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Social Media Marketing for Agave Spirits

Social Media Analysis and step-by-step Strategy Checklist for your agave spirit brand

Know how your social media stacks up to the competition and receive a step-by-step action plan showing you exactly how you can level up.

Sometimes You Just Need An Objective Third Party

It’s hard to find an objective, knowledgeable third party in the agave spirits industry.  Everyone has an angle and wants to get paid.  With my years of experience in social media strategy and management and at Tequila Aficionado, I’m in the perfect position to provide an objective look at your social media networks.  This service is offered with no further obligation. 

Designed to Get Your BrandAhead of the Competition

Saving you the headache of hours of research and analysis by delivering a detailed checklist of all the tasks you can do to level up your website and social media networks

How it Works

We’ll start with an analysis of your current social media networks and content.  I’ll invoice you for the $1000 analysis and report fee and you’ll send me a list of all your websites and social network profiles. I’ll deliver my findings along with a complete laundry list of everything you can do to improve your social media networks and message. 

Do it Yourself (FREE)

Each analysis includes notation of incomplete, erroneous, and/or misleading brand and/or industry information, branding consistency, posting inconsistencies and scheduling recommendations, and social optimization tasks for each network that you can do yourself immediately.

Done With You ($1000)

Includes one initial 30-minute call to discuss your project with you and/or your social media manager, four weekly 1-hour calls to review your progress and set weekly task goals, emails as needed to coach you and follow up on tasks, and a final 30-minute call to wrap up all work. (4 Weeks Total)

Done For You ($2000)

Includes one initial 30-minute call to discuss your project, eight weekly 1-hour calls to review progress, emails as needed, and a final 30-minute call to wrap up all work. (8 Weeks Total)*Includes automation for your convenience in future streamlining of social tasks

Lisa worked quickly and had a tremendous work ethic. She was a huge piece of our success.”

Nathan Gwilliam

From the woman who wrote the book on social media marketing for tequila and mexican spirits

Having seen so many brands fail for overlooking their social media management and marketing while growing Tequila Aficionado’s organic reach to millions of Mexican spirit aficionados, I’m in a unique position to share my expertise and provide step-by-step instructions on how to crush it at your brand’s social media.


I have extensive knowledge of agave spirits and a deep understanding of their production and consumers.  When you partner with me, I understand the process from field to glass.  With my knowledge of agave spirits and experience in social media strategy and management, I can hit the ground running where others would need weeks – or even months – of product education.

What OthersSay

When it came time to revitalize a new client’s dormant social media accounts, I knew Lisa was the person for the job. She handled the five month project with ease and was able to increase Twitter followers by over 200% and tripled Facebook engagement.

Lisa successfully accomplished the re-engagement campaign with minimal client input. After a couple of calls, she took control of the project and handled it all in a strategic and professional manner.

Needless to say, the client was pleased. While this particular campaign may be over, Lisa is on my speed dial list for upcoming projects.

Jennifer Navarrete

Podcast and Social Media Mixologist

Lisa’s attention to detail is remarkable. She has a gift when it comes to marketing and helped me navigate the tricky and sometimes confusing social media world. Her advice and audience building advice was priceless and greatly helped increase my sales

Virginia NelsonAuthor & Editor


MY NAME IS…Lisa Pietsch

I have been a passionate tequila enthusiast since 1989 and a social media manager and strategist since 1999. 

I began by building communities like from 20 to 20,000 members within 1 year’s time, becoming a sought after community builder, social media manager, author, and speaker.

In 2012, Mike Morales and I joined forces to make Tequila Aficionado the most informative and engaged tequila website and social networks in the world.

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Social Media Analysis and step-by-step Strategy Checklist for your agave spirit brand

Know how your social media stacks up to the competition and receive a step-by-step Strategy Checklist showing you exactly how you can level up.

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