Tequila Aficionado Media Unites with Disney’s Maker Studios!

Assembles Alliance with The Worldwide Leader in Short Form Video… 

For Immediate Release!

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September 12,2015, San Antonio, TX:  Tequila Aficionado Media has forged a strategic alliance with Disney subsidiary Maker Studios, the global leader in short-form video and the largest content network on YouTube.

“Partnering with Maker Studios is the perfect way to take Tequila Aficionado Media to the next level,” declared Lisa Pietsch, COO of Tequila Aficionado.  “We’ve grown astronomically over the past 3 years and Maker will give us the platform and distribution tools to increase our reach and engagement into new media outlets with an even larger audience.”

Wtequila aficionado, newsfronts, variety, maker, disney, maker studiosith 55,000 independent creator partners from more than 100 countries, Maker Studios is the largest content network on YouTube and attracts more than 10 billion views every month with over 650 million subscribers.  It is home to top digital stars, channels and content while dedicated to developing talent, creating premium programming, and building lasting brands with engaged audiences.

“ Being accepted by Maker and the Disney family of companies has positioned us as the premier source for agave spirit education, entertainment and social media,” added M.A. “Mike” Morales, CEO of Tequila Aficionado.  “It amps up our ability to provide new media from outside-the-box.”

Tequila Aficionado Media has been creating original, engaging website and video content on Tequila Culture for over 16 years.  For example…

Sipping Off The Cuff™ is the only tequila tasting series of its kind and has been popular among aficionados for years.  This naturally led to Tequila Aficionado’s Brands Of Promise™ Awards.  Both can be seen on packaging worldwide on Tequila Aficionado’s website and over their own YouTube channels.

The recent acquisition and airing of Last Tequila Standing™ was a long time in the making and proved in numbers that this type of programming has a home in new media.

tequila aficionado, newsfronts, variety, maker, disney, maker studios
Click image for details on the tour

Tequila Aficionado’s latest move, combining adventure travel and agave spirit brands with its Día de los Muertos Tequila Tour upcoming in October 2015, is just another way it creates its own original, unique and engaging social media content.

“We utilize our influence to help grow brands we feel have promise in the industry,” continued Pietsch.  “Coming on board with Maker and the Disney family of companies ensures we’ll reach an even larger audience, and that includes millennials.”

“Everyone—including millennials–is living a mobile, social, on-demand life,” asserts Morales.  “As a result, entertainment is changing and evolving, and Maker Studios is at the forefront.”

“We now have the full force of the Maker network behind us,” agreed Pietsch.  “It’s not just Tequila Aficionado Media pushing through our extensive networks, any more, but Disney constantly pushing and promoting everything we do.”


There’s still time to join Tequila Aficionado’s Día de los Muertos Tequila Tour.  Click here, NOW!  For more information on Maker Studios, a member of the Disney family of companies, click here.


newsfronts, variety, maker, disney, maker studios


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