Los Osuna’s Dream Maker

[From September 11 to October 2, 2016, Tequila Aficionado Media, sponsored by 34 expressions representing 21 brands, embarked on a monumental RV road show dubbed, The Heartland Tour.  In these next passages, we recount the historic–and epic–highlights.  *FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Dia de Los Muertos & Heartland Tour had to be vetted as Brand of Promise Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be on the tour.]

The Peculiarity of the North Star State

Los Osuna’s Dream Maker http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4xg

It’s a rarity to find a particular brand of distilled blue agave spirit that can trace its roots all the way back to 19th Century Mexico.

It’s quirkier still to discover blue agave spirits existing outside normal Denomination of Origins, whether they be Tequila or Mezcal.

But, the most bizarre factor to consider is to find both of these blue agave spirits for sale in–


Minnesota Loves Agave Spirits

With an avid cocktail and foodie culture, Minnesota has the distinction of being the only state to have two blue agave spirits from outside Tequila’s and Mezcal’s Denominations of Origin headquartered within its borders.Los Osuna’s Dream Maker http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4xg

Los Osuna Blue Agave Spirit is one of these.

Dream Maker

In talking with the silver haired, soft spoken Win Stephens, Managing Partner of importer and distributor WRS Imports of the blue agave spirit Los Osuna, you get the impression that he sincerely wants to help others attain their dreams.

A carpenter by trade, in 2009, he managed to help his son, Noah, in Denver, Colorado, to open Vert Kitchen, a French-style gourmet eatery specializing in local and organic healthy cuisine.

He is now aiding his other son, Reven, to build a thriving spirits importation and distribution company at WRS Imports, with Los Osuna as its flagship brand.

Wintering in Sinaloa, Mexico since the 90’s, Win met Sergio and Alfonso Pelayo Osuna, the 4th generation owners of the historic La Noria Vinata (distillery) through mutual friends.  It was then that he became enamored with Los Osuna.

Naturally curious, he investigated the vinata and discovered the vast history of the Osuna family, rivaling that of many of the Tequila Industry’s First Families.

Learning Curve

Los Osuna’s Dream Maker http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4xgWe met Win inside one of Barrio restaurant and tequila bars’ most vibrant and atmospheric locations in Edina, MN.

Over a heaping bowl of Barrio’s freshly made guacamole, and chicken tacos on home made tortillas, Win confessed that neither he nor Reven had had any experience in the liquor business prior to establishing WRS Imports, but were more than willing to learn as they went along.

With an overabundance of tequila brands in bars like Barrio, and the ever- increasing expansion of mezcal into the market, the window of opportunity could appear slim for other agave spirits.

Los Osuna’s Dream Maker http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4xg

Win admitted, though, that the most challenging obstacle to overcome is introducing Los Osuna to venues in the first place.

As a small, craft brand based in Minnesota, Win expounds on the challenges of the liquor business, particularly where distribution and pricing are concerned.

The Los Osuna Difference

Objections like “I’m trying to clear out old stock to make room for new juice,” or “I already have too many tequilas,” or, “Why is your ‘tequila’ different?” is heard over and over again.

[Tweet “@DrinkLosOsuna difference: Old skool blue agave spirit with history.”]

Even after explaining to potential customers that Los Osuna is more of an “old school” blue agave spirit with a long family history, it isn’t until the client gets a taste that he or she fully understands and appreciates the quality and potential of Los Osuna.

Here, Win describes the elements that go into Los Osuna blanco and how they prefer to rest it for 90 days in stainless steel tanks, then, another 90 days in the bottle before shipping.

Since 2009, the Los Osuna family has been working with renowned chemical engineer, Ingeniero Leopoldo Solis, the innovator behind the Mozart Method.

It’s a technique whereby classical music is played during the fermentation process to design some of the most sought after tequilas ever made, Cabeza, ArteNOM 1414 and Muchoté among them.

Los Osuna’s Dream Maker http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4xg

The Los Osuna reposado expression is rested 9-11 months and was a Double Gold Medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, also in 2009.

Win explains how Los Osuna añejo is rested in number two charred virgin white oak barrels from Missouri.  It is actually a blend of 2½ and 3 year añejos.

Los Osuna’s 5 Year Plan

Through key social and business connections, WRS Imports has been able to make significant inroads into the acute bar and restaurant community of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Cautiously optimistic about Los Osuna’s future in other states, Win Stephens expects big things for the brand in the coming months.

One Thing

Win divulges the one thing that he wants all agave aficionados to know about Los Osuna.

 Making the Dream A Reality

Under the sincere guidance of the Stephenses and Ing. Leopoldo Solis, along with more new additions coming from the Osuna Pelayo family, Los Osuna Blue Agave Spirit is poised to ride the wave of the current craft spirits craze far into the foreseeable future.

Los Osuna’s Dream Maker http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4xg


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The Top 20 Craft Tequilas You’ve Overlooked

USA_Today_comIn early August of 2016, I received an email from USA Today asking me to weigh in on their craft spirits-themed Readers’ Choice contests, and in our case (at press time), the soon-to-be-launched craft tequilas list.

I’ll be honest, I dread these lists.  What’s worse is, I dread being asked to participate in compiling them.

Let me tell you why.

It’s A List

In the Digital Age, everyone wants things in bite sized form and they want it now.  It is also proven that numbered lists draw attention.  And, there are so many of them out there on the Interwebs–

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover…

The 10 Best Ways to Cheat On Your Mate…

Six Ways Your Cat Plots to Kill You…

A Word About Your Sins

Ever wonder why those numbered titles are so enticing?7-deadly-sins

It’s because they are aimed at the 7 Deadly Sins.

A steadfast rule of copywriters is to compose content that elicits an emotional response from readers to take action.

To drive your particular sin even further to cause you to read the content, the word YOU is hammered into every title.

[Editor’s note:  See what I did with my title?  You choose which sin fits best for YOU.]

Craft Is A Buzzword

As we thoroughly examined in our reports, Craft Tequila:  WTF Does That Mean? Parts 1 and 2, the term craft has been kidnapped by marketers writing fancy copy to confuse the consumer.

Only 10?

gato sorprendido

While the instructions in the email required at least 20 selections from me, the contest will butcher the selections down to only 10–

Selected by those who are unaware of what a craft tequila really is, and…

Curated by someone whose job it is to find ways to engage USA Today’s readers.

It’s A Contest

check-list-red-wfjgrkbmmkvlWhen our COO, Lisa Pietsch, examined the contest website and the myriad of other pre-existing lists, she found that this is a clever way for USA Today to increase reader engagement.

Reader engagement translates to readers’ time spent on USA Today’s mammoth website, which in turn translates to money they charge advertisers.

The term we use is “sticky” as in spider’s web sticky.

Which leads me to–

Paid Advertisers 

Having been paid to ghost write Editor’s Choice lists in the past, I am fully aware that many times, spirits sponsors of major magazines and websites tend to sneak onto them.

This, despite my vehement objections to the editors that such a move invalidates the list altogether.

So, before any of the Usual Suspects wind up on USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards Craft Tequilas list, here are my selections.  Bear in mind, I was limited to only twenty brands.

The Top 20 Craft Tequilas You’ve Overlooked

In no particular order…

  1. Fortaleza
  2. T1 Tequila Uno
  3. Tears of Llorana
  4. Suerte
  5. Siembra Azul
  6. Siembra Valles
  7. Tapatio
  8. Tequila G4
  9. ArteNOM 1414
  10. ArteNOM 1580
  11. ArteNOM 1146
  12. ArteNOM 1549
  13. Trianon
  14. Pasote
  15. Embajador
  16. Alquimia
  17. DesMaDre
  18. Dulce Vida
  19. Don Fulano
  20. IXA

The Fallout


Whether any of my selections make the cut, remains to be seen.

Depending on who the other “tequila experts” were that contributed to the final list to be voted on, the results, if nothing else, should be interesting.

One thing is for certain–

Not everyone will be happy.


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