Ready For A Taste of Old Town?

  Many were disappointed with the moving of the Spirits of Mexico festival to a new venue this year.  Old Town San Diego businesses have always benefited from this event and most came to look forward to the annual visit from aficionados of agave spirits.  Rather than be put off, the Mexican restaurants and tequila … Read more

$275 For a Bottle of Tequila?

The most excellent, super-exclusive, sell-your-soul, crystal bottle, diamond doorknob stopper, ultra premium tequila…Would you pay $275 for a bottle of tequila? If you did, would you regret it? Some ultra premium tequilas that will set you back a few hundred dollars include: Milagro Unico Price: $300 A blend of triple-distilled silver tequila and Milagro’s barrel-aged … Read more

Spirits of Mexico 2013 in Pictures

Tequila Aficionado Media covers North America’s premier agave spirits tasting event – Spirits of Mexico Since a picture says a thousand words, Rick Thibault Levy, Tequila Aficionado’s correspondent to the 2013 Spirits of Mexico show, took plenty – along with some great video (video coming soon).  For your viewing enjoyment, we present the 2013 Spirits … Read more

Tequila Bargains

By Alexander Perez | 07.19.10 Being a spirit connoisseur you will always find me gravitate to the liquor department wherever I go. Like a little kid, I’ll go missing while shopping with my wife and she will know where to find me. Recently I have been amazed at all the tequila bargains at my local … Read more