Mexican Tequila to Take on Sake in Asian Market

Must Love, tequila, asian, MEXICO CITY, Jul 15, 2002 (Notimex/Corporate Mexico by Internet Securities, Inc. via COMTEX) — Mexican tequila is preparing to take on sake and other traditional Asian drinks as demand for the Mexican drink grows on that continent. Tequila producers accompanied Jalisco state Governor Francisco Ramírez on a tour in Asia to explore business opportunities in five Southeast Asian countries.

“The number of inhabitants makes the Asian market potentially the largest in the world,” said Ramón Yañez, president of the Tequila Regulation Council. To counteract tequila’s low profile in this part of the world, Yañez said producers would make a large publicity effort to introduce Asians to the Mexican liquor.

Currently, 50% of Mexican tequila is consumed in Mexico. The rest is exported: 80% to the United States, 15% to Europe, and the rest to other regions. Yañez predicted the industry would produce some 130 million liters of tequila this year.


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