January 2023

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January 2023 Nom List
Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Roger and Alisa Clyne – Cancion Tequila
Our Latest Reviews
888 Tequila Pecan Pound Cake Recipe
Cantera Negra Tequila Launches Joint Venture
Lessons Learned in a Mezcal Blind Tasting by Alvin Starkman
Tequila Aroma Wheel
Mezcal in the Global Spirits Market
Carrera Anejo Tequila Review by Araceli Sharp
Official Merchandise
Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Ruben Lopez – Sunora Bacanora
Perros y Palenques by Anna Bruce
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1921 La Crema Tequila Scones Recipe
Limited Edition Don Julio Primavera
Tequila Tasting Sheet
Consumer Catador Course
Books by Mike Morales
Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Celia Maestri – Casa Maestri
Save The Date – Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine
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De La Tierre Maple tequila Scones Recipe
Maestro Dobel Latinx Art Prize
Rico’s Cocoa Loco by Rico Austin PhD
Horizontal Flight Tasting Sheet
Special Thanks from Bajarriba Tequila and Tres Cabo Amigos
Vertical Tasting Sheet
How to Get Paid to Drink Tequila
Don Vicente Blanco Tequila Review by Araceli Sharp
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The Anatomy of Mezcal de Pechuga Recipe Development

Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D. How are incarnations of recipes of mezcal de pechuga developed, regardless of whether or not the agave distillate is registered as certified? Many comedians and writers keep a pen and note pad on their night tables, enabling them to jot down ideas anytime during the night. They often awake at 3 … Read more

November 2022

In this issue of Tequila Aficionado Magazine:

Our Tasting Team
Our Latest Reviews
Our Upcoming Reviews
November Nom List
Tequila Aficionado Tasting Sheet
Horizontal Flight Tasting Sheet
Vertical Flight Tasting Sheet
Tequila Aroma Wheel
How to Get Paid to Drink Tequila
The Tequila Aficionado Consumer Catador Course
Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Felipe de Herida
Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Erika Vargas Flores
Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Sonia Lopez
Who’s Who in Agave Spirits: Kirk Agostini
Maple Tequila Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Santo Diable Mezcal King Ranch Chicken Recipe
Bajarriba Plata Tequila Review
Number JUAN Tequila Extra Anejo Review
Getting the Most out of Mezcal
Carrera Blanco Tequila Review

The Definitive Collection of Tequila Reviews

In honor of National Tequila Day in the U.S.A., we’re sharing with you the definitive collection of Sipping Off the Cuff from our very first podcast tequila reviews to the most recent.  Enjoy and Salud!   Sipping Off The Cuff | 1800 Milenio http://tequilaaficionado.com/2015/03/27/sipping-off-the-cuff-1800-milenio/ Sipping Off The Cuff | 1921 Tequila Anejo http://tequilaaficionado.com/2016/01/26/sipping-off-cuff-1921-tequila-anejo/ Sipping Off … Read more

Tomorrow We Ride! #WildWildWest2017

It’s time for the…   We’re packing up and getting ready to ride for some spectacular brands this year.  Here’s what our tour itinerary looks like, barring any unforeseen adventures.  It’ll be a nonstop month of tequila and mezcal fun! Follow #WildWildWest2017 Follow us on Facebook HERE for all of our LIVE broadcasts.  Follow us … Read more

Tequila Aficionado Media Mounts Up for its 2017 Wild Wild West Tour

Tequila Aficionado Media Mounts Up for its 2017 Wild Wild West Tour Wrangles Agave Spirit Brands of Promise for October Promotional Roundup For Immediate Release! July, 2017, San Antonio, TX— Beginning October 1, 2017, Tequila Aficionado Media pulls up stakes for the Wild Wild West promotional road tour touting its past and present Brand Of … Read more

Embajador Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

See the original video review of Tequila Embajador Reposado here. Alex Perez: Hi there, I’m Alex Perez. Mike Morales: I am Mike Morales. Alex Perez: And you are watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com and we’re continuing our series. Mike Morales: Yes in Embajador which in Spanish means Ambassador.  Again it is a family … Read more

Eye on Tequila by Ian Chadwick – Tequila in Canada

Originally Posted on Tequila Aficionado March 2, 2001 By Ian Chadwick Tequila Aficionado Magazine  Contributor/Columnist Canadians and tequila: it’s an awkward mix for many of our nation’s drinkers. Perhaps it’s because we’re a cool country and tequila is the product of the hot highlands of Mexico. It bottles too much sunshine, too much dry scrubland … Read more

Avion Anejo Tequila Review

Avion Anejo Tequila Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss Avion Anejo Tequila, nominating it for the 2014 Brands of Promise Awards. [Tweet “Avion Tequila “A great anejo””] Avion Anejo Age: Two years (Twice as long as than the industry norm) Color: Rich amber Aroma: Roasted agave with woody notes and hints of peach … Read more

Festive Holiday Recipes – Foods Made With Tequila

Tequila Test Kitchen We’ve been pretty busy in the Tequila Aficionado Test Kitchen over the past year.  Because we aren’t afraid to splash a little tequila into our food, we’ve got a great collection of recipes you might want to try as gifts for tequila loving friends & family or perhaps you’d like to wow … Read more