Last Tequila Standing – A Groundbreaking Tequila Reality Show


A Tequila Reality Show?

last tequila standing, adan y eva, alderete, alma, alquimia, Azuñia, Casa ZG, Crótalo, cuestion, don pilar, ekeco, Mañana, nature's agave, Pavoneo, Quinta de Gomez, pavoneo, RiAzúl, Sal del Mar, senor rio, Silvercoin, tributo, Vida, casa zgIn 2011, a group of television professionals sought to create the first tequila reality show.  They called upon the industry expertise of then journalist and Editor at Tequila Aficionado, Mike Morales.  When production began, just under 20 tequila start ups vied to be crowned the Last Tequila Standing in the world’s first broadcast Tequila Reality Show.

What? No Tequila Shots?

The creators of Last Tequila Standing only filmed their pilot season back in 2011.  From there, in the old school way of doing things, they sought to sell the program to a television network.  But the Latino markets they were approaching had no love for a tequila show that didn’t include shots.  They felt the world, or at least their audiences, wasn’t ready for such a thing.

Tequila History Preserved

Here at Tequila Aficionado, we knew better.  After years of discussions, we were finally given access to most of the show’s recorded materials. As this was not a Tequila Aficionado Media Production, we don’t expect to see another season but we’re thrilled that we were able to preserve these tequilas’ stories, personalities, and cocktails for posterity here at Tequila Aficionado Media.
The litmus test for most tequila start-ups is five years.  If you can make it in this business for that long, you’re in it for the long haul.  We’re very happy to see that many of these then “start-ups” are alive and kicking down doors five years later in the industry today!

Watch the whole Last Tequila Standing series here:

Criteria for Participants

Adan y Eva Tequila
Alma Tequila
Alquimia Natural Margarita
Azunia Tequila
Crotalo Tequila
Cuestion Tequila
Don Pilar Tequila
Ekeco Tequila
Manana Tequila Perfect Margarita
Pavoneo Green & White
Quinta de Gomez Tequila
Riazul Tequila
Senor Rio Tequila
Silvercoin Tequila
Tequila Alderete
Tributo Tequila
Vida Tequila

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Last Tequila Standing: Casa ZG Sangrita


Casa ZG Sangrita

History of Sangrita

Sangrita has its origins more than 60 years ago, in the Lake Chapala region of Jalisco.

The first Sangrita was offered by the Sanchez family in their restaurant to accompany their home-made tequila; an artisanal tequila brewed according to traditional methods.

To lessen the impact of the strong smell and taste of the the home-made tequila, fresh orange slices, chile and salt were offered between tequila sips.

Over time, the juice of oranges, the chile and salt were combined to produce a drink whose red color would give it its legendary name, “Sangrita” (little blood).

Sangrita Now…

A new wave of tequilas were introduced in the 1990’s and with them an air of sophistication and a smoother taste. The experience of enjoying a tequila  is evolving from shooting a caballito to sipping it, there is no longer a need to lessen the impact and by slowing the process, Sangrita is becoming more of a companion to these new tequilas.

It has become an alternative beverage to enjoy. It is served in tequila flights, in cocktails, or in the most traditional manner, a “completo”. Sangrita will undoubtedly elevate your tequila experience.


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