Aguila Real Blanco Tequila Review

Mike and Alex taste and discuss Aquila Real Tequila Plata, a taste profile unlike any other from Nom 1414.

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From Aguila Real Tequila Online:

blanco, aguila real THE BOTTLE AND DESIGN

The inspiration behind our uniquely shaped bottle was manifested in our quest to redefine the consumers view of tequila and bring the spirits category the acclamation it merits. With this vision in mind, we created a bottle manufactured by one of the world’s finest glass makers which is perfectly polished to showcase the true essence of tequila.


(“The Royal Eagle Shield“)
Our bottles are distinguished by a hand finished plated Eagle, which sits on its face and is made by one of the finest Mexican jewelers. A nickel satin finish is utilized on our Plata expression and a brass satin finish is utilized on our Reposado expression. Sparing no attention to detail, we incorporated a shield on the back side of the bottle to contribute to the esthetic of the creation of a perfectly centered Eagle in a shield, hence our brand name, Escudo Águila Real (Royal Eagle Shield).

The outline of the shield is decorated with Aztec hieroglyphics, whereupon the three steps shown represent the Eagle and the “S” shape represents the Serpent, hence the plated Eagle and Serpent on the front of our bottle.

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escudoaguilareal_logo, aguila realBoth the Plata and Reposado bottle cap are made by one of the finest Mexican jewelers. Using a hand finish and polish, the caps are distinguished by their nickel satin and brass satin finish, respectively. Both bottle caps are a one of a kind, two piece design, whereupon an actual Centennial coin sits on the cap.

In commemoration to great men who have enriched the culture, heritage and history of Mexico, our bottle cap will always have a limited edition quote in homage to these contributors.

Our current first edition quote “Prefiero morir de pies que vivír de rodillas” (“I prefer to die on my feet than live on my knees”), is our tribute to the great Mexican revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata.

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Our bottle contains no physical labels, with exception of the neck label which is waterproof and decorated with sculpted dye to accentuate our logo and our Eagle so that its details would be appreciated and felt by the consumer. We opted to bake both our front and back label directly into the bottle itself to protect the integrity of our design, keeping in mind the consumer may place the bottle in ice or in their freezer.

The bottle in its entirety is recyclable with exception of the plated Eagle and the bottle cap.




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