What is Tequila Aficionado’s “Open Bar”

c5557f7cd6005f56af323daf8ff76ad1Happy Chinese New Year!

We’ve spent the last 16 years creating a website and Sipping Off The Cuff© shows for your enjoyment and we see a great 2016 Sipping Off The Cuff season lining up.  Last year, during our Quincinera, we introduced Last Tequila Standing© to our stable of fine content.  We have even more in store as we add new shows and personalities in 2016.

What is Open Bar and what the hell are we doing?

Don’t worry, Sipping Off The Cuff isn’t going anywhere.  We’re simply taking advantage of new media (as we like to do at Tequila Aficionado) and creating the first of it’s kind Tequila Talk Show.  We see this as a great opportunity to connect with our audience (you) to find out more about what you’re looking for and what you want to talk about when it comes to tequila.  We’re also looking for new personalities to join our team and see this as an excellent way to audition new talent (so if you’d like to work for tequila that you may not be able to get in your home state, be sure to tune in and take a seat with us for a chat.

Open Bar is a live show that we’ll record every Monday on Blab.im at 7pm CST.  We hope you’ll join us for the live show, but if you miss it, you can always watch the replay on demand.

Here’s the replay of our first episode:


Our First Open Bar featured George Harris of FUBAR and Alien Tequilas


FUBAR Website: http://www.fubartequila.com/

Sipping off the Cuff with FUBAR: https://youtu.be/L8XhOTyL94Y

FUBAR exudes with sweet notes of stone fruit, cantaloupe and exotic caramelized orange that are accented with a hint of refreshing cucumber and mint… smooth, lingering and juicy on the palate, this Silver Tequila is the purest expression of agave, rounded with flavors of savory lemon/lime, wild flowers and herbs… Delicious undertones of chamomile, fennel seeds and a touch of white pepper spice makes this Premium Tequila perfect for sipping, mixing or the ultimate shot.

Stay tuned for future episodes of Open Bar!

Feb 15 Next week: Mardi Gras Special – Show us your booze!

Feb 22 National Margarita Day show & tell – What’s your favorite margarita/mix/recipe?


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Join Us for Our First Open Bar This Monday!

Open BarOpen Bar Happy Hour

Are you ready for this?

On Monday, February 8, 2016, Mike Morales and Lisa Pietsch broadcast live in a first of its kind tequila talk show called “Open Bar“.  We’ll be tasting FUBAR Tequila so be sure to get your bottle and be ready to talk about it!  While we’re tasting FUBAR, we’ll talk about some exciting features Tequila Aficionado has in store for you in 2016.  Tune in right here on on Blab.im at 7pm CST on Monday and spend your happy hour with Tequila Aficionado!

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rogue warrior, fubar, richard marcinko, breast cancer, pink camo, fubar tequilaRichard Marcinko “The Rogue Warrior” joins the war against cancer by introducing his new Pink Camo Bottle to battle Breast Cancer.  FUBAR Tequila will donate $2 of every bottle sold to the effort.

As Founder and Commander of Seal Team Six Marcinko formally created the team in October 1980 and then in 1984 he created RED CELL. During his two tours in Vietnam, Marcinko was awarded the Silver Star, four Bronze Stars with a Combat V, two Navy Commendation Medals and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star.

When asked about Breast Cancer, the Skipper said “This is just another battle…and we are going to win it.”



Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!

Fubar Tequila Review

B43pDmrCYAAlTxrMike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss the latest nominee for the 2014 Brands of Promise awards, Fubar Tequila.

We apologize for our video being FUBAR.

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Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!