We Are Accepting Submissions

Tequila Aficionado Magazine is now accepting submissions for 2023 magazine placements:

  • Agave Spirits Reviews: May be tequila, mezcal, sotol, raicilla or agave spirits from within or outside Mexico.
  • Restaurant Previews/Reviews: Please include agave spirits selection, interior and exterior photos, and menu image(s). Restaurant previews may be submitted by restaurant owner/staff.
  • Event Previews/Reviews: Got a local festival readers should know about? Tell us all about it!
  • Bottle Upcycle Project How-Tos: Please include complete instructions and images.
  • Book/Cookbook Reviews: Anything with a Mexico or Agave Spirit tie-in is welcome.
  • Food & Cocktail Recipes: Please keep them original and see #3 and #4 below.
  • Movie/TV/Telenovela Reviews: Anything with a Mexico or Agave Spirit tie-in is welcome.
  • Mexico Travel Features: Resorts, cruises, hotels, restaurants, bars, distilleries, spas, whale watching, ancient sites, shopping…
  1. All articles, reviews, recipes and features submitted must have an obvious connection to tequila, mezcal or other agave spirits.
  2. All submissions should be in Microsoft Word format.
  3. Submissions must not have been previously published in print or website(s).
  4. Submissions repurposed from your own social media post(s) are acceptable.
  5. Any submissions used will include your <100 word byline with website/social link and photo.
  6. All submissions will be reviewed by editorial staff and any requiring excessive edits/fact checking or misinformation will be respectfully declined. Publisher retains the right to decline any submission.
  7. All submissions are on-spec and you MAY NOT represent yourself as an employee/staff of Tequila Aficionado Media or Tequila Aficionado Magazine to receive in-kind or cash payments from product or service providers.

Contact if you have questions not covered here.