Beta Testing Tequila Matchmaker for Android

We’re pretty excited today here at Tequila Aficionado Media.  Mike and I are participating in the beta test of the Tequila Matchmaker Android App.  (The iVersion has been out for a while now, but droids like us have been waiting for this!)  We both downloaded it to our Android phones yesterday.

tequila matchmaker, tequila, iphone, androidIn case you aren’t familiar with Tequila Matchmaker, you can find out more at  In a nutshell, it is the brainchild of the folks at and it will help you find tequilas you’ll enjoy based upon the tequilas you’ve rated.  Very smart!

I’m excited about this application because, as a writer, my disposable income is, well, let’s just say modest.  What I find great about this application is the fact that I can rate tequilas that I have tasted and based on those ratings I can find other tequilas that I am likely to enjoy.  With a limited budget, the last thing anyone wants to do is buy a bottle of bad Juice and then be out $30-$50.  Sure you can always make bad juice into a margarita but who wants a bad margarita?  Needless to say, the financial benefits alone are pretty impressive.

I also like the ready access to others’ reviews.  Mike has tried hundreds of tequilas and will have a great deal to add to the tequila database.  Rather than having to text Mike every time I want to make a tequila purchase, I can just check the Matchmaker app and plan my shopping accordingly.  The benefit to those of you who don’t know Mike’s phone number should be obvious.

In case you’re wondering if there is any benefit to those of you who have tried hundreds of tequilas, like Mike and Alex have, there is.  In addition to being able to brag about how much you’ve tasted and earning an impressive rank on the Tequila Matchmaker app, you’ll be able to explore new tequilas that you may not have tried yet as well as connect with other aficionados through the groups and events that are available on the app.

So far I am finding it very user friendly.  The design is simple and effective and the colors are attractive.  I don’t have a whole lot of reviews up yet, but I am looking forward to trying new tequilas and adding more.

If you’re already on the tequila matchmaker application for iPhone feel free to connect with us through the app.  My user name is Lisa Pietsch and Mike can be found in there under Mike Morales.  Feel free to leave your own user name in the comments below so we can connect with you on Tequila Matchmaker too!

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