wholesaler, importer, and distributor of the brands they carry, it allows Glass Bottom to set competitive prices to retail stores, restaurants, clubs and bars throughout California.

We spent a warm autumn afternoon talking tequila with Humberto at his offices in Pico Rivera.

[*FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Wild Wild West 2017 Tour were vetted as Brand of Promise(c) Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be included.]

From Nothing to Something

In this clip, Humberto shares with us his background, what brand building means to him, and how his mother-in-law came up with the company’s unique name.

Humberto divulges his tips for start up tequilas and mezcals contemplating entering the American market.

Ibarra admits that some brand owners have unrealistic expectations when coming into the United States.  He feels it’s his job to steer them in the right direction.

Glass Bottom Spirits: At the End of Good Tequila

Of vital importance to him–

That each brand he imports and distributes must budget for some kind of marketing in order to compete for mind share in the already over-crowded liquor store shelves and restaurant back bars.

The Magic of Mandala

Here, Humberto discusses what it takes to bring a small brand with a specialty bottle onto the burgeoning Extra Anejo segment.

Tequila Tasting with Humberto

This clip discusses the sexy Chisholm Trail Crafts jarrito tumbler for tequila tasting with the newly relaunched 4 Copas tequila.

What a Chore

We continue our tasting flights with Humberto Ibarra’s newest acquisition, La Tarea tequila.

With the agave crisis looming, the demand for smaller, craft brands that are supported by their own agave will be more in demand.

We also touch lightly on mezcal medley (ensemble), The Lost Explorer.

The Importance of Distribution

Glass Bottom Spirits: At the End of Good Tequila

In an era of mega-mergers between competing distributors, the informed consumer will be seeking more quality craft agave spirits.

To that end, small-to-mid sized distributors will become even more important for these brands in the race to compete with the Big Dawgs.

Glass Bottom Spirits seems poised to maintain significant shelf space for its clients against all comers.

The Double Life of Dos Almas Tequila

Double Life

The Double Life of Dos Almas Tequila De Soto is not only the Maestro Tequilero of overproof tequila Dos Almas blanco and its stablemate, Dos Almas Cinnamon Liqueur, but he is also the founder of a sportswear company.

Following a severe surfing accident, Emilio was inspired by water polo competitors and swimmers while enduring his own grueling physical therapy.  Eventually, De Soto became a competitive triathlete.

De Soto Sport Triathalon Company grew out of a need for versatile clothing for triathletes.  And Dos Almas sprang out of a need for a tasty beverage among these extreme super competitors after races.

Farmer and The Seahorse

An avid outdoorsman, Emilio and his family frequently take camping trips.  Aware that we were on our Wild Wild West Tour in our own “mobile command center” (camper), De Soto chose to meet with us at a scenic bar and restaurant called Farmer and the Seahorse.

The Double Life of Dos Almas Tequila

A multi-cuisine restaurant owned by celebrity chef, Brian Malarkey, this new farm to table eatery is nestled in the lovely Torrey Pines neighborhood of La Jolla, California.

The Double Life of Dos Almas Tequila

We were joined by certified Catador (tequila taster) and Director of Food and Beverage for Farmer and the Seahorse, Green Acre Campus Pointe and Green Acre Nautilus, Chris Simmons.

The Double Life of Dos Almas Tequila

Inside a converted vintage Airstream trailer/meeting room, we taped an in-depth discussion of all things Dos Almas.

In His Own Words

[*FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Wild Wild West 2017 Tour were vetted as Brand of Promise(c) Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be included.]

In this segment, we cover Emilio’s background, what drove him to concoct his earlier versions of Dos Almas, its high proof flavor profile, and even the types of ideal glassware used for tequila events at the restaurant.

A Matter of Endurance

Of Cuban decent, Emilio De Soto is a man of many passions.

He admitted that as a young man bussing tables at a restaurant, he was exposed to fine sipping tequilas long before it became fashionable.  That passion has stayed with him all his life.

The Double Life of Dos Almas Tequila

Despite some surprises on the retail side of the spirits industry, Emilio is a staunch believer in the long game.  He knows full well that endurance and persistence pay off.

The Convergence of Two Worlds

In this portion of our interview, De Soto discusses where he sees himself and Dos Almas in five years; the intricate process that goes into Dos Almas Cinnamon Liqueur, and the explanation behind the name and artwork of Dos Almas.

As an added bonus, De Soto manages to creatively combine parts of his sportswear business with Dos Almas by designing a handy carrying sling made from limestone instead of the traditional neoprene.

A Close-Knit Agave Community

Echoing similar sentiments about the importance of disseminating education to an agave information-starved audience, Chris Simmons has recently branched out on his own.

The Double Life of Dos Almas Tequila

Sipping Life offers the world of Tequila, Mezcal and other Mexican spirits through an exciting array of enrichment opportunities that include tastings, tours, education and consulting.

Tequila’s Ironman

The Double Life of Dos Almas Tequila

With humbleness and graciousness, along with guidance and encouragement from Simmons and others in the close-knit agave community, Emilio De Soto and Dos Almas is destined to be Tequila’s Ironman in the often challenging spirits race to the top shelf.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina

DesMaDre Tequila Makes Magic at Sol Cocina

 California Cool

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Southern Californians love to eat out and grab a few cocktails.  And there’s no place trendier than the famed Sol Mexican Cocina.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina was the Newport Beach location where we were set to meet Marcos Higareda, owner and leader of the DesMaDre Tequila family during this leg of the Wild Wild West Tour.

Waterfront Views

Nestled right up against the Balboa Marina with delightful waterfront views, Sol Cocina is renowned for offering Orange County’s finest weekend brunch with its own creative take on coastal Mexican cuisine.

Agave Spirits Galore

Offering more than 70 artisan, premium, and ultra premium tequilas and mezcals during Sol Cocina’s daily happy hour, their cocktail game is also on point.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina

Watch Sol Cocina’s Beverage Director, Colin Pflugradt, as he constructs an Old Fashioned using DesMaDre anejo.

Baja Vibes

The idea behind Sol Cocina was inspired by the best of coastal Baja California and several memorable surf trips to the spectacular peninsula.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina

Offering a California cool and inviting setting, Sol Cocina serves upscale Mexican dining that celebrates authentic flavors and traditions concentrating on the ever-changing array of fresh seafood and crisp, seasonal ingredients.

DesMaDre Tequila at Sol Cocina

In the following clip, Sol Cocina’s Chef describes the churro he made to pair deliciously with DesMaDre Tequila.

This was amazing and unlike any other churro we’d ever seen or tasted before. (And we’re big fans of churros!)

Meet the Leader

[*FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Wild Wild West 2017 Tour were vetted as Brand of Promise(c) Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be included.]

Marcos Higareda, is the brand owner of one of the hottest and fashionable tequilas on the US market, DesMaDre.

The name in Spanish roughly translates to chaos.  It is Marcos’ opinion that everyone has some desmadre going on in their lives, but that a great tasting tequila makes our daily chaos easier to handle.

As a young Southern California nightclub deejay, Marcos was inspired by former Los Angeles Lakers’ forward, Dennis Rodman, to learn the family business of tequila from the ground up.

The DesMaDre Evolution

Initially involved in the DeLeon tequila label that was eventually acquired by Diageo in 2014, DesMaDre evolved into the new family brand.

Listen to Marcos tell his DesMaDre story:

Future Plans

Marcos surrounds himself and DesMaDre with a well-oiled crew of professionals that he considers family.

Having learned some hard lessons from the DeLeon days, Higareda knows full well the allure of star power from the nightclub world.

With a definite focus, he has the dubious distinction of refusing celebrity endorsements for DesMaDre, preferring instead to grow the brand’s ardent following organically.


Inspired Tours

Ever wonder what drives Tequila Aficionado to tour every year?

For the inspiration, of course!