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#TequilaChat on Tequila Tuesday

TequilaChat, #tequilachat, tequila aficionadoOn Tuesday, November 18th, we hosted our first Tequila Tuesday #TequilaChat on Twitter with Trianon Tequila.  Turnout was great and the conversation was even better!  Attendees had some great questions for Scotty Mattos and the folks at Trianon and we all learned a little more about this great “old school” tequila brand.

Trianon Tequila – The O.G. Tequila

trianon stack, TequilaChat, #tequilachat, tequila aficionado Trianon Triple, tequila aficionadoIf you missed our Sipping Off The Cuff reviews of Trianon Tequila, you can click on the links below and view them now:

Trianon BlancoTrianon ReposadoTrianon Anejo

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If you’d like to check out our conversation with Trainon Tequila, you can read it by rewinding our Twubs feed to November 18th.


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