Goza Blanco Tequila Review [Transcript]

Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Blanco with Transcript https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5GA ALEX: You are watching Sipping Off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com. Also, probably Youtube, on our Youtube Channel. I’m Alex Perez.


MIKE: I’m Mike Morales, here in beautiful San Antonio, where the surf meets the turf. *laughing*


ALEX: Nice.


MIKE: And Alex, you just returned from Habana, is that it? Or…? *laughing*


ALEX: Uh… soon, soon.


MIKE:  Flor de la suerte. We’re not going to do any rum tonight, thank goodness, but we are doing Goza Tequila.


ALEX: Goza Tequila.


MIKE: Vamos a gozar esta noche. We are going to have a good time.


ALEX: (laughing)


MIKE: Look at the – look at the – look at this packaging, Alex.


ALEX: It’s a good-looking bottle, yeah.


MIKE: Yeah. They, they’re very – if you look at the Day of the Dead symbol there, you know. It’s got some wings on it. Beautiful coloring too, the blanco has blue you’ll see the repo and the anejo later on, we’re going to be doing those. These – this particular company, Alex, this brand is based in Georgia.


ALEX: Georgia?


MIKE: In Atlanta. Which – don’t laugh! The South, the South-East is becoming a quiet little hot bed for tequila.


ALEX: Really?


MIKE. We’re talking about Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, of course, and all points in between. So, these are – the owner is Mr. Gluck, I – did we say Jacob Gluck, I think? Is the gentleman who’s the CEO. Look at the POS on this too, isn’t that cool?


ALEX: Good looking stuff.


MIKE: Yeah, very nicely done, Jacob Gluck.


ALEX: Alright the cocktails, got some cocktails on there.


MIKE: Yeah, you got some cocktails. They spared no expense for some very, very nice point of sale material. And we’re going to be doing the blanco this evening. This is the distillery, just so we can get that information out. We – Alex, you and I have had tequila from 1479 before.


ALEX: That’s right.


MIKE: And you might remember this was early on in our SOTC we did Nuestro Orgullo Tequila.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Blanco with Transcript https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5GA


ALEX: I remember that.


MIKE: And this is from the same distillery. We loved it! We love the blanco, I think at some point they may have had a problem with the reposado and the anejo, Nuestro Orgullo, but this is a brand-new recipe with Goza.


ALEX: Awesome.


MIKE: These guys, they’re 3 young guys who went out and just, you know, took the bull by the horns. You can find them online.


ALEX: Yep, they got a –


MIKE: Facebook, they’re also on Twitter and Instagram. Follow them on Instagram! There’s beautiful photography that they’re doing, and some really neat stuff.


ALEX: They got a nice-looking website too.


MIKE: Yeah, the website’s – everything that they’ve done has been first class, it really has. And they’re stuff is not boring to read. Off camera, Alex was reading: ‘Well, what do you know, somebody’s reading a brochure about tequila’. That’s how it starts.


ALEX: *laughing*


MIKE: So, these guys obviously have a sense of humor, right? And they have some nice table tents, too. If you’re ever in a restaurant down below. As a matter of fact, if you’re watching this, and you’re watching in the Southeast, and you’ve had Goza, don’t be afraid – subscribe to our YouTube channel down below and give us your comments. Tell us how you like this tequila, what you like about it, what you don’t like – if you’ve met the owners themselves. We’re going to tell you what we think right now.


ALEX: Yeah, or where you found it! We’d love to know where you found it; was your experience in a restaurant, bar.


MIKE: Was it a flight…


ALEX: Very cool.


MIKE: …was it part of a cocktail, you know.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Blanco with Transcript https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5GA




*MIKE: Wow.


ALEX: They got a good-looking cocktail on their website I’d like to try.


MIKE: Which one?


ALEX: It’s their Mayan Mule.


MIKE: The Mayan Mule?


ALEX: So, we’ve got Ginger beer, we’re obviously with some lime juice – with some juice of lime – or lime, some fresh squeezed lime.


MIKE: That’s easy for you to say! *laughing*


ALEX: Some tequila and a couple dashes of mangos, true or bitter. So…hey! Very nice!


MIKE: Mule! The Mule, sounds like it’ll have a kick to it.


ALEX: Yeah, it’s got a – obviously it’s clear.


MIKE: I really like the – when I, when we had Nuestro Orgullo from that same distillery, I really enjoyed the blanco, it was a real kick-butt blanco. And this one is almost as pristine. Nice legs too, Alex.


ALEX: Yeah, it really is.


MIKE: Nice legs on this one.


ALEX: It is chiny.


ALEX: And this one, as soon as I poured it, coming out of the bottle into the glass, you can get a real nice bouquet.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Blanco with Transcript https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5GA

ALEX: The roasted agave, I get a lot of roasted agave on the nose.


MIKE: Yeah.


ALEX: And some hot pepper too… Or white pepper, I should say.



ALEX: So, it’s got a pleasant nose. You can tell there’s some good alcohol content in there too.

MIKE: Yeah, there is. It already, it already, it’s aggressive on the nose, and you know, I – it’s an aggressive nose so be aware of that.





ALEX: Mmm.


*growling noises*


ALEX: That’s nice, Mike.


MIKE: (spits) Excuse me. We do use spit buckets here, boys and girls. We do several of these a night, and to do this properly, you don’t want to drink anything. Not all the ones that we do all night long, so, spitting is allowed.


ALEX: It’s got a really nice mouth feel.


MIKE: It’s got a heavy structure, really, it really – the little bit that I tasted, it’s got… I want to say, like a caramelized agave? Maybe?


ALEX: I think you’re probably – it’s like a little hint of vanilla in there.


MIKE: That’s, maybe that’s what it is.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Blanco with Transcript https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5GA


ALEX: Right on the sides of my tongue.




MIKE: Alex, it’s got a big strong finish, too.


ALEX: Yeah, which is unusual, because it’s not an aged tequila.


MIKE: No, no.


ALEX: It’s very pleasant.


MIKE: It’s double distilled. As they say in the back: a little goes a long way! They’ve been doing a lot of their own promo videos on Instagram lately. They’re rather funny. They interviewed 9 women. They gave them, they gave them bottles of Goza and the gals would tell us, they would tell them what tequila means to them, or what it makes them do.


ALEX: Ohh!


MIKE: And it doesn’t make them, you know, it doesn’t make your clothes fall off or anything like that. They’re actually very, very funny. So, you might want to check them out on their Instagram, and also probably on their Youtube channel as well.


*smelling & tasting*


MIKE: I like this, Alex. This is really a nice – you know, the fact that they have so many cocktails listed, and – you know, that seems to be if you look at the graphics, it seems to be where they were headed to begin with.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Blanco with Transcript https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5GA


ALEX: Right.


Mike: They were really cocktail-conscious. And really, in the South, from what I’ve seen from all indications, the cocktail culture is really leading the way in that area, and these guys just jumped on it, you know. Jacob and his partners jumped on that idea. They had the Goza Gimlet, the Blank Stare, wow. The Old-Fashioned-ish, Goza Nuts, and the Skinny Dip. These guys, I’m telling you, these guys have it right; they’re having fun. If you look at their, again, if you look at their Instagram or their Facebook, they do a lot of things. They’re having a lot of fun with their brand, and obviously Alex, that seems to break down a lot of barriers, you know, where that’s concerned. But really, it’s a first class look.


ALEX: Yep.


MIKE:  I want to nominate it just on looks alone, Alex. Just on the, on packaging for a Brands of Promise, I think they’re just gorgeous bottles. They’re frosted, they’re, you know – If you look at some of the pictures, they look great with a bottle glorifier on the bottom.


ALEX:  Oh yeah, that would look neat.


MIKE: Yeah, so…


ALEX: Let’s try it!


MIKE: Yeah – Let’s do it!


ALEX: *laughing* You knew I was going to do that.


MIKE: I know. Go! Do the music. You got to do the music! *laughing*


ALEX: I got the music. There you go!


MIKE: Check it out! ¡Mira!


ALEX: IPhone glorifier!


MIKE: IPhone glorifier!


ALEX: It’s a go! No trouble with you.


MIKE: This is a, it’s got really medium to long finish. But I – I’m enjoying it, Alex. I think that blanco on its own, because of the flavor profile, and it will lend itself – Yeah, they send us a lot of the extra stuff.


ALEX: It’s a, it’s a nice sipper, too Mike.


MIKE: Check it out, mira!


ALEX: I’d like – I’d like to nominate it as a Brand of Promise.


MIKE: The Goza shot glass. I agree with you, I think it is very worthy of a Brand of Promise. It’s a very, very strong contender.


ALEX: Actually, it’s evolving a little bit in the glass, too.


MIKE: I get all kinds of things in here. I was getting like I say, a caramelized agave, almost like a burnt agave a little bit.


ALEX: Like you said, on the palate you’re getting a little touch of vanilla, some fruit also. I can’t…


MIKE: Yeah.


ALEX: I can’t pinpoint it but…


MIKE: But then you’re right about the white pepper. Then that’s on the back end.


ALEX: Right.


MIKE: So, you’re getting that on the back end. It’s a, you know what, it’s a full bodied blanco, man.Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Blanco with Transcript https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5GA


ALEX: Yeah.


MIKE: This is a full body blanco. Obviously, it will shine on any cocktail, but like you said Alex, I think it’s a very worthy sipper, so… Brand of Promise I think, Brand of Promise Nominee. I want to nominate it also for packaging. Because I think it really really lends itself to the club scene.


ALEX: My bottle lights up.


MIKE: Your bottle – yeah, well, some of us don’t have iPhones. *laughing*


ALEX: *laughing* Good stuff.


MIKE: Anyhow, I’m Mike Morales here in San Antonio.


ALEX: I’m Alex Perez, you’ve been watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila Aficionado.com. You’re probably watching us on Youtube. Subscribe to us, let us know what you think about Goza Tequila. We’d love to hear about it. And as always, sip wisely.



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Terraneo Organic Silver Tequila Review

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Intense, open, pleasant, and of definite character, that is Terraneo Tequila. A premium tequila whose flavor is the result of the richness of minerals, climate, and elevation that distinguishes the land in which the agaves sprout: Jalisco.

These factors, along with a careful cultivation process that preserves its natural habitat and a process that follows the original method of producing tequila, make Terraneo Tequila an emblematic, memorable, authentic expression.


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Titanium Blanco Tequila Review

In this episode of Sipping Off the Cuff, Mike Morales and Rick Levy revisit the newly redesigned Titanium Tequila Blanco.

From the Titanium Tequila Wesbite:

Our tequilas begin with the world’s finest 100% tequilana blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jaslisco, Mexico.

Each of our agave plants are hand selected at the peak of their maturity full of sweetness and robust flavor. After harvesting the agave our jimadors carefully cut the agave down to the “piña”, or heart, leaving only the purest part of the agave plant for our tequila’s. Our agave is the highest quality agave found in the world creating a tequila like no other.

Our piña is then slowly roasted in a stainless steel autoclave. this cooking process is important in allowing for a consistent, sweet, and rich piña ready for fermenting as well as ensuring a clean outcome minimizing any possible bacteria build up. After roasting the piña is then shredded and juices extracted for fermenting.

Next is the fermenting which is done in an open air environment. This process is unrushed with a special strand of yeast added to control and create a consistently high quality spirit. The result is a luxurious, robust tequila ready for distillation. The tequila is then twice distilled in pot stills creating the finest small batch tequila available today.

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Find Titanium Tequila online on Faceebook | Twitter | Instagram


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From the Don Pilar website

A blanco tequila is unaged and clear—the distilled essence of the agave plant.

Our master distillers insist on serenading the agave must with Baroque music during the 200 hours of fermentation to coax the conversion from sugar-to-alcohol.

Don Pilar’s Blanco has a wonderfully fragrant profile and a refreshingly clean finish.


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FTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.

Amorada Blanco
The pure essence of agave gives way to subtle pineapple and earth with pepper and vegetable lingering momentarily. In classic blanco style, this Tequila is unaged.


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Embajador Blanco Tequila Review [Transcript]

Watch the original video review here.
Sipping Off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Blanco [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4VF

Alex Perez:  I am Alex Perez

Mike Morales:  I am Mike Morales

Alex Perez:  And you are watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com.

Mike Morales:  What have we got tonight?

Alex Perez:  It looks like the Tequila bottles are taking over the set.

Mike Morales:  Do you get the feeling that we are getting crowded out by some beautiful Tequila.

Alex Perez:  We are getting crowded

Mike Morales:  Take a look at the presentation, this is by the way, Embajador Tequila

Alex Perez:  Beautiful presentation

Mike Morales:  Beautiful presentation, for those of you who are Espanically impaired, it means ambassador Tequila.  As we go through this tasting, we will give you some idea of what the graphics are all about.  But take a look at, we have all 3 varieties, we have all 3 marks.  We are going to do each of these individually.  But, we wanted to show it all to get a good look at what the bottles will look like.

Alex Perez:  Let us focus on, El blanco

Mike Morales:  El blanco.

Mike Morales:  Every box has a story of where the symbols come from, what they are all about.  This is a family owned brand.  Everybody involved in this brand is family.  I have met the young couple that, Andres Garcia and his wife that are distributing and importing.  Andres has an alcohol background, worked for a distributor in Southern California.  His wife’s family are involved in this Tequila.  And so, he is again, on the grassroots with this particular brand.

But, take a look at that presentation.

Alex Perez:  Presentation, it is awesome. It’s awesome.

Mike Morales:  Isn’t that beautiful, very substantial bottle.

Alex Perez:  Heavy duty bottle, yeah.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Blanco [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4VFMike Morales:  Synthetic cork, and the blanco, just to give you some information on this, it is from Atotonilco, so it is a highlands Tequila from 1509.  My understanding when I spoke to the young couple, that at one point they were in conversations with Maria Romero Mena who is a wonderful Maestra Tequilera.  I am not sure if she is working with them, but she has scrutinised this Tequila.

So, they had a lot of promise, so we have pre-poured the blanco.  The interesting thing is, double distilled blanco.

Alex Perez:  Double distilled.

Mike Morales:  They rest it in stainless steel tanks, so it is rested about 40 days before they decide to bottle it.  We are going to take a look at it now.  It is very clean.  It is a nice clean blanco, as you can see from the bottle.  You will be able to tell what you are getting when you take a look at this bottle.

The decals, the graphics are of course applied decals.  And,

Alex Perez:  Good looking

Mike Morales:  Very nice tears, very simple.  Oh, yeah very nice.

Alex Perez:  Smells good.

Mike Morales:  It has got some rich tears.

Alex Perez:  Yeah, I am sorry, I am past the tears already, but yes it does.

Mike Morales:  Looks nice.

Alex Perez:  It has got some good clarity in it.  Yeah, has got some nice thick tears.  And the nose on this is very…

Mike Morales:  Wow, wow, wow, that is different.  It is really aromatic.  But, you know it is a highlands Tequila so it will be floral, the notes tell us that this is.

Alex Perez:  You’re lost Mike, you are lost here.

Mike Morales:  There are herbal notes, yeah I am a little lost, but, I think I am enchanted by the notes.

Alex Perez:  What is nice, they sent us some good information.  They were pretty well prepared on what they are doing.  But,

Mike Morales:  This is a single estate Tequila also,

Alex Perez:  Single estate Tequila, it is a very refined nose.  Get some hints of herbs, ooh, I have got a little bit of mint.  Which they do say, it has got some mint in there.

Mike Morales:  Fruits, floral and herbs and I got some citrus in it at the beginning and now I am getting some flowers.

Alex Perez:  It is a real complex nose, wow.  You should try this when you are sipping Tequilas especially in a glass like this.  You definitely want to, you know, you tip the glass all three ways and do the funny stuff that Mike is doing right now.

Mike Morales:  I go left brain, right brain, so, you will see me switch from one side to the other.

Alex Perez:  And you will really be able to get the nuances, because sometimes you will say, “yeah, we can smell this” and you are like, “what?”

And that is because we are really seeking for any type of nuance that we can find and announce.

Mike Morales:  This glass that we are using, really lends itself to be able to turn sideways almost flat.  Because at times, it is really what it takes to get something from the layers of the Tequila depending on the complexity.

Alex Perez:  And so that isSipping Off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Blanco [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4VF

Mike Morales:  Do not be afraid to

Alex Perez:  It is a very refreshing nose.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, wow!

Alex Perez:  Like a real fresh clean nose.

Mike Morales:  It is bright.

Alex Perez:  Citrus, yeah, citrus.

Mike Morales:  it is really bright.

Alex Perez:  Citrus.

Mike Morales:  I am tasting it.

Alex Perez:  Yeah, my mouth is actually watering.  Wow, spittoon.

Mike Morales:  I am sorry, we are spitting as is our custom.  We are doing a lot of these tonight and if you are doing flights at home, we recommend that you do not be afraid to spit and sip and spit.

Mike Morales:  There is like a herbal circus in my mouth, man.  There is some really neat stuff going on in there.  The complexity of the nose really translates to the mouth.

Alex Perez:  There is a lot going on in there.

Mike Morales:  There is a complexity with this Tequila

Alex Perez:  I am trying to pinpoint the different flavors there in my mouth.  It is very pleasant, like really coats the palate very well.  It has almost like a sweet taste to it.

Mike Morales:  Little bit of cinnamon, I am getting on the flavor profile.

Alex Perez:  On the hot side.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I am not getting much pepper, but I am getting cinnamon.

Alex Perez:  I got some sweetness on my palate.  Very pleasant blanco.

Mike Morales:  Wow, I am impressed.

Alex Perez:  It is very nice, I am excited to taste their other flavors.

Mike Morales:  Yeah this is again, it is a family run business.  Family owned brand, everybody involved from Andres’s wife, to the people that handle their social media, is all family.  Every symbol that you see on the bottle represents something that the family has used as their trademarks.  For instance, the eye here you see, right up in there.  Maybe you will be able to see it if I can get any closer.  That is called the, yeah the eye is a branding iron symbol created by the owner’s grandfather in the 1930’s to brand his cattle.

So, you see the feathers here, they call it the pinachos, is a headgear that is made of feathers and it is worn among the indigenous people of Mexico.  So, it distinguishes the upper classes.  So, right away you know where they want to place this Tequila.

And of course, this is the version of Mayahuel in the back and we all know that she is the goddess of, you know, fertility and representative of agave in general.  This is 100% agave Tequila folks.

It is a nice, nice presentation, very elegant bottle, very substantial and the Tequila, I think is very substantial also.

Alex Perez:  It is an excellent blanco.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, I think it is a Brand of Promise for Tequila Aficionado.

Alex Perez:  Most definitely.

Mike Morales:  I am very impressed, this is a, I think it is really a good representative of the Atotonilco area.  So, if you see this brand, I know it is available, hopefully soon in Southern California.  I believe it is available in Texas also and if I am not mistaken, Arizona as well.

So, it is a growing brand, support these people, take a look at them on facebook and Twitter.  Really exciting, I am excited.

Alex Perez:  I like it.

Mike Morales:  I am really pleasantly surprised, and I am Mike Morales.

Alex Perez:  And Alex Perez, look for Embajador Tequila out there and you have been watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com.  And, as always, sip wisely.

Sipping off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Reposado

Sipping off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Anejo

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Suggested retail price is $19.99-$21.99
There are currently no plans for a reposado or anejo.

FTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.


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El Consuelo Blanco Tequila Review [Transcript]

Watch the original video review here.

Mike: You are watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com.  I’m Mike Morales and that gentleman over there…

Rick: Rick Levy in San Diego.

Mike: I’m here in San Antonio.  We’re enjoying a respite from the heat wave.  We’ve actually had rain the last 2 days, which is nice.

Rick: The heat has moved out here.

Mike: Oh, really is it hot out there?

Rick: Little over 100 outside the house.

Mike: Wow, you don’t have air-conditioning in San Diego as I remember.

Rick: Yeah. Yeah.  Most people have it now.

Mike: Oh, really?  When I lived in Rancho Penasquitos up a little higher we didn’t have a need to air-conditioning because in the summer if it gets to hot you get that ocean breeze that comes all the way inland.

Rick: Yeah.

Mike: And it was nice; it was, you know, not here in Texas.

Rick: This house didn’t have it when we bought the house.

Mike: Well, then enjoy it.  By Thursday we should have it back I think.  I’m excited, dude, this is going to be your first, this is a brand new Tequila that just contacted us.  It’s called El Consuelo and the neat part about this, Rick, is that it’s organic and its kosher. I don’t know if you can see that down in there but that’s the organic and kosher seal.

Rick: USDA and is it Bioagricert?

Mike: Yeah, it’s Bioagricert and right now I think they are the only one in town but I understand that the CRT will soon be getting involved in certifying tequila. I’m not sure how that’s going to work, it will be interesting whether that becomes a reality at the end of the year.  Who knows? But for now, they were really cool.  They sent us information on the tequila.  I want to make sure.  Certified by, no, not Bioagricert its Mayacert.

Rick: Ah.

Mike: I have never heard of Mayacert, I’m going to do a little research on this one for my own sake, Mayacert that’s interesting.  It is organic however and it is or at least it’s being recognised as organic and it’s also kosher.

Rick: So that’s some information on their website too.  So you can use Jalapeño water as insecticide around their base so you know.*

* Pepper infused water is NOT used as an insecticide on El Consuelo’s agaves.  This is a website error.  No insecticides are used on the El Consuelo agaves.

Mike: Yeah, yeah.

Rick: Repels insects rather than using industrial chemicals.

Mike: Well you know they were nice enough to send us information, basically a press release with a lot of stuff in it from James Goll, who I believe is the 24 Group PR.

Rick: Well the company that produces the tequila is called tequila spirits LLC.

Mike: Right.

Rick: And then James Goll is the 24 Group PR marketing contact.

Mike: Ok. You know they reached out to us and bingo we got tequila.  I like their bottle it’s just a real simple bottle and it’s got a wood cork.

Rick: Yeah.

Mike: It’s a wood topper.

Rick: Natural cork.

Mike: Natural cork too, check that out.

Rick: It did leak a little when I got the bottle.

Mike: Yeah and you know when we got it, it was over a 100 degrees when we got our sample so we had a little bit of leakage. I’m going to use my Glencairn glass tonight, my little copita which I seem to really enjoy, look at that.

Rick: That’s a hefty pourer there.

Mike: That’s ok, it’s not like it’s going to go to waste.

Rick: Pay no attention to the man behind the wheel.

Mike: Yeah, (laughter) nice legs and tears, really.  I don’t know if you can see this, my lighting here is not the best but it pours really nicely, pretty pretty legs and tears, nothing runny, not too clingy.  The bottle itself, if you look at the bottle it’s got that hammered look.  I think, you haven’t had it yet Rick, but Papa Bueno Tequila comes in a bottle that’s got that hammered look, it looks like its hand blown.

Rick: It’s got that same texture to the glass as well.

Mike: Yeah, I like calling it that hammered metal, it’s got that hammered metal look to it but its glass. Really nice.  It handles nicely. It’s a nice bottle to pour from, really old school look at it.  Now what they said in the press material is that they’re using Webber agaves sourced from Jalisco in the Mexican region of Tequila which, if you read that correctly, if you take it word for word, it sounds like they’re using lowlands tequila at this distillery

Rick: 1570.

Mike: Yeah its 1570.

Rick: And it’s in Atotonilco.

Mike: I was probably just down the road from there when we visited Embahador but that’s a highlands distillery.

Rick: But on the bottle it says release out to the world.

Mike: Yeah, but their press material it says something else and so it’s a little confusing.

Rick: PR firms.

Mike: It’s press you know, so we will assume that they are using highlands tequila or highlands agaves.

Rick: It said on the website that they are using agaves from Altos.

Mike: Oh good. Ok.

Rick: It says they are 8 to 9 years old, organic, and are trimmed close when they harvest them.

Mike: Ok, we did not get, and I’m not even sure if they are available yet, Reposado and Anejo.  It seems like they are going to go way traditional with this.  The reposado was supposed to be six months aged and the anejo aged for 12 months.  Both are aged in cognac barrels* so it will be kind of nice to be able to taste those aged varietals.

*El Consuelo is not aged in cognac barrels.  El Consuelo ages their Reposado and Anejo in once-used Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels.

Rick: Check that out, on their website they have some contradictory information.

Mike: What do they say on the website?

Rick: They said that the reposado was aged 11 months and that the anejo was 24 months and in those they also used, in addition to cognac, American Whiskey barrels.*

*This too is incorrect.  Cognac barrels are not used at all.

Mike: Well who do we believe?

Rick: I don’t know they will just have to send us the juice and let us decide.

Mike: That’s OK.  This is the start of it, so obviously you know the Blanco is the root of all good or evil.  I like the smell.  Its got that nice fruity, floral smell right on the tip of the nose.  You don’t even have to go dig very deep, very far, for it.

Rick: Right. Very fresh.

Mike: It’s a beautiful aroma.

Rick: Yeah and then you know I just cracked the seal on this today and nothing weird was coming off the top.  It didn’t need to oxidise or open up or anything.

Mike: No its very clean.  Very, very clean smelling. Obviously you can see the legs and tears off of my glass.  It’s perfect.  There is nothing that says this isn’t going to be good for you.

Rick: Yeah, and you know in their materials they really boast about doing everything in a traditional way, so you know I looked into it a little bit more.  They are using masonry ovens for extraction.  I was glad to see.  I loved this.  I see for their fermentation they are using a natural open air fermentation process and they are using stainless vats.  They also say they are using a proprietary exclusive yeast, so its exclusive to El Consuelo.

Mike: Well you know what that means right?

Rick: No.

Mike: When they say proprietary, you know the first thing that comes into my head is that this is a yeast that is coming from their own agaves.  It doesn’t say that they are estate grown agaves so I’m assuming that they are using yeast from agaves that they purchase and that’s the yeast that they are using.

Rick: So natural yeast from the plants that they are distilling, of course.

Mike: Right. Generally when you hear that it is because they are estate owned and then they produce their own yeast from their own plants and at least that’s the way I interpreted it.  I could be wrong.  They could be using, I don’t know, a Champaign yeast, but it doesn’t smell like it.  It smells just, you know, if anything I get some citrus notes on it.

Rick: You know that.

Mike: That lime zest. I’m getting lime zest again; I’m going to dig in here. Wow.

Rick: Ah, that’s just excellent.  I can’t find anything that I can…

Mike: Nothing to complain about.

Rick: There is nothing, there is nothing off, nothing strange, nothing peculiar its just wow, its luscious.

Mike: It’s not beefy either, it’s got a great finish.  You notice that finish lingers; it’s a lingering finish, a medium to long finish.

Rick: Yeah, I’m getting that great pepper sensation around the outside, the tongue and back of palate.

Mike: Yeah, this is a star man; this is a stellar, stellar stuff.

Rick: Well it’s great to see, you know, because they seem to really be something.  When I was looking at the website they were really pushing about how they are interested in their commitment to sustainability, social consciousness, and they say stuff like additive free with pure ingredients, with methods passed down through generations of Mexican farmers; their commitment to sustainability, social consciousness, for their farmers and their communities so it really seems like they are trying to develop a partnership with the growers and the distillery.

Mike: It’s their method, like you said, the method where they use the *habanero peppered water to ward off insects rather than pesticides.

* Pepper infused water is NOT used as an insecticide on El Consuelo’s agaves.  This is a website error.  No insecticides are used on the El Consuelo agaves.


Mike: It’s really interesting. Having grown my own green chillies in new Mexico I can tell you that the bugs don’t like them, ants don’t like them, there is something the heat, the oils in the chilis.  It just naturally doesn’t have, it’s not like a berry or a fruit when you have birds that will eat some of it or rabbits, nobody touches chili, they leave it alone so that’s kind of cool, that’s really neat they way they have gone to that.

Rick: And they also talk about their special bottling process.  I’m not sure how hard this is for the industry but they say that they wash their bottles; prior to bottling they wash their bottle in a tequila based solution.

Mike: Oh yeah.

Rick: Have you ever seen anything like that?

Mike: There are a few, as a matter of fact I just saw a video on facebook, I’m not exactly sure of the brand of the mezcal and they are showing you it’s a modern bottling facility but it only takes 3 bottles at a time which is kind of odd and they push it underneath the spouts.  The spouts flood, I mean literally wash the empty bottles before they are even filled and then they are turned over and drained like right away.  They move it over and then they are filled with the mescal.  I’m assuming it’s a similar process with the tequila but this was really a small bottling facility so I’m not sure.  I’ve never actually seen an automated bottling facility, but as far as I know, many of these bigger companies wash their bottles out this way.

Rick: This doesn’t seem to be a big distillery at all, it’s ALTOS CIENEGA UNIDOS.

Mike: You know I have my.

Rick: I think they only have 3 brands now the NOM started in June of 2010 and El Consuelo was one of the first marks listed with them but they are saying that El Consuelo was launched into 2016 but they also say that its rich in heritage but I’m not sure if they are saying that this is the process that they are using.

Mike: Yeah.

Rick: Or if this is previously brought up in Mexico and its now available in the US.

Mike: I think what happens is they’re taking some liberties with the information but, you know, the fact of the matter is they are making it in the old school way and you are right, I’m looking at the current NOM list, and from what I can see they have 4 brands that are coming out of there right now so um, that’s a good thing.

Rick: Yeah.

Mike: You know there.

Rick: My guess is that this NOM has been working with the folks behind El Consuelo the longest to make this happen but you know I’m glad they did this.  As you know, this is really what I love to see and you know I love the kind of citrus nose and feel.

Mike: I love that finish at the end too, you know it’s not all perfumes and flowers you know its once you inspect it.  You know you have had tequila and it’s not as much in your face as maybe some of the tequila’s we have had from Amatitan, but this is what its famous for.  I wouldn’t call it a typical tequila, there is not such thing to me, but if you are looking for a flavour profile that you are used to getting out of Highlands tequila then drink this one because its organic and small batch.  We were talking about the top 10 list for USA Today a little while ago.  Had we known these people had been around, they’re probably had to find right now, but maybe next time a list like that comes around, it could be available and in much larger qualities and added to that list.

Rick: Again let’s nominate them for Brand of Promise.

Mike: Nominated for Brand of Promise in the organic category, such a lovely tequila.  Congratulations to the company and everything that they are doing there.  Tequila Spirits LLC, I think is the owner of the brand and did you say that the company is going to come out with traditional spirits also?

Rick: Yeah, yeah, that because of their drive that they have for sustainability and social consciousness and the production process, they are also looking to release a rum, a vodka and a gin with that same kind of commitment.

Mike: Well there you go.

Rick: That’s great, it’s always wonderful to see people trying to do the right thing and producing something that really comes out great.

Mike: We are not sure what the price points will be or are on this tequila.  It’s a wait and see, but keep an eye out for it.  It’s called El Consuelo, I think you’re right, Brand of Promise for the Blanco.  So there you go, that’s our take on this tequila.  I’m Morales here in San Antonio.

Rick: Right, well I’m Rick Levy in San Diego.

Mike: And you’ve been watching Sipping off the Cuff on Tequila Aficionado Media, www.tequilaaficionado.com.  Please subscribe to the channel down below in the red button, you will be really, really happy and so will we.

Rick: Push red buttons.

Mike: Yeah, push that red button.  Well, as we like to say at Tequila Aficionado, “Tomar Sabiamente”.


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Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila

[From September 11 to October 2, 2016, Tequila Aficionado Media, sponsored by 34 expressions representing 21 brands, embarked on a monumental RV road show dubbed, The Heartland Tour.  In these next passages, we recount the historic–and epic–highlights.  *FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Dia de Los Muertos & Heartland Tour had to be vetted as Brand of Promise Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be on the tour.]

Jim of All Trades

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4x4

Jim Driscoll bubbles with excitement at the anticipation of talking about his newly retooled Demetrio tequila (NOM 1459) expressions.

A self-proclaimed type-A kind of guy, this dynamo has accomplished more than most of us will in our lifetimes–

Professional bull rider, golfer, mountain climber, sky diver, scuba diver, martial artist, (deep breath!)…

A certified small business coach, international speaker, and best selling author, with the dubious distinction of being thrown out of his Toastmasters Club for winning too often!

Jim is now the CEO of Ekeko Wine and Spirits which handles a portfolio of so many stellar award winners that they’re hard to keep track of.

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4x4

We met up with Jim at Doneraki restaurant in his home town of Houston during Tequila Aficionado’s 2016 Heartland Tour.

Here’s our visit with the irrepressible Jim Driscoll.

 Tequila Wasn’t on The Radar

Jim Driscoll, CEO of Ekeko Wines & Spirits explains how he came across Demetrio tequila.  Jim relays the story of Demetrio, and why it was important to him to partner with the producer of his tequila.

From Farm to Bottle

Jim discusses how he prefers his Demetrio blanco by starting with the estate grown agave and letting the jimadores choose the plants at their perfect ripeness.

In this way, the quality of Demetrio is controlled from farm to bottle.

The Pure Essence 

Jim reveals that the Mozart Method used in fermentation is a standard procedure in the rum industry, and is also applied to Demetrio tequila.

Jim continues to expound on what makes Demetrio different from other brands which includes double distillation, and double filtration, all in small batches.

The Demetrio Skinny Margarita Difference

Jim explains his strategy to corner the Houston Skinny Margarita market using Demetrio’s specific flavor profile.

Demetrio Plays Well with Others

Jim reveals how his master distiller was able to eliminate Demetrio’s original briney notes.

Driscoll then divulges why he pursued the allspice flavor in Demetrio reposado to pair perfectly with Cointreau in a margarita.

Demetrio Issues a Challange!

Jim discloses why Demetrio was resubmitted to Sipping Off The Cuff(c), and issues a challenge to other brands who have restructured their formulations.

The Perfect Marriage of Agave, Vanilla, and Oak

Quoting our founder, Alex Perez, Jim exposes the secrets behind Demetrio añejo.

Driscoll admits that he has the perfect tequilas for any occasion and summarizes the qualities of each of Demetrio’s expressions.

You Don’t Have to be A Rockefeller

Jim shares his philosophy on providing quality wines and spirits at affordable prices.

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4x4

Driscoll preaches that you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for fine tequilas, let alone extra añejos.

Then, he introduces Demetrio’s 5 year Extra Añejo for the first time.

Jim stresses that at Ekeko Wine & Spirits, they’re “Committed to bringing you ultra premium products without the ultra premium price.”

Toasting Demetrio’s 5 Year Extra Añejo

Jim Driscoll leads us in a toast to Demetrio’s 5 Year Extra Añejo.

In The Afterglow

Tequila Aficionado’s CMO, Lisa Pietsch, Jim Driscoll and myself are wowed by Demetrio’s Extra Añejo.

Jim concedes that his sample of the Demetrio Extra Añejo is in actuality a 4 year and a few months expression.

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4x4

He then announces that the 5 year version will be launched on January 7, 2017.

The Future of Demetrio

Jim conveys his plans for Demetrio’s expansion into other markets scheduled in 2017.

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Frida Kahlo Blanco Tequila Review

Mike & Alex taste and discuss Frida Kahlo Tequila Blanco.

FTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.

About Frida Kahlo Tequila 

Sipping off the Cuff | Frida Kahlo Blanco http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4F6Frida Kahlo Tequila Blanco is naturally fermented up to four days. The agave juices are then double distilled in antique copper stills and bottled un-aged. The result is smooth super-premium tequila that mixes perfectly with your favorite drink.Frida Kahlo Tequila is all-natural. No artificial ingredients are added to accelerate the fermentation process. Hand selected at the peak of maturity, the agave is slowed cooked inside an antique adobe brick oven; then steamed and cooled to remove any bitterness; and finally the agave is pressed to extract only the finest juices for am extra super-premium Tequila.


Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!