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Have you been to Flasking.com?

Flasking.com is a new website offering hundreds of unique and limited-edition flasks, handcrafted by artists nationwide—with a style to suit every taste imaginable.  Flasks are priced from $18-$28. For Limited/Signed Editions, most are between $34-$54.


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L.A. entrepreneur Brad Copeland and his Flasking Krew are thoroughly reimagining the humble flask—an everyday object that hasn’t had an upgrade since Carry Nation was smashing it with her hatchet.

Now Copeland has put the plain flask on trial (really!) and found it guilty of aggravated assault (on drinkers’ refined senses), of unlawful impersonation (of a proper libation-storage device), and of human rights violations too numerous to name.

Flasking.com Puts a New Twist on the Old Flask

DNA_005-front Flasking.com offers hundreds of gorgeous handcrafted flasks in a range of sizes, designed by artists nationwide in a boundless array of styles.

Campy? Elegant? Madcap? Even a bit… bawdy? Yes, yes, yes, and goodness gracious, yes! Flasking.com flasks aren’t just for storage or cocktail delivery, they’re portable works of art—truly a product for the ages.

DNA_013-frontFlasking.com is where the good times never stop. They’re always happy to spread some cheer on their social media (see links below) channels. Exploring Flasking.com, you’ll find a brash, fun-filled flask-centric universe to enjoy—from useful tips and recipes like their signature “Pocket Cocktails” (crafted with a flask in mind) to “Flaskified Facts”—their madcap alt-universe exploration of Flasking history through the ages!

The plain silver flask is now an object of the past: nowhere but Flasking.com can you find signed and numbered flasks handcrafted by artists nationwide.

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DNA_034-frontEach one in their limited-edition line is the result of individual craftsmanship; these collectibles are therefore in extremely high demand.  They’re perfect for experienced flaskers and novices alike: anyone who wants to make a statement with a durable, beautifully designed piece of art that goes wherever they do. Break it out on Father’s Day, Fourth of July, the autumnal equinox, or anniversary of your first tipple. Or, you know, on Tequila Tuesday. (Tequila Tuesday being a very special day here at Tequila Aficionado.) Whenever the mood strikes, your flask will be there.

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Brad Copeland, Founder & CEO of Flasking.com

foam“It was deceptively simple,” says the Los Angeles-based Brad Copeland. “It started with a plain flask and an unformed idea, then became something much bigger.” With Flasking.com, Copeland’s vision is nothing less than the reinvention of camaraderie itself. Partnering with a large, eclectic group of artists, writers, and other creative types, Copeland has reimagined the basic drinking flask as art object, conversation piece, and—lest we forget—still the most practical, portable conveyance for beverages of all kinds. Copeland’s keen understanding of online marketing and commerce make Flasking.com the culmination of his business experience and a reflection of his celebratory outlook on life.

Brad’s Flask: Foam Sweet Foam. In Brad’s Flask: The “Pocket Paloma”: fine reposado tequila, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and soda water.

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