Amorada Anejo Tequila Review

Mike Morales and Dave Dinius taste and discuss Amorada Tequila Anejo and why it must remain hidden from Dave.

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About Amorada Tequila Anejo:

Sipping Off the Cuff | Amorada Tequila Anejo for a minimum of 18 months in both White Oak and French Cognac and wine barrels. Ample vanilla and oak are prevalent when first sipping this complex Anejo but only linger for several seconds before transitioning into tobacco and caramel. As these flavors dissipate, rich butterscotch takes over and coats the glass.

To the founder of Amorada Tequila, Terray Glasman, tequila is not just another distilled spirit… it is representative of her culture; having many family gatherings with food, drinks and laughter. The beauty of the culture that has been cultivated for many generations fascinated her to a point where she decided to make it an integral part of her life.

Her journey began many years ago, where she met with several distilleries in Mexico in an attempt to find the perfect Tequila – one that would reflect the same passion she felt for it. Having finally secured a relationship with a small family owned distillery whose passion matched hers, they crafted the perfect recipe that would result in the ultra-premium Tequila known today as Amorada, which is made with only 100% Weber Blue Agave and nothing else.

“I may not be the most interesting woman in the world but my Tequila sure is!”
– Terray Glasman, CEO of Amorada Tequila


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Malinalli Anejo Tequila Review

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From the Malinalli Tequila Website:

Sipping Off the Cuff | Malinalli Tequila Anejo

NOM: 1551

AGAVE SOURCE: The Midlands Region of Jalisco

COOKING METHOD: stone/brick oven


DISTILLATION: Double distilled. It is filtered for smoothness using a preparatory filtration process.

STILL TYPE: Stainless steel pot stills

PROOF: 80 (40% abv)

FERMENTATION: Stainless steel tanks

SUGARS: 100% agave tequilana weber

WATER SOURCE: Deep aquifer

AGING: The Anejo is aged in American oak barrels for average of 24 months.

APPEARANCE: Medium long, roasted, a touch smoky, but far more vegetal than anything else, rich in agave flavor.

AROMA: The initial inhalations detect sturdy aromas of dill, pickle brine, salt, and green pepper; later sniffs encounter deeper, slightly toasted fragrances of black pepper, jalapeño, toasted almond, linseed oil, and dried dill; the main message is that agave is acutely present and not overshadowed by oak.

TASTE: The entry flavor is delicately salty, a clear signature taste of roasted agave, and displays a silky texture that’s firm and compelling; midpalate flavor range includes paraffin, prickly pear juice, toasted almond, and a slight trace of wood resin/sap.

OVERALL: The combination of core substance, satiny texture, high acidity, and a superb balance between oak treatment and agave presence make this one of the best anejos currently in the marketplace.

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FTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.


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El Consuelo Organic Anejo Tequila Review [Transcript]

Watch the original Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Tequila Anejo video here


Sipping off the Cuff | El Consuelo Tequila Anejo Hi, I´m Mike Morales, you´re watching Sipping Off the Cuff! On part of Tequila Aficionado Media. That gentleman right there, his name is…


RICK: Rick Levy in San Diego.


MIKE: I´m in San Antonio. And Rick, we have enjoyed just a slice of heaven, a slice of the highlands heaven with El Consuelo, previously a Brand of Promise winner, in the blanco category last year.


RICK: It´s a blanco, it was a winner.


MIKE: Yep, it was a winner. It is organic and kosher so it was entered into the organic slash kosher category and won a gold medal. And unbeknownst to us, they have a repo and an anejo. The information – because the information they sent us doesn´t say anything pertinent, you know, except the price points. But um, so they sent these to us that were entered – or that are being entered into the 2017 Brands of Promise category or awards, but we´re going to…


RICK: We just reviewed the reposado. 


MIKE: Right.


RICK: So check out the video maybe over here or over here.


MIKE: Right, somewhere over there. Wherever the button says, you know, or down below. But tonight, we´re doing the anejo. What do we know about the anejo? We know, number one, that they´re using cognac* barrels, right?


RICK: Cognac* barrels. 12 months.


MIKE: 12 months in cognac* barrels.


*Editor’s Note: Previous point of sale material was incorrect.  El Consuelo is NOT aged in cognac barrels.  El Consuelo is aged in Jack Daniels’ barrels.


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: Do I see bubbles?


RICK: So that´s the, that´s the minimum for an anejo, right?


MIKE: I think so, yes. I´m just trying to see if there´s any bubbles. There some nice bubbles – It´s hard to tell, you know, with the – we love the hammered look of the bottle.


RICK: Yeah, it is beautiful.


MIKE: And it´s very rustic looking; you can see the graphics on the bottle, very really nice too. Just a really good old-world feel to it.


RICK: Yeah, an authentic artisan feel. We also know that, let´s see, so it´s made at NOM 1570, Altos Cienega Unidos, in Altotonilco. It´s in the highlands. They use a roller mill for extraction, they use – their agave´s are trimmed close, so there´s not much of a green skin left from the penca. They use masonry ovens, and they use open-air fermentation in stainless steel vats using the natural yeasts. And so that is, you know that´s a recipe for perfection right there, I think.


MIKE: Yeah, I was telling Rick previously on a reposado review, that we´ve been in communication with a couple of the folks from this distillery, and the pictures that they have of the feels and the plots, the estates where these agaves come from. They´re gorgeous and they look so peaceful, and beautiful, and inviting. And you know, they´re covered – there´s fruit trees, and there´s shade trees, and it´s just -and it they´re beautifully lined. Actually, it looks like there´s grass in between the rows of the agave, you know, it´s just so –they´re – they almost look ornamental. You´ll have to see some of the pictures, we´ll be rotating some photos in and out…


RICK: Yeah, I can´t wait.


MIKE:, And wait til you see them. They´re – it´s gorgeous! Like I say, the estates look ornamental.


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: Like they´re there for… like nobody´s going to make tequila out of it, you know what I mean?


[both laughing]


MIKE: They´re just like a garden! Like rose gardens…


RICK: Eden! (laughing)


MIK: And terrariums – it´s beautiful, it´s really gorgeous stuff. So, I´m kind of excited because –


RICK: Well, you know, being organic we know that they put a lot of work into the agaves while they´re growing. You know, they´re going to be tending to them closely, so it makes sense that they would be paying a lot of attention to their grounds and estates. So that´s wonderful.


MIKE: The, from what my understanding is, they use a natural insecticide to keep the bugs off and what it is, it´s jalapeño* juice. Go figure!


RICK: Is it jalapeño* or habanero*? I forget


MIKE: habanero*, habanero*. You´re right.


*Editor’s Note: Previous point of sale material was incorrect.  El Consuelo agaves are NOT treated with habanero infused water as an insecticide.



RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: Yeah.


RICK: So it´s hot pepper infused water and you spray on the agaves to keep the bugs away.


MIKE: Yeah. Have you ever grown chiles of your own in your back yard?


RICK: No, I haven´t, I don´t have a green thumb.


MIKE: Well… (laughing)


RICK: (laughing) I have a black thumb, everything dies.


MIKE: When I lived in New Mexico, we used to grow our own green chiles, which are Anneheim chiles and Big Jim´s. And you know, all the other – it was funny I never, I couldn´t – I just didn´t put two and two together from when I grew them the first time. I was like you know, there aren´t ants, there are no bugs, no aphids – nothing likes to mess with a chile, with a chile plant. Which is kind of cool, you know? And now I know why!


(both laughing)


MIKE: So, again, like you said it kind of makes sense that they would use a natural insecticide to keep the bugs away. So there you go. And it does not influence the agave in any way, you´re not –  it doesn´t taste like jabanero or anything like that.


RICK: We´ve got the natural cork on the bottle.


MIKE: Yep. Oh, oh wow. Now, I´m using a Glencairn this go around, and I think – what are you using Rick?


RICK: I´m using the Glencairn too.


MIKE: Are you? Ok. Alright. So, you see the color´s a little bit darker, not much. I mean, if you´re not paying attention, or if you´ve got too much of one or the other, you you´ll get confused with the repo and the anejo because the colors are almost the same. This one´s a –


RICK: I don´t know, when I look at the bottles I can see a difference. I can definitely see a difference in the bottom, when you´re looking at large volumes of juice.


MIKE: Well – yeah… Yeah, I´m just, you know, I´m – I should be looking at the labels, because this is a green label and this is a the red label, and you know the repo is red, the anejo´s a green, the blanco I think is a blue, or something like that…anyway. But oh man, I love this.


RICK: Ahh.


MIKE: Holy cow! Oh, oh my gosh.


RICK: Definitely getting more of the barrel in there.


MIKE: Yes, yes.


RICK: Those barrel notes you were picking up on, and repo.


MIKE: In the repo? Yeah, yeah.


RICK: They´re really jumping out here. Not overpowering…


MIKE: No, no no.


RICK: Just, you know, present. Definitely present.


MIKE: There´s – just a heavier layer. There´s just a – more of the covers, you know, if the reposados were sheets, these are the wool blankets.


RICK: (chuckling)


MIKE: I – you know!


RICK: (laughing)


MIKE: Wow, this is really beautiful!


RICK: You know, I can – you know I still, I´m still getting a lot of agave in there.


MIKE: Me too! Me too.


RICK: Which is wonderful.


MIKE: And again, I´m getting it more out of the Glencairn than I did in the Riedel. And I – I´m thinking that that… I think, I think we´re onto something here; that one type of glassware will pull out different types of nuances. So…


RICK: Mmmm.


MIKE: But this one, I´m getting both. Now I understand what you were getting in the reposado. Because the fruit is still there, the fruit of the agave is still there.


RICK: And I´m getting the you know, the citrus and white pepper, and a little bit of apple, maybe not as much.


MIKE: Wow. Oh, that´s just beautiful though. It came right up to meet you, you didn´t have to dig for it, you know.


RICK: And you know, there´s no, nothing… no hints in the aroma of defects, or anything off.




RICK: It´s a very…it´s beautiful.


MIKE: I´m going to – I was talking with Rick off camera, I´m going to have to have – I have not done any research on the laws of cognac barrels like how often they can be used, you know, that sort of thing. Before they need to be discarded, in other words before they hit the secondary market for tequila, you know, because this is really – again, Rick, it´s a light touch!


RICK: Yeah, well I hadn´t tasted it yet, and a… you know I´m not getting…


MIKE: No, but there´s just the touch of on the color alone, though, you know.


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: (sigh) Wow.


RICK: In the reposado I wasn´t picking up a lot of cognac. You know, because personally I don´t care for cognac. And so, you know, I wasn´t really finding notes in there the way you find whiskey or bourbon notes when they use those barrels.


MIKE: I think the only thing we agreed on, in the repo that we were both pulling out, was a chocolate. Like a dark chocolate.


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: Either bitter or cacao, you know.


RICK: Yeah. Are you getting that here?


MIKE: I´m getting more of a sweeter nose. I´m not, you know, the barrel it´s almost like a balanced, you know… I´m really getting both. And I understand what it is you were getting in the reposado that I couldn´t – I wasn´t getting enough of, from the Riedel in the reposado.


RICK: Yeah, I´m going to agree with you that I´m getting more – the notes are a bit sweeter rather than the kind of bitter chocolate or the citrus.


MIKE: Or leather.


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: You mentioned leather too that you were, you were getting.


RICK: Yeah, not so much here.


MIKE: No. This is really pleasant. Wow.


RICK: Alright. We going in?


MIKE: I´ve got to dive in. I´ve got to taste it.


[both taking a drink]


MIKE: (growling glottal noises) Mmmm. (chuckling) Oh my god.


RICK: Just leave that right on the pallet.


MIKE: Wow – it was right at the tip! It was like it hit – it just it was so pleasant at the entry and then it just, it didn´t explode like the repo did for me…


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: It was just a, it was just a beautiful – It was like throwing the blankets over me. It was just so…


RICK: (laughing) Just wrap yourself up in it.


MIKE: Yeah!


RICK: It is, you know it´s – it didn’t burst like the reposado did.


MIKE: Yeah, yeah.


RICK: It was kind of almost like a build to a – almost like a crescendo at the end.


MIKE: Yeah.


RICK: Because at the end, I was getting, you know, the tingling and the pepper.


MIKE: Yeah. This one is – this was more like a coating. It´s like a – it just introduces itself and it gets better and better. It really is literally like, like pulling the covers over you or something. It´s the only way I can describe it, it´s a weird descriptor I know.


(both laughing)


MIKE: But it was so uniform and so, you know, it wasn´t like – sometimes you´ll get, well, you and I will try tequilas where the nose belies the entry, the finish belies the entry, that kind of thing. But this was so well done, it just is just – you know, it´s like –


RICK: Yeah, it´s consistent.


MIKE: It´s like jazz music, you know.


RICK: Yeah, it´s balanced, you know. It – they all play together well.


MIKE: Yeah, exactly. You know, I think the repo was designed to make a statement. I think – I think that´s what they tried to do with the reposado. But with this anejo, this anejo is just  it just it´s one you want to linger over. It´s got good structure on the pallet, it really does. And uniform all the way through.


RICK: Yeah. (growling glottal noises) Getting a little bit of a, little bit of a butterscotch central pallet.


MIKE: The retronasal is very sweet on the nose. And I´m getting more – not cacao, I´m getting more cocoa. I´m not getting chocolate so much as I´m getting like a cocoa, which I guess would be a little bit different.


RICK: Hmm.


MIKE: I really…. Wow, I really dig this. This is really a – I don´t even want to use the word smooth because that doesn´t – that´s not –


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: That´s an old, that thing´s been over used forever, but a lot of people would probably say it´s a smooth anejo. Now that I´ve had like a couple of swallows, the finish begins to linger. It´s got a medium to short finish, if I´m not mistaken. It´s not – I think the repo has a longer finish, for me.


RICK: Yeah, I think so. You know this is, you know this is more of a chill sipper whereas the repo…you know, there´s a bit more excitement in the repo, but this is more of a comfortable blanket you want to slip into and just kind of chill out.


MIKE: Yeah, just you, your kitty cat, rocking chair….


RICK: (laughing)


MIKE: …and the fire. You know this –


RICK: I like the point you made about structure, though. I think that´s a good way to phrase it on this. It has nice structure.


MIKE: Yeah.


RICK: You know, there´s a lot there but it´s not making, you know, the kind of a statement you get with a blanco or a light repo. You know, this is – it´s young for an anejo it´s only 12 months but it´s certainly worthy.


MIKE: Oh, yeah. You know the price point that we found, Rick, was…


RICK: $60.


MIKE: 60 bucks. Would you pay 60 bucks for this?


RICK: Oh, certainly – I´d pay a lot more than that!


(both laughing)


MIKE: For much worse! Right? I, you know…




MIKE: For, for very questionable! I – wow, wow. I – and this is really your night cap. This is the after dinner drink, or the one you drink before you go to bed. This is the one. I´m so –


RICK: It´s a nice way to finish a night.


MIKE: Yeah. This is beautiful, it – again, hey, I don´t know about you man, but as far as I´m concerned, Brand of Promise Nominee in the organic category for the anejo. El Consuelo just rocks ladies and gentlemen.


RICK: You know, and I said this is the reposado, and I´m sure I fawned over it when we reviewed the blanco


MIKE: (laughing)


RICK: …but, you know, I just really love their attention to the process. You know, they are putting the time in on their agaves, doing all that extra work to keep it organic, which so you know they´re putting that effort into their agaves. And then they´re using the traditional masonry ovens, to caramelize the sugars, and then they´re using the open-air fermentation with the natural yeasts. You know, I just I can´t ask for more than that.


MIKE: No, no.


RICK: You know, part of the process.


MIKE: There you go. I totally agree, organic and kosher as well so, you know. Which to me are – the organic category´s exploding, the kosher category, far as I´m concerned, is highly underserved…


RICK: Mmhmm.


MIKE: Or not as publicized as it should be. But again – what a lovely, lovely spirit. This is, they just did a really great job. If you follow us on Instagram, check it out. We´re going to probably – you´ll be seeing a lot of some photographs that were from El Consuelo. You´ll see those on our Instagram and Facebook, as well. You´ll also be able to follow these guys pretty shortly on all their social media, as well. Well, wait ´til you see –


RICK: Yeah, they´ve been making a big push on their social media lately.


MIKE: Yeah, yeah they have, surprisingly.


(both chuckling)


MIKE: But wait ´til you see the pictures of the field. I kid you not – the first couple that come out, I´ll text you and I´ll go Rick! Look at Instagram you know.


(both laughing)


MIKE: And you´ll go nuts! Because they´re some of the most beautiful, terrain and terroir, and fields and estates. So well cared for, and it shows. It shows, it really does. It shows all the way down to the juice. So…can´t say much more. That´s our take on El Consuelo organic, the anejo. Brand of Promise, again, Nominee for this year, 2017. I´m Mike Morales here in San Antonio.


RICK: Rick Levy in San Diego.


MIKE: Don´t forget to subscribe to the Tequila Aficionado channel on Youtube, and whatever other videos that come across…


RICK: (laughing)


MIKE: Between, you know, either around Rick or me. Click on those. Tell us what you think, if you´ve had El Consuelo, if you haven´t…


RICK: Get it. (laughing)


MIKE:  Get it. This is a definite – you´ve got to have this in your library. Especially at night time right now on those chilly evenings, you want to have some anejo. Let me tell you. And, like we always say here at Tequila Aficionado, tomar sabiamente (drink wisely).


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Embajador Anejo Tequila Review [Transcript]


Watch the original video here

ALEX: I´m Alex Perez.

MIKE: I´m Mike Morales.

ALEX: And you are watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila Aficionado dot com.

MIKE: Yes, and we´ve got Anejo Embajador. Anejo for those of you who´ve heard of this.

ALEX: Third of the series.

MIKE: Third of the series. You´ve seen us do the blanco, the reposado, if you´ve been watching the series consistently you know we´ve been singing its praises. The blanco outstanding, the reposado

ALEX: Outstanding.

MIKE: – sings. And now, we´re going to do the anejo. This is an anejo that, according to their flavor notes, is an 18-month anejo in American Oak Barrels. And again, look at the color on this thing; deep, dark, gold.

ALEX: Beautiful color.

MIKE: Yeah. Just enough to make it interesting. Again, I´m going to prejudge and say this is probably a virgin American Oak Barrel but you know….

ALEX: Why would you say that?

MIKE: Well, because of the color. And it´s an 18-month. I, I don´t think it´s a used barrel just because the color is so deep and rich.

ALEX: It´s got a beautiful, deep, gold color.

MIKE: Nice legs on this one, too. Really pleasant looking viscosity on that. Very nice curtain of tears all the way along.

ALEX: Ooooh. It´s got a beautiful nose.

MIKE: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

ALEX: Mmm! Beautiful nose. Now when you´re smelling a spirit like this, you don´t want to dig your nose in there, but just try to see what you can catch just by moving the glass in front of your nose.

MIKE: Of course, we´re using tequila glasses, these are our tools for specifically for tasting, and serving in most cases, and it´s very elegant as you can see.

ALEX: Got the sweet agave tones, a lot of caramel, vanilla. It´s got a beautiful nose. (swishing the glass in a circular motion) Now we do this to try to open up the tequila, to get some oxygen going in there.

MIKE: This is not like some of the other tequilas that you may have seen us taste, where they artificially oxygenate the tequila. It´s a process where they actually shoot oxygen or air into it to smooth it out. This is only a double distilled tequila, it is a highlands tequila, from Atotonilco, same area as Siete Leguas, for those of you who follow regions and terroir.

ALEX: Mmm, beautiful nose.

MIKE: Wow. You know, you still don´t lose that agave flavor though. I´m really impressed with the fact that so far every varietal that we´re tasting, you get that from that agave.

ALEX: In the blanco, the reposado, the agave really shines through.

MIKE: Yeah.

ALEX: Because, you really don´t want to mask that. That´s really what you´re starting with when you´re making a tequila like this.

MIKE: And it is a single estate tequila, so it´s not sourced from other areas. This is a family-owned brand; you may have heard us talk about earlier in some of the earlier podcasts that this is a family-owned brand, Andres Garcia and his wife are spear-heading the effort and it is all family-run now, all the way down to their social media. And – have we tasted it yet?

Sipping Off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Anejo [Transcript] Not yet. Beautiful amber color.

MIKE: Yeah.

ALEX: I said gold before but it´s more of an amber.

MIKE: Well, it´s very shiny. I mean there are some…

ALEX: Chiny?

MIKE: It´s chiny.

ALEX: (laughing) I´m going to taste it.

MIKE: Like a polished gold. It´s really pretty.

ALEX: Mmm.

MIKE: (gargling noises)

ALEX: Wow. Very nice.

MIKE: We are spitting folks, sorry. Excuse us. Ooh! Nice lingering finish on that too, huh? It coats the pallet really well.

ALEX: It´s got some really good structure. It´s got a good punch also, for an anejo.

MIKE: Yeah it´s –

ALEX: Which we saw it coming through the blanco.

MIKE: The blanco was, it did not – it was not a tame blanco. You may have heard us mention some other brands that we´ve tried before that where it´s very tame on the way in, but no, this is… I don´t want to call it in your face but, this is a –

ALEX: Got a nice finish.

MIKE: It certainly tells you there´s no mistaking what it is – this is tequila! And it´s a highlands tequila.

ALEX: Very nice.

MIKE: Wow, and you do get some – it says you- the flavor notes are again, caramel, vanilla, and coffee. And I think with the anejo I start to get more of the coffee and almost a little bit of tobacco on the nose.

ALEX: Well, you´re – I´m getting a lot a bit of coffee. Very nice.

MIKE: Wow, this is a great after dinner anejo. I wouldn´t waste this on a cocktail. This, you serve it as-is, just like this, in a nice snifter or –

ALEX: Maybe even on the rocks.

MIKE: On the rocks, very possibly, with American Oak, you´ll be having those additives those natural additives to it.

ALEX: Especially if you get one of those globes of ice that melt real slowly.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Anejo [Transcript] Oh, okay that doesn´t water it down, just chills it a little bit.

ALEX: Water it down, yeah.

MIKE: Just chills it a little bit, yeah.

ALEX: You can usually buy those molds and you get a nice…

MIKE: In fact, if any of you companies out there watching actually manufacture one, talk to us.

ALEX: Send us one.

MIKE: Send us one.

ALEX: Send us some so we can try it.

MIKE: Send us, yeah. We´ll talk. (laughing)

ALEX: Boy, I´m impressed with this life.

MIKE: You know, i´ll be honest just for the sake of transparency. When I had this tequila before, I´ve had it in champagne snifters. And again, we´ll probably do a Sipping Off the Cuff with glassware. Everybody should have a different arsenal and I´m limited to where I´m at right now, with the glassware that I have and it´s mostly champagne flutes. The champagne flutes do not do this tequila justice. You really need one that will, that lends itself to tasting. And this is a completely different juice than what I had earlier.

ALEX: Because of the glass.

MIKE: Because of the glass.

ALEX: It – it´s amazing what the – by using the proper tools the type of effect or the outcome that you´re going to get out of the experience.

MIKE: Yes. Do yourself a favor, you know, glassware is very important and if you´re delving more and more into what tequila nuances are, get the right tools. I can´t stress that enough. You don´t have to use this one, you know there are similar ones that are out there that are very comparable. But, I´ve got to tell you, in a proper glass, this tequila just shines. Just shines. I think we´ve got another contender for Brands of Promise.

ALEX: Most definitely. I´m very impressed with the entire Embajador line. Yeah.

MIKE: Andres Garcia and the family have done a wonderful job with this tequila. It´s really well worth an effort to find it. I believe it´s available in Arizona and some places in Southern California, and I believe Texas. Look ´em up on Facebook and Twitter. You can find it, you´ll see their dot com a little bit later on.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Anejo [Transcript]
Shhh…Embajador is resting.
ALEX: You´ll probably see this.

MIKE: Yes.

ALEX: This is what the tequila bottle goes in, or comes in I should say.

MIKE: Nice presentation to us, very elegant.

ALEX: From the US:

MIKE: Beautiful, beautiful POS. They´re very open and forthcoming with information. Find them! It´s very good. I´m Mike Morales.

ALEX: You can find them at

MIKE: There you go.

ALEX: And I´m Alex Perez,  and you´ve been watching Sipping Off the Cuff at Tequila Aficionado dot com. And as we always say…

MIKE: Sip wisely.

ALEX: Sip wisely.


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Titanium Anejo Tequila Review

In this episode of Sipping Off the Cuff, Mike Morales and Rick Levy get their first taste of the new Anejo from the makers of Titanium Tequila.

From the Titanium Tequila Wesbite:

Sipping Off the Cuff | Titanium Tequila Anejo tequilas begin with the world’s finest 100% tequilana blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jaslisco, Mexico.

Each of our agave plants are hand selected at the peak of their maturity full of sweetness and robust flavor. After harvesting the agave our jimadors carefully cut the agave down to the “piña”, or heart, leaving only the purest part of the agave plant for our tequila’s. Our agave is the highest quality agave found in the world creating a tequila like no other.

Our piña is then slowly roasted in a stainless steel autoclave. this cooking process is important in allowing for a consistent, sweet, and rich piña ready for fermenting as well as ensuring a clean outcome minimizing any possible bacteria build up. After roasting the piña is then shredded and juices extracted for fermenting.

Next is the fermenting which is done in an open air environment. This process is unrushed with a special strand of yeast added to control and create a consistently high quality spirit. The result is a luxurious, robust tequila ready for distillation. The tequila is then twice distilled in pot stills creating the finest small batch tequila available today.

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Don Pilar Anejo Tequila Review

From the Don Pilar Tequila Website:Sipping Off the Cuff | Don Pilar Tequila Anejo


Don Pilar grows his agave on five private ranches in the Highlands of Jalisco near the town of San José de Gracia.

The distinctive golden color and buttery, oak aroma of Don Pilar’s Añejo comes as a result of aging his tequila in virgin American White Oak barrels.

Our master distillers insist on serenading the agave must with Baroque music during the 200 hours of fermentation to coax the conversion from sugar-to-alcohol.

Don Pilar Añejo goes great in a margarita, but to truly enjoy, try it neat in a Reidel tequila glass or similarly shaped flute.

FTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.


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Frida Kahlo Anejo Tequila Review

Mike & Alex taste and discuss Frida Kahlo Tequila Anejo.

FTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.

About Frida Kahlo Tequila 

Sipping off the Cuff | Frida Kahlo Anejo Kahlo Tequila Blanco is naturally fermented up to four days. The agave juices are then double distilled in antique copper stills and bottled un-aged. The result is smooth super-premium tequila that mixes perfectly with your favorite drink.Frida Kahlo Tequila is all-natural. No artificial ingredients are added to accelerate the fermentation process. Hand selected at the peak of maturity, the agave is slowed cooked inside an antique adobe brick oven; then steamed and cooled to remove any bitterness; and finally the agave is pressed to extract only the finest juices for am extra super-premium Tequila.


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512 Anejo Tequila Review

Mike Morales & Rick Levy taste and discuss Tequila 512 Anejo on this episode of Sipping off the Cuff.



Sipping Off The Cuff | Tequila 512 Anejo Austin, tequila isn’t saved for special occasions. It’s a standard go-to. It’s one of the many things Scott loves about the town he calls home, and why he set out to create a tequila that could be enjoyed anytime.
In Jalisco he found Luis Trejo, master distiller at La Cofradia. Batch by batch, they made their way to the earthy, spicy yet surprisingly smooth tequila we bottle today. The magic moment came when Scott decided to add a third distillation, making the good juice they’d created together just a bit smoother.
Scott’s friends back in Austin loved the results. So did the judges at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, who awarded Tequila 512 Double Gold and Best In Show.
To this day, Scott returns to Jalisco to taste every new batch, ensuring each is as good as the last. Because when it comes to great tequila, taste is the only test that matters.

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Tragos Amargos Anejo Tequila Review

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Sipping Off the Cuff | Tragos Amargos Tequila Anejo 2010 Jaime Juarez coming from 20 years in wholesale goods and Roberto Isais, with 20 years in logistics and relationships with reputable distilleries in the heart of Jalisco Mexico, decided to team up and had a vision of sourcing out the best quality spirits Mexico has to offer in Tequila .

In 2015 while 3Crowns continues working from the low lands to the highlands of Jalisco finds and creates a true sipping tequila and teams up with the perfect partner, the legendary hispanic male singer, Ramon Ayala AKA “The Accordian King” to bring you the true taste of Tequila! Tragos Amargos is such an iconic song by Ramon Ayala & Los bravos del Norte and is performed and redone by Multiple artist over and over again.

3Crowns selected the Best Agave that is grown and raised in Los Altos (Highlands) de Jalisco, due to the rich fruitful taste of which the volcanic soil gives to the Pinas. Tragos Amargos Tequila is created by using only the best Highlands 8 year old ripe agave pinas and it shows in the taste. Today one of Tragos Amargos Tequila’s slogan is “Descubre el Sabor!”, translated to “Discover the Flavor”!!

And today the same visions and pioneering still continue by Jaime Juarez & Roberto Isais to bring you
new brands and products for the spirits and cocktail Industry .Cheers!!


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Soltado Anejo Tequila Review

Mike and Alex taste and discuss Soltado Tequila, an anejo infused with serrano peppers and cinnamon.

soltado, tequila, anejo, serrano, cinnamon
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About Soltado:

At Soltado, our mission is simple: create the best products and bring people unique, exciting experiences. Every step of our tequila-making process has been refined to deliver on these principles. We found a craft distillery that combines traditional and modern methods and incorporated our own innovative ideas to bring you the evolution of tequila.

After years of searching for the best ingredients and perfecting our formula, we’re proud to present our launch product.

• 28 month añejo tequila
• Infused with locally grown serrano peppers and cinnamon
• Premium añejo flavor with a spicy, energizing kick and a smooth finish
• The only añejo infusion on the market

Soltado truly distinguishes itself from other tequila by adding one final step. We use a proprietary infusion process with serrano peppers from a farmers market near the distillery and natural cinnamon. These flavors are added to our already premium tequila to best complement its varying tastes.

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