Republic Extra Anejo Tequila Review

Like the state it’s named after, Republic Tequila is crafted with passion and determination. Republic Tequila Extra Añejo is the crown jewel in our portfolio of celebrated tequilas. It is carefully distilled from mature blue agave, which is hand picked in the rugged fields of Jalisco, Mexico, where tequila originated. After distillation, Republic Tequila Extra Añejo is patiently aged in one of eight carefully selected charred oak bourbon barrels for over three years. The result is a tequila rich in color, with unparalleled smoothness and a flavor like no other. Each bottle is a salute to the fiercely independent character of the only state in America that was once its own nation. There is none finer. We invite you to come and take it.

Republic Anejo Tequila Review

Republic Añejo Tequila is aged for 17 months in American White Oak bourbon barrels, resulting in deep hues and perfect balance. Our Añejo’s smooth, oaky mouth-feel exhibits an extremely complex flavor profile that is bold enough to stand alone or be mixed for an exceptional, hearty cocktail.

Republic Reposado Tequila Review

Republic Reposado Tequila is aged for seven months in American White Oak bourbon barrels. This aging process allows the tequila to take on the complex characteristics of the oak barrels, while still keeping the sweet properties of the agave plant. Reposado starts with a burst of apple and eucalyptus, with a long finish of oak and mint.

Republic Plata Tequila Review

Republic Plata Tequila is unaged but allowed to rest three to five days after distillation. Aeration along with the resting period results in an ultra-smooth, clear spirit. With its silky feel, our herbal, spicy, sweet Plata is the ideal tequila for your favorite cocktail.

JLP Pomegranate Margarita Review

JLP Pomegranate Margaritas

Mike Morales and Lisa Pietsch get together for two very special episodes of Sipping Off the Cuff with JLP Margaritas.  If you’ve been following us, you know that we’ve awarded the Golden Lime Margarita a Gold Medal but this is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to taste the Strawberry and Pomegranate flavors.  Watch to see what we thought of the Pomegranate:

Sipping Off the Cuff | JLP Pomegranate Margaritas
Though our video was cut off before we could sign off, we agreed this was POMMETASTIC and worthy of a Brand of Promise Nomination.


We have confirmation from brand owner, Javier Martinez, JLP is NOT diffused tequila.  JLP is cooked in hornos de mamposteria for 72 hrs and then double column distilled.

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About JLP Tequila:

Sipping Off the Cuff | JLP Pomegranate Margaritas we call it JLP The Presidents Tequila?
Back in 1758, Jesus Lopez Y Galindo(JLP descendant), Governor of the Villa of Tequila in the Jalisco region, gave possession of a Hacienda to Jose Antonio Cuervo in the name of King Carlos III of Spain.
It was there that in 1795 Maria Magdalena Ignacio Cuervo married Vicente Albino Rojas(JLP descendant) and founded the distillery “La Rojena.” They would become the first to receive the official concession to produce Tequila-Wine on the land that is today known as Tequila, Jalisco. It was in the 19th Century that the family brought in a German agronomist by the name of Franz Weber(who married into JLP’s family) to classify the Agave plant. Today it is known as Agave Tequiliana Azul Weber, the foundation for all fine tequila.
With this rich heritage it was only fitting that JLP would develop his very own Tequila.

12 oz.can featuring JLP Blanco Tequila. 9% alcohol, non-carbonated.
Flavors: Golden Lime, Strawberry-Lime & Pomegranate.

JLP, is elaborated at Productos Finos de Agave, S.A. de C.V. NOM 1416
Denomination of Origin(DOT)138