מסקל Kosher Mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico: Kashrut or Canard

By Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D.

How Far Does Kosher Go?

A palenquero in a Oaxacan field is harvesting agave espadín destined to be distilled into kosher mezcal. He comes across a rattler or coral snake.  Can he kill the snake with the machete he is using to cut the pencas off the maguey?  I’m far from a Talmudic scholar or an Orthodox Jew, and I don’t even keep a kosher home, but I have been around the production of agave distillates in southern Mexico for more than a quarter century, so the question intrigues me.  More importantly it leads to the broader issue of the extent to which traditionally made mezcal, labeled as kosher, actually complies with biblical dictates.

How Observant Must You Be?

Can those Jews who are “observant,” a loaded word in and of itself, confidently drink any mezcal, kosher via kashrut certification,  and truly be assured that it is pareve (neutral) or otherwise drinkable?  Should they be at all concerned regarding imbibing the agave distillate despite the label designating the contents of the bottle as COR, U, KA-Kosher, K, or another way of identifying the spirit as kosher? Is there another way of satisfying oneself that the spirit is drink-worthy by rules set out in the Bible?

kosher tequilaDoes Size Matter?

It is suggested that perhaps the only really kosher mezcals, regardless of what’s stated on the label, are the most industrialized products in the marketplace, or perhaps from the most traditional smallest scale production. The latter would likely never find its way out of Mexico based on economies of scale. The corollary is that if the Orthodox Jewish imbiber wants to drink artesanal or ancestral mezcal, he may not be enjoying what the Law of Moses suggests is the only spirit he should be ingesting.  It is submitted that rabbis, directors and employees of kosher certification boards, as well as owners of kosher mezcal brands and their palenqueros, have a vested interest in assuring the public that kosher means Stricly Kosher in compliance with accepted standards. Admittedly I’ve become more of a skeptic while a permanent resident of Oaxaca, and so interviews with any of the foregoing people regarding practices and procedures doesn’t satisfy my curiosity nor allay my trepidation.

Who Decides?

The rabbinical certification of food to make it kosher involves ascertaining  that the food (or drink) has no ingredients or processes forbidden by Jewish law.  Nothing anyone can say or do, including a rabbi, can make non-kosher food kosher. There are organizations which monitor process, from the initial production stages to mezcal being packaged and ready to go on the shelf of the retailer.  The organization is then able to certify something as kosher, with its icon clearly identifiable on a label.  But every organization has its own standards, and not all Orthodox Jews accept every board’s seal of (kosher) approval. In virtually every religion where there is ancient text, different groups, sects and individuals interpret some words, phrases and chapters, differently. So right off the bat we have the makings of a concern, for me an issue when it comes to passing judgment upon what is kosher. If you are Orthodox, perhaps no mezcal should be deemed kosher. In any event, I would suggest that only a tiny fraction of the approximately 22% of American Jews who follow a kosher diet, would be uneasy if their spirits are not Certified Kosher.


Does Pareve Make it Kosher?

The agave, a succulent, is, in and of itself, pareve. It’s not meat, and it’s not dairy; nor has it ever swam, hopped, flown or slithered.  But what does happen to agave and with what it comes into contact in the process of becoming mezcal, typically  takes it out of the category of being kosher. Or does it?

What Are the Rules?

Most of what can and what should never be consumed, and in what and when, is contained in Deuteronomy Chapter 14, and Leviticus Chapter 11. Different books in the Torah cover other related matters as will be explained further along. The latter chapter is more comprehensive and subsumes the former, and so its pertinent paragraphs (only) are reproduced hereunder:

1 And the LORD spoke unto Moses and to Aaron, saying unto them:

2 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying: These are the living things which ye may eat among all the beasts that are on the earth.

3 Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is wholly cloven-footed, and cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that may ye eat.

7 And the swine, because he parteth the hoof, and is cloven-footed, but cheweth not the cud, he is unclean unto you.

8 Of their flesh ye shall not eat, and their carcasses ye shall not touch; they are unclean unto you.

9 These ye may  eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them may ye eat.

10 And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the waters, and of all the living creatures that are in the waters, they are a destestable thing unto you,

20 All winged swarming things that go upon all fours are a detestable thing unto you.

21 Yet these may ye eat of all winged swarming things that go upon all fours, which have jointed legs above their feet, wherewith to leap upon the earth;

22 even these of them ye may eat; the locust after its kinds, and the bald locust after its kinds, and the cricket after its kinds, and the grasshopper after its kinds.

23 But all winged swarming things, which have four feet, are a detestable thing unto you.

24 And by these ye shall become unclean; whosoever toucheth the carcass of them shall be unclean until even.

25 And whosoever beareth aught of the carcass of them shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even.

32 And upon whatsoever any of them, when they are dead, doth fall, it shall be unclean; whether it be any vessel of wood, or raiment, or skin, or sack, whatsoever vessel it be, wherewith any work is done, it must be put into wáter, and it shall be unclean until the even; then it shall be clean.

33 And every earthen vessel whereinto any of them falleth, whatsoever is in it shall be unclean, and it ye shall break.

35 And every thing whereupon any part of their carcass falleth shall be unclean; whether even, or range for pots, it shall be broken in pieces; they are unclean, and shall be unclean unto you.

41 And every swarming thing that swarmeth upon the earth is a detestable thing; it shall not be eaten

  1. Whatsoever goeth upon the belly, and whatsoever goeth upon all fours, or whasoever hath many feet, even all swarming things that swarm upon the earth, them ye shall not eat; for they are a detestable thing.

44 For I am the LORD your God; sanctify yoursleves therefore, and be ye holy; for I am holy; neither shall ye defile yourselves with any manner or swarming thing that moveth upon the earth.

46 This is the law of the beast, and of the fowl, and of every living creature that moveth in the waters, and of every creature that swarmeth upon the earth;

47 to make a difference between the unclean and the clean, and between the living thing that may be eaten and the living thing that may not be eaten.

Aside from some of the standard prohibitions of which virtually all Jews and most non-Jews are aware (i.e. against pork and seafood), the paragraphs reproduced also includes additional rules which are particularly relevant to the thesis herein, regarding:

  • flying insects v. those which hop such as our beloved Oaxacan chapulines (grasshoppers);
  • slithering creatures such as snakes and our cherished Oaxacan gusanos (“the worm,” actually a larva);
  • the use of utensils, pots and tools, which have come into contact with the “unclean” or “detestable.”

Kosher is in the Process

Kosher beverages (and food) must start out as such, and follow a kosher process from start to finish, right up until and including imbibing that first sip of mezcal in an appropriate vessel.  Great care should be taken at each step begining with growing of the agave. Consideration should be given to the character of the raw material, tools and equipment used at every stage leading up to and including bottling, as well as  how the maguey has been harvested, cooked, crushed, fermented and distilled.  The transformation into mezcal should take place in facilities that have been retrofitted for kosher production.

Con Gusano?

From the outset, that is planting agave, there is an issue, even assuming that the seed, pup or hijuelo transplanted into a furrow where it will remain for the better part of a decade, is kosher.  When the small maguey is sown, the more industrialized operations may spray a bit of insecticide in each hole to assure no immediate infestation. Traditional campesino growers, and palenqueros producing artesanal or ancestral mezcal, likely will not.  There is a reasonable likelihood that flying insect and/or larvae infestation (i.e. the slithering gusanos), both un-kosher, will begin to interact with the piñas grown by traditional means. If a home remedy 100% natural insecticide is employed, do we have to examine the kosherness of the ingredients used to make it (i.e. how the garlic, the chiles and all the rest have been produced)?

Organic and Kosher Aren’t the Same

The foregoing suggests that, contrary to some lay belief, there is not a relationship between on the one hand kosher, and on the other certified organic, 100% natural, etc. Furthermore, the industrial mezcal (labelled by CRM dictates as simply mezcal, as opposed to artesanal or ancestral) which most present-day mezcal aficionados loathe, is more likely than the others to comply with biblical standards. Traditionally produced mezcal indeed may approximate organic or natural standards, but tends to be further removed from the ambit of kosher, right from the beginning.

Kosher at the Expense of Artisanal?

Taking the Bible literally, perhaps the only truly kosher mezcals are those produced in the most industrialized plants.  Sterility is maintained using stainless steel, versus clay or copper, diesel versus ant infested firewood, bleach versus cola for cleaning floors of concrete as opposed to dirt, and exacting particular tools designed and reserved for each specific task, versus our machete used to both cut agave and kill that (prohibited) snake. Nary a forbidden fly is found in such facilities.  Of course these factories are the furthest removed from those of biblical times.

Traditional vs. Kosher

Means of production and tools of the trade in agave distillate manufacture lie along a continuum. It is suggested that, regardless of kosher certification,  in some respects the closer one moves towards the traditional mezcal production axis (coveted by many, and assumed to be more organic and natural), the less likely the spirit complies with strict biblical standards. Yet in other respects this doesn’t hold wáter.  For example if we move to the absolute smallest scale of production, the palenquero controls everything, from planting through to bottling. It’s his own agave, harvested from the quiote or transplanted from clones.  He simply cannot afford kosher certification and his production is extremely limited, though he has the ability to be extremely vigilant.  By contrast, those who produce kosher mezcal may state that they examine every piña to ensure no gusanos have infested.  But can we really take at face value their assurances? They are successful business people. They, as most who now produce mezcal for export and many who do not, purchase piñas from growers, by the lot or three ton truckload.  Will they discard every piña where they see a gusano? And what about the piñas where the existence of gusanos cannot be readily detected? The non-Jewish grower just wants to ensure that he gets his fair price, infested or not.

A Puff of Smoke

Ants, and well as other creepy crawlers and flyers often infest the logs used to bake agave traditionally in that conical shaped below-ground airtight chamber.  They are surely impacting the flavor and character of those pristine piñas. Is that permisible based on biblical dictates?

Who’s Watching?

A kosher certification board member visits a palenque or factory operation, certifies the premises enabling proprietor  and/or brand owner to put the kosher insignia on the labels, and then returns periodically for audits.  The literature suggests that the representative may return once or twice a year for inspections, but depending on his schedule and the location of the operation, he may not.

What About the Tools?

The Old Testament would appear to approve of crushing the baked sweet agave by hand, provided the machete used to initially chop the maguey hearts has not come into contact with anything un-kosher. It could be ants when it was used to cut the firewood, or that coral snake. The wooden mallet of course must be free of infestation. The rule regarding utensils suggests that those which have come into contact with hot non-kosher food may not be used with kosher food. But hot is relative, and may include spicy hot.  It is so confusing that for generations rabbis have been fielding questions from their congregants, seeking interpretations for biblical conundra on the topic of utensils, and of course much  more.  Now there are websites where those in the know are consulted for their expert rabbinical advice. To what extent, if at all, are campesinos and traditional palenqeros trained in such matters, or even consider kosherness in the course making mezcal?  And even if they are, does one really think that they would thrust a machete into the ground ten times, each time into a different part of the earth, to return it to its usable status? It would appear that it is virtually impossible to meet any reasonable standard of kosherness when distilling in “earthen vessel” clay pots, since degree of hotness is not really an issue and given the frequency of the “detestables” flying around.

And the Animals?

When it comes to crushing traditionally, using a beast of burden, the Bible provides a complete code of conduct regarding treatment of animals.  Chapters in Books such as Genesis, Exodus, Proverbs, Samuel, Deuteronomy and Leviticus instruct, as does the Talmud.  Jewish law  prohibits causing unnecessary suffering or cruelty to animals.  In many cases they are afforded the same sensitivity as human beings. They can be used to satisfy legitimate needs, like food for sustenance and clothing, and even within these contexts we must use and kill using the least painful way possible.  The Bible is specific in forbidding the muzzling of an ox to prevent it from eating while it is working in the field.

Now to the extent that the scriptures accord animals the same rights as humans (i.e. resting on the Sabbath), palenquero compliance should not be problematic. However, can mezcal be considered kosher at all if a horse, mule or team of oxen is used to mash the agave? After all, alcohol consumption does not satisfy legitimate needs, although a reasonably argument can be made for drinking wine on the Sabbath and otherwise on religious holidays. This takes us along the industrialization end of our continuum, where machinery is used for crushing and extracting the sweet agave juice. Even if we deem consumption of spirits as a legitimate need, horses are often muzzled when crushing agave, so as to reduce the likelihood of them constantly having their heads down in an effort to consume that enticing caramelly maguey.

Are the Vats Kosher?

You can ferment in any receptable. Industrially produced mezcal employs iron and stainless steel, which presumably is not problematic. In and around the central valleys of Oaxaca, the traditional fermentation vat, the tina, is roughly 1,000 liters and made of oak or pine. Pine can more easily become infested.  How does one prevent that from happening? Cedar is not typically used, but perhaps it should be, but then again the taste of the mezcal would be significantly altered. Depending on the time of year of fermentation, variously bees, flies and knats buzz around the containers, nourishing themselves by feeding off of the sweet agave which has had wáter added.  Yes, one can prevent that by using a metal mesh cover.  Has the vendor of that piece of equipment been eating pork just prior to lifting it off of his truck?

Lawn Fertilizer?

An owner of a particular Certified Kosher agave spirit has stated that he never allows his mash to ferment for more than seven days and relies only on airborne yeasts for fermentation.  However, during the cold weather months it often takes more than two weeks to achieve prime fermentation, unless one adds a chemical compound such a lawn fertilizer to speed up the process. Would you want to drink that mezcal, favoring its kosher status above anything else, given that is is far from being anywhere close to organic or natural by virtue of that innoculation?

Do You Have to be Jewish?

Can non-Jews even make mezcal? Wine made by non-Jews is prohibited. For agave distillates, assuming at face value they can be Certified Kosher, which individuals in the production chain have to be Jewish, and how devout? I’ve never seen a campesino harvest agave in a field while wearing a yarmulka. Wine must be made by Jews because there is a restriction against using products of idolatry.  Wine was regularly sanctified for pagan purposes while it was being processed, and thus the prohibition. Should the rule apply to only wine, since mezcal, just as wine, is an intoxicant? Talmudic scholars have debated the suggestion that wine should be no different than whisky, rum and other non-grape based spirits.  Further discussion on the issue is beyond the purview of this essay.

You Be the Judge

Taking any ancient religious text literally is dangerous. When the Bible was written there were no exacting standards.  Sanitation and cleanliness were nowhere near where they are today.  We pick and choose what suits us.  It is not suggested that you should only drink industrially produced mezcal, but rather that class of agave distillate more closely approximates what the drafters of the Bible had in mind. Satisfy yourself as a devout Jew, that the processes employed in producing your favourite artesanal or ancestral mezcal, meet your personal standards as you extrapolite them from the Torah.

Is the Label Really Important?

alvin starkman, mezcalRecall the continuum.  Kosherness comes in degrees, as is evidenced by the fact that some Jews opt for trusting in one certification board versus another.  The system of defining which foods are kosher was developed by the rabbis of late antiquity, hundreds of years ago. Given that the word kosher means fit or appropriate in Hebrew, perhaps as long as one is confident of current day sanitary standards, and the treatment of any animal used in the process, that should weight more importantly than that little logo on the can of tuna, or bottle of mezcal.  Cleanliness is essentially irrelevant since we are dealing with a distillate. Know your palenquero, visit his palenque to assure yourself of his treatment of any beast of burden used in production, and don’t sweat the rest.  Conduct your own rabbinic supervision (remember that no blessing is required) and drink up:  cheers, salud, l’chaim and quisbheú.

Alvin Starkman owns and operates Mezcal Educational Excursions of Oaxaca (www.mezcaleducationaltours.com).


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Women In The Bacanora Industry: Adriana Torres

Women In The Bacanora Industry: Adriana Torres https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5OU

We first encountered Adriana Torres through Novel Spirits Collection, the US importer of her flagship bacanora brand, Pascola Bacanora.

The more we heard about her from Connie and Mel Abert, the owners of Novel Spirits, the more intrigued we became with her background.

You can read about her herculean efforts to revitalize Sonora, Mexico’s once thriving bacanora industry in her own words here.

Launching what we hope to be the first in a long list of Bacanora Boss Ladies, we induct Adriana Torres into our gallery of Women In the Tequila/Mezcal/Bacanora Industry series.

What follows are her answers to our customary handful of questions.

[Editor’s note:  For the convenience of our interviewee and our Spanish speaking audience, this article is in both English and Spanish.]


 TA:  How would you describe your experiences as a woman in a primarily male dominated industry?  (What are the challenges you face when dealing with the male dominated Tequila/Mezcal/Bacanora Industries?)

(¿Cómo describiría sus experiencias como una mujer de alto rango en su posición en una industria dominada principalmente masculina?)

AT:  My experiences were difficult, primarily because when we began, we were the first to formalize a female owned company in the bacanora industry.

But, truthfully, in all this time, I’ve received lots of support from great men in the industry.

Women In The Bacanora Industry: Adriana Torres https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5OU

(Dificiles, principalmente porque cuando yo inicie en la industria del Bacanora, fuimos de las primeras en formalizarnos y era de mujeres.

Pero la verdad he que en todo este tiempo he recibido muchísimo apoyo por parte de grandes hombres relacionados con la industria.)

TA:  How have you been able to change things within the Tequila/Mezcal/Bacanora Industries?

(¿Cómo han sido capaces de cambiar las cosas dentro de su industria?)

AT:  The truth is, just doing the work.

Doing things right and being loyal to our principles and values.  Being consistent in what we say and do.

And, above all else, taking care of the little details.

(La verdad, solo con trabajo, haciendo las cosas bien y siendo leal a nuestros principios y valores. Ser coherentes en lo que se dice y se hace, y sobre todo cuidando los pequeños detalles.)

 TA:  What do you see as the future of women working within the Tequila/Mezcal/Bacanora Industries?

(¿Qué ves como el futuro de las mujeres que trabajan en la industria del Tequila, Mezcal o Bacanora?)

AT:  We’re growing.

It’s been 12 years since I became involved in this industry and my company was the only one that considered [employed] women.

Over time, many more businesses have incorporated women intoWomen In The Bacanora Industry: Adriana Torres https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5OU their processes [like] wives and daughters, as well as contracting women in the areas of design, management and sales.

We ourselves will be working with female vinateras (bacanora distillers).  The wife of one of our producers will begin to distill one of our own brands.

(Vamos en crecimiento, hace 12 años que me incorpore a esta industria mi empresa era la única que consideraba mujeres, al paso del tiempo varias de las empresas han ido incorporando mujeres dentro de sus procesos, a las esposas, las hijas, contratando mujeres en el área de diseño, gestión y ventas.

Incluso nosotras empezaremos a trabajar con mujeres vinateras, la esposa de uno de nuestros productores empezara a producir una de nuestras marcas.)

 TA:  What facets of the Tequila/Mezcal/Bacanora Industries would you like to see change?

(¿Qué cosas gustaría cambiado? )

AT:  To stop looking at the [bacanora] industry as just another source for profits.

We should value what the industry really stands for.

That bacanora won’t become like tequila or mezcal, but continues being an exclusive product, based on supply and not demand.

That bacanora truly becomes a driving force for the economy, the environment, and the culture of Sonora, Mexico and the world.

That is what we are striving for.

(Dejar de ver la industria como una Fuente de ingresos unicamente, valorar todo lo que la industria realmente representa, que el Bacanora no sea como el tequila ni el mescal, que siga siendo un product exclusivo, basado en la oferta y no la demanda, que realmente el bacanora se convierta en un motor de la economia, medio ambiente y cultura de Sonora, Mexico y el mundo.

Nosotros en eso estamos trabajando.)

TA:  Do you approve of how Tequila/Mezcal brands are currently marketing themselves?

(Esta Ud de acuerdo con la comercialización de marcas de tequilas o mezcales, hoy en dia?)

AT:  Of course!

They are ancestral distillates that represent us.  They are spirits with the flavor of Mexico from distinct regions of the country.

We must preserve the tradition.

(Claro, son destilados ancestrales, que nos representan. Son bebidas espirituosas con sabor a Mexico, de las distintas regiones del país.

Necesitamos conservar la tradicion.)

TA:  Is there anything you’d like to say to women who may be contemplating entering and working in the Tequila/Mezcal/Bacanora Industries in one form or another?

(¿Existe algo que le gustaría decir a las mujeres que pueden estar contemplando entrar y trabajar en la industria del Tequila, Mezcal o Bacanora en una forma u otra?)

AT:  We need to work in a united way.  We should care for the tradition, history, and culture of Sonora.

We should guarantee quality products, and motivate our producers to make their products like we care for our families.

Bacanora is a noble spirit.  It is a product that would allow us to recuperate many lost aspects in our state, from social, cultural, economic and environmental.

I invite them to conscientiously participate in the development of the industry.  That Bacanora achieves for Sonora what Tequila is for Jalisco, and Mezcal is for Oaxaca.

Women In The Bacanora Industry: Adriana Torres https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5OU

(Necesitamos trabajar de manera unida, debemos cuidar la tradición, la historia y la cultura de Sonora. Debemos garantizar productos de calidad, debemos motivar a nuestros productores a que realicen su producto como nosotras cuidamos a nuestras familias. El bacanora es un producto noble, un producto que nos puede permitir recuperar muchos aspectos perdidos en nuestro estado, desde aspectos sociales, culturales, económicos como los de medio ambiente.

Las invito a participar de una manera consiente en el desarrollo de la industria, lograr que el Bacanora se convierta para Sonora, en lo que el Tequila es para Jalisco y el Mezcal para Oaxaca.)

A Bacanora Boss Lady Tells All: Adriana Torres

Adriana Torres:  Bacanora Boss Lady

A Bacanora Boss Lady Tells All: Adriana Torres https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5MZSo, how does a well-educated, forty-something mother of three get deeply involved in the remote bacanora-distilling communities of rural Sonora?

For this “Bacanora Boss Lady,” it began as a university school project.

We’ll let Adriana tell you her amazing and life-changing journey–in her own words–but first…

Meet Bacanora

Mezcal is all the craze these days.

But, as the legendary Martin Grassl so aptly pointed out, knowledgeable consumers continue to move away from the bland, cookie-cutter flavor profiles of most mass market tequilas.

In their quest to challenge their taste buds even further, more and more are turning to other luscious Mexican agave spirits like sotol, raicilla and bacanora.

A Troubled Past

Made using Sonora’s native Angustifolia Haw plant (Agave Pacifica), the production of Bacanora was banned in 1915 by the powerful, post-revolutionary Governor of Sonora, Plutarco Elias Calles.

According to leading bacanora expert and historian, Dr. Luis Núñez Noriega:

“Bacanora consumption had become so widespread throughout the state, the intolerant government banned the spirit, and severely punished anyone caught drinking or making it – sometimes by imprisonment, sometimes by death!”

A Bacanora Boss Lady Tells All: Adriana Torres https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5MZ

This Prohibition-style ban forced vinateros (bacanora distillers) into the hills to continue making the spirit in secret, much like American moonshiners and bootleggers.

Bacanora production was illegal until 1992, and in 2005 was issued a Denomination of Origin, but claims an existence of 300 years, mas o menos.

A Bacanora Boss Lady Tells All

[Editor’s note:  For the convenience of our interviewee and our Spanish speaking audience, this article is in both English and Spanish.]



Maria Adriana Torres de la Huerta, 46 years old, mother of 3 children, divorced.  Professional career as an Industrial Engineer and Systems Manager, with a Master’s Degree in Agribusiness and a truncated doctorate in Strategic Planning for the Improvement of Human Performance and Development.

Since the age of 24, my professional development is in the agro-A Bacanora Boss Lady Tells All: Adriana Torres https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5MZindustrial segment despite not being raised in the countryside.

The love I have for it and its activities were instilled in me by my father who is a medical veterinary zootechnician and a docent at the Technological Institute of Sonora, Mexico.

My experience began at the Rural Bank in the area of strategic projects like aquaculture, protected agriculture and agro-industries, working in the countryside [in the field], and for the countryside.

In 2006, as destiny would have it, I began my studies at the university school of business at the Technological Institute of Sonora.

One of the principal requirements [by the rector] was to find projects that enabled regional, sustainable development.

The businesses that were created or supported had to provide [aggregated] value to Sonora, as well as to allow for the development of its most vulnerable [overlooked] communities.

It was in that search, at the end of 2007, that I met my founding partner of the brand, Pascola Bacanora.

Alma Lourdes Peña Gomez introduced me to Bacanora, and that was when I knew this was a project worth pursuing.

We began working on formalizing the spirit.  It allowed me to become an associate of the business to obtain the commercialization authorizations, production license, and exportation permits.

That’s when I began to understand the real significance of Bacanora production to the state of Sonora.

I began visiting these communities, listening to the stories told by the producers [distillers], the majority of whom were men already advanced in age.

They related how, in the post-revolutionary time, La Acordada (that’s what the authorities were called in those days) destroyed the bacanora vinatas [distilleries] and lynched many of the producers of this alcoholic beverage.

As time passed, and the more we became involved, I understood and observed why so many of the vinatas we located in ravines and in the most remote places of the mountain range.

I concluded that thanks to the fortunate stubbornness of those producers, this activity [of distilling bacanora] that has so much cultural significance and connotation to the citizens of Sonora, didn’t disappear.

Since 2007 until now, the business has undergone many changes, but definitely persistence and commitment have allowed me to keep working with this brand and my own private labels, adding to my team people with the same focus.

I continue working towards positioning bacanora as one of the best distillates in the world.  And Bacanora Pascola as one of the pioneer brands that opened the breach between an artisanal bacanora and a 100% quality artisanal bacanora.

I am a bacanora producer.


MAA Adriana Torres de la Huerta, 46 años, madre de 3 hijos, divorciada, profesionista con la carrera de Ingeniero Industrial y de Sistemas, Maestria en Administración de Agronegocios y doctorado trunco en Planeacion Estrategica para la mejora del Desempeño humano.

Mi desarrollo profesional se da en el área agroindustrial desde los 24 años de edad, a pesar de no haber crecido en el campo, el amor por él y sus actividades fueron inculcadas por mi padre que es Medico Veterinario Zootecnista y ademas docente en el Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora.

Mi desarrollo inicio en el Banco Rural en el área de proyectos estratégicos como lo era la acuacultura, agricultura protegida y agroindustrias, trabajando por el campo y para el campo.

Pero es en el año 2006 cuando por azares del destino inicio mi labor en la universidad dentro de la Incubadora de Empresas del ITSON y donde una de las principales encomiendas del Rector fue la de buscar proyectos que permitieran el desarrollo regional sustentable, que las empresas que se crearan o se apoyaran en su desarrollo fueran empresa que dieran valor agregado al Estado y que permitieran el desarrollo de las comunidades mas vulnerables del estado.

En esa búsqueda, a finales de 2007 se acerca a mi la socia fundadora de la marca Bacanora Pascola Alma Lourdes Peña Gomez, la cual me dio a conocer lo que era el Bacanora, y en ese momento supe que este era el proyecto por el cual debería luchar.

A Bacanora Boss Lady Tells All: Adriana Torres https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5MZ

Empezamos a trabajar en la formalidad de la bebida, lo que permitío hacerme socia de la empresa al lograr los permisos para la comercialización, la licencia de producción y los permisos de exportación.

Asi comencé a conocer lo que realmente significaba la producción de bacanora para el Estado, empece a realizar visitas a las comunidades, escuchar las historias de los productores, los cuales en su mayoría eran hombres ya entrados en años, nos relataban cómo en los tiempos postrevolucionarios, La Acordada (como le llamaban a la justicia en esa época) destruía las vinatas de bacanora y ahorcaban a muchos de los que producian esta bebida alcohólica.

Con el tiempo y entre mas nos adentrábamos, empece a entender y a observar porque muchas de las vinatas se encuentran en las cañadas y en los lugares mas recónditos de la sierra.

Pude concluir que gracias a la afortunada terquedad de esos productores que permitieron que no desapareciera esta actividad de tanta connotación y pertenencia cultural para los sonorenses.

Desde 2007 a la fecha la empresa ha sufrido muchos cambios pero definitivamente la terquedad y el compromiso han permitido que yo siga trabajando con esta marca y mis marcas propias, sumando a mi equipo personas con el mismo fin.

Y continuo trabajando en pro de que el bacanora se posicione como uno de los mejores destilados del mundo y Bacanora Pascola como una de las marcas pioneras que abrió la brecha entre un bacanora artesanal y un bacanora artesanal 100% de calidad.

Soy Productora de Bacanora.

More on Bacanora

In this short interview, Adriana Torres explains more of the bacanora distilling process to the Spanish speaking audience.


Mezcal’s High Tide Raising Economy in Oaxaca

Mezcal's High Tide Raising Economy in Oaxaca https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5OdBy Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D.

On a recent warm, sunny afternoon, for the first time that I can recall, there was a lineup leading outside the front door at CATOSA bottle distributor in the Oaxaca city suburb of Los Volcanes. Everyone was waiting to place orders for bottles destined to be filled with mezcal, the iconic Mexican agave spirit. The numbers of both office staff and warehouse personnel had indeed been increasing over the past couple of years. But now, even with a good complement, there was trouble keeping up.

The more direct and obvious impacts of the surge in mezcal tourism for the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca certainly are the dramatic increase in sales of the spirit, and the filling of hotel and other lodging style accommodations, and restaurants, for those who visit the city to learn, buy and export; in both cases even during times of the year when visitor numbers are traditionally low. But the recent effect of mezcal on the economy of the state, not only for the capital and central valleys but also for the coastal resorts, runs much broader and deeper.

Mezcal's High Tide Raising Economy in Oaxaca https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5OdPart of the problem was that because of a dramatic spike in sales, CATOSA was short of inventory from a particular bottle manufacturer outside of the state of Oaxaca, and so customers had to ponder, at least on a provisional basis, what size and shape to buy. And then there was the issue of which top to use, again temporarily, for the bottles actually in supply; natural or artificial cork, wood, plastic, metal, color, and, whether or not plastic sleeves to shrink wrap the stopper should be used, required or not.

These were not even the large commercial clients who would regularly order significant quantities for domestic and export mezcal sales. They were small scale distillers with equally modest retail outlets alongside their palenques, owners of city mezcalerías, bars and restaurants which would buy agave distillate in bulk and then retail by the shot or in 750 ml or smaller sealed bottles, as well as individuals planning to gift the spirit with a personalized one-time label, as a token memory of a family rite of passage celebration (wedding, quince años, baptism, etc.).

Mezcal's High Tide Raising Economy in Oaxaca https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5OdRelated to the increase in bottle sales are the paper and printing industries, and the graphic design and related art vocations, each business competing for new opportunities to work with entrepreneurs both developing brand recognition and expanding market reach. The handmade paper factories a short drive outside the city of Oaxaca as well as downtown and suburban printers, have noted a sharp increase in client numbers and in sales for existing mezcal enterprises. But there is more.

Oaxaca has traditionally been a veritable wasteland for those interested in acquiring antiques and collectibles. But now there is value perceived in anything even remotely related to agave, mezcal and pulque: old wooden mallets used for crushing baked agave in preparation for fermenting; cracked clay distillation pots which can still be used as planters; the shell of the fully tapped majestic Agave Americana which is also used as an adorning planter; ancient rusted laminated metal condensers, an integral part of ancestral distillation; vintage postcards portraying distillation or harvesting aguamiel which when exposed to environmental bacterial becomes pulque; iron implements used in cutting agave from the field such koas; metal tools used to scrape the inside of agaves so as to induce the seepage of aguamiel into the well, and; vintage clay pots known as cántaros, used in decades past for storing and transporting mezcal.  There is of course the most highly collectible of them all, the clay vessel in the shape of a monkey, chango mezcalero, dating to the 1930s and used to market and boost mezcal sales.  While it is a stretch to suggest that collectors now visit Oaxaca for the principal purpose of acquiring antiques, those whose interest have been piqued by agave and its cultural importance over millennia, now find a new reason to spend more time, and money, in the state.


Mezcal's High Tide Raising Economy in Oaxaca https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5Od


Mezcal's High Tide Raising Economy in Oaxaca https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5Od

It’s not only the collectors of vintage who are making a pilgrimage to Oaxaca in search of anything old and related to agave.

Entrepreneurs are finding ways to benefit by selling online.  Their clients are both collectors, and owners of American bars, mezcalerías and Mexican restaurants with a healthy complement of mezcal. Often the latter visit Oaxaca to both learn about mezcal, and to return to their home cities with paraphernalia to adorn their establishments. Their numbers include American bars and restaurants in Seattle, Portland, Carmel, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Baltimore, D.C., Chicago and New York, with cities in Canada slow on the update yet gradually catching on. They also converge on Oaxaca from a broad range of cities throughout Mexico.

Success has come relatively effortless for such retailers. Almost to a number, at least in the case of American establishments, their owners in due course make return visits to Oaxaca, now with their staff.  Selling mezcal is much easier if your employees have been here and learned first-hand about artisanal production.  There is a newfound passion, unattainable through merely reading articles and books or watching YouTube videos. And so the numbers visiting Oaxaca are literally increasing exponentially.

Some mezcal brands are offering incentives to bars by giving comps:  “if you buy 25 cases of our mezcal, we’ll provide a free trip to Oaxaca for two of your premier bartenders.”  And it works.

Mezcal's High Tide Raising Economy in Oaxaca https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5Od

Antique and vintage items are not the only class of collectible being retailed in Oaxaca and earmarked for mezcal aficionados.  Not since the tourism boom which began in the 1960s with hippies converging upon Oaxaca in search of the magic mushroom, have craftspeople begun to think outside-of-the-box. Thanks to mezcal we now have more than the typical blouses hand-embroidered with flowers, wool rugs woven with motifs representative of the Mitla archaeological site, carved wooden figures (alebrijes) with dragons, and traditional designs on clay pots and figurines in terra cotta, barro negro and green glaze.

Mezcal's High Tide Raising Economy in Oaxaca https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5Od

Just walk into higher end downtown Oaxaca retail outlets like La Mano Mágica or Mis Mezcales, or saunter through any of the umpteen craft shops and indoor marketplaces. Agave and mezcal are now well-represented, whereas only a decade ago it was “same old same old.” Craftspeople and their retailers are now in a position to double and even triple sales by marketing anything related to mezcal and agave. We can easily find contemporary changos; drinking vessels for spirits in hand-blown glass or in clay fashioned with raised agave leaves; ceramic water and pulque serving pitchers again with agave; hand woven agave table runners, coasters and bottle carriers; carved wooden boxes, bar stools, sofas and more, all with the succulent whittled into the wood; jimador stone carvings; linen shirts with embroidered agave; silver agave earrings; etc., etc. etc.  Whether a novice with merely a passing interest, or an ardent mezcal aficionado, it’s almost impossible to resist buying just something, anything relating to mezcal, pulque or agave, regardless of your taste, level of sophistication, or budget. Just as the vintage, the contemporary is finding a place adorning American bars, restaurants and mezcalerías.

And, mezcal tourism is immune to the usual vagaries impacting travelers to Oaxaca. Those who typically visit to experience the state’s renowned cuisine, pristine beaches, archaeology, more traditional crafts, museums, vibrant marketplaces, the capital’s café-lined zócalo, and colonial architecture, change or cancel plans based on a media reports, typically making unwarranted decisions. Oaxaca’s economic fortunes are appropriated described in terms of extreme peaks and valleys:  the 2006 civil unrest, the Mexican swine flu, the US economic crisis, the warring drug gangs, zika, and then the next report which is undoubtedly just around the corner. Most people forget a short while after each, and then there is another reminder to not visit Oaxaca. But those who come for mezcal appear to be a different breed of visitor. They take the media and their home country state department cautions with a grain of salt, and/or do their own more directed and detailed investigation. They come, and they spend.

New markets for mezcal and consequently opportunities for its export are rapidly opening around the globe. And so there is a resultant dramatic influx of visitors.  Aficionados and entrepreneurs alike from Germany, Italy, the UK, South Africa, and Central and South American, are now picking up mezcal on their radar screens. At least into the foreseeable future, industry growth and the concomitant economic opportunities for Oaxaca will continue to surge.

Alvin Starkman operates Mezcal Educational Excursions of Oaxaca (www.mezcaleducationaltours.com).

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Women in Mezcal: Traditional Roles vs. Market Assumptions

Women in Mezcal: Traditional Roles vs. Market Assumptions https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LWWomen Making Mezcal in Oaxaca: Division of Labour between the Sexes

Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D.

It is inaccurate to suggest that mezcal production in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca is by and large a man’s job or trade, and that there are very few palenqueras, that is artisanal mezcal distillers who are women. The female of the specie makes mezcal.  Women’s involvement in the processes is essentially determined by the same criteria used to understand sex roles in other vocations in rural Oaxaca; strength and stamina, traditional child-rearing and other household responsibilities.

As most mezcal aficionados know, palenqueros (using the more generic term for male and female producers of the agave based spirit) typically do not read books or watch youtube videos to learn how to make the iconic Mexican, typically high alcohol content drink.  They learn from their fathers, their uncles and their grandfathers, just as their relatives before them, over the course of generations.  Young girls, just as young boys, begin learning the trade, virtually from infancy; watching, helping, and fantasizing their futures as palenqueros while in the course of playing on their own or with their friends and siblings. I frequently bear witness to this acquisition of knowledge.

Women in Mezcal: Traditional Roles vs. Market Assumptions https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LWCustomarily women raise families, dating to the hunter and gatherer division of labor in humankind. Mothers remained close to home with the children, gathering fruits, nuts, berries, etc., and preparing meals, while their male partners were off on extended hunting expeditions often requiring that they be fleet of foot, and at times requiring more physical fortitude than women could muster. With mezcal production, typically the fields of agave under cultivation are relatively far from home, and if wild maguey is sought, the palenquero is often required to walk a couple of hours into the hills before coming across his bounty. The same holds true for scrounging and cutting firewood to fuel ovens and stills.  Furthermore, lifting the piñas (heart of the succulent used to produce mezcal) often requires more strength than traditionally exhibited by women.  Although sometimes while the palenquero is still in the field the piñas are cut into smaller pieces for their eventual baking, whether whole or halved they can weigh hundreds of pounds and must be lifted into trucks or onto the sides of donkeys or mules.

Women in Mezcal: Meanwhile…Back at the Palenque

Once back at the palenque (artisanal mezcal distillery), which often adjoins the homestead proper or is in close proximity to it, women’s work making mezcal begins in earnest, of course subject to their priority obligation of preparing meals and tending to the children. They nevertheless are often, and customarily, an integral part of the baking, crushing, fermenting and distilling processes, working alongside and even dictating to men.

Women in Mezcal: Traditional Roles vs. Market Assumptions https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LWTrue enough, women much less than men are involved in cutting the agave into appropriately sized pieces back at the palenque in preparation for baking, again for reasons relating to stamina and strength required to wield machetes, axes and mallets. Similarly splitting logs and loading the oven with large, heavy tree trunks is typically men’s work. But then when it comes to filling the oven with stones, wet bagazo (waste fiber from distillation), piñas, tarpaulins and earth, women participate, typically as equals to men. Even in the face of whatever remnants persist of the perceived macho mexicano, once the rocks in the oven have been sufficiently heated, it is important to second as many helpers both male and female to get the rest of the work done as expeditiously as possible filling and then sealing the oven airtight.

Women as well as men remove the piñas from the oven once the carbohydrates have been converted to sugars, or caramelized.  Later on, in preparation for a subsequent bake, once again individuals of both sexes empty the chamber of the bagazo, stones and charcoal remaining at the bottom.  These women are the daughters, daughters-in-law, mothers, wives/partners, nieces and granddaughters. I see them all participating, not infrequently, and they are as much a part of the processes as their male counterparts, including actually being in charge of directing and decision-making.

When crushing the baked agave is done by hand, then yes, almost exclusively it is men who attend to this most arduous task. But working the horse, determining when the pieces of maguey have been sufficiently pulverized, loading the receptacles for fermenting whether into wooden slat tanks, in-ground lined pits, bovine skins, or otherwise, is often the work of men and women shared equally. Similarly women are often the ones who load up and tend the stills be they clay or copper, decide upon the optimum ABV (alcohol by volume), and determine the appropriate cuts of head, body and tail so as to result in best possible flavor of the resulting double distilled mezcal.

But now let’s assume that the palenquera is also charged with typical household chores including meal preparation for the family and raising the children including attending to their health, education and general welfare. She cannot of course be reasonably expected to look after all this, as well as partner with her husband for example, in terms of directing and attending to all of the foregoing tasks required in the spirit’s production.  However upon hearing the shout or receiving the cellular phone call from her male partner, cousin, son or father, she’s there, as needed. In addition, she is the one remaining at home in charge of sales. She typically also prepares comida for the men, and in fact it is customary when the home is not alongside the palenque, for the woman to bring food and drink for those (men) who are at some stage of producing the spirit;  all this, as well as making mezcal.

Women in Mezcal: Necessity Dictates Roles

Economic necessity on occasion dictates that a woman, to almost the complete exclusion of men except in a support role, become a palenquera.  She plants, tends, cuts and harvests maguey; splits logs, and even crushes by hand. In one case a husband/palenquero died suddenly in a car accident, leaving his wife and four young children. She became a palenquera in the traditional sense, doing everything previously done by her late husband, and raising the children. In another case a single mother’s two children left home for the US in their late teens, leaving her and her mother as the householders. She had learned mezcal production from her grandfather.  Currently she has a reputation for being one of the very few palenqueras who does it all and produces one of the finest mezcals produced in the entire state of Oaxaca.  She directs her underlings, that is, male cousins and neighbors, as to how to produce mezcal based on her exacting recipe. The foregoing are two exceptions to the tradition of both men and women working together, cooperatively with members of their families and communities.

A shift in paradigm is both warranted and strongly suggested when it comes to our perception of the industry being mainly within the purview of men. Women deserve to have their proper and important place acknowledged in the world of mezcal production in rural Oaxaca.


Alvin Starkman operates Mezcal Educational Excursions of Oaxaca (www.mezcaleducationaltours.com).   

Women in Mezcal: Traditional Roles vs. Market Assumptions https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LW

Hacienda de Bañuelos Mezcal Review (formerly Los Potrillos)

Sipping Off the Cuff | Mezcal Hacienda de Bañuelos (formerly Los Potrillos)


Mike Morales and Matt Mettras of Tequila Aficionado review Mezcal Hacienda de Bañuelos, formerly known as Los Potrillos Mezcal, on Sipping Off the Cuff.



Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase

Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LdWhen does The Great Festival Chase start?

Our tour begins on National Tequila Day, July 24th, as we depart from Texas and make our way to Mammoth Lakes, California.  It’s a 1600 mile drive just to get to our starting point and our driver (Lisa) needs breaks.


Can I still get in on this tour?

YES!  We need to depart Texas earlier this year in order to make it to the Mammoth Margarita Festival in Early August, but you still have time to get on board.

The tour information page & pricing is available here:

If you’re interested in a lot more exposure to get your brand on the tip of every agave spirit lover’s tongue, Brands of Promise Nominees from this year, and any previous years, are also qualified for our Influencer Marketing Package (which includes the 2018 Tour). Details can be found here:


How long do I have to decide?

If you choose to tour with us, we will need to know by June 15 and receive payment and 2 bottles of each expression by July 1.


How much does the tour cost?

The total cost to you for each expression that you would like to go on this tour is only $500.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LdWhat else do I get as a sponsor?

In addition to exposure at these shows, sponsors will receive a ridiculous amount of social media posts on behalf of Tequila Aficionado, on all of our social networks, to promote their brands. You can find the complete list of posts and items that we will be providing to all of our sponsor brands – for each expression – at http://bit.ly/greatfestchase.


Are you pouring at all of these shows?

No.  We will only be pouring at the El Cholo event.  If we were pouring at each event, we’d need to carry a lot more booze and our RV just isn’t that big.


Will I get exposure at all of these shows?

In early August the first stop on our tour will be the Mammoth Margarita Festival. While we aren’t pouring there, we will be auditioning tasters for Tequila Aficionado and using sponsor brands for those tastings.

Our next stop will be in Monterey where we will do a series of interviews at the Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine event. Sponsor brands will get exposure there by product placement in the videos.

Lastly, we will finish the tour at El Cholo in Pasadena at the end of October, where we will be pouring sponsor brands.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LdWill sponsors get to participate with you at the events?

If you’re available, the Mammoth Margarita Festival, Monterey or El Cholo will be great venues for interviews for our Open Bar show.  Please email Lisa@TequilaAficionado.com to let us know the most convenient venue to meet up.

Also, if you’d like to represent your brand at the El Cholo VIP tasting, we’d love to have you there.  (See below for details.)


What if I want to pour at Mammoth Margarita Festival?

Let us know and we’ll put you in contact with the organizers.


What if I want to pour & enter at Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine?

In order to participate in the blind tasting competition, exhibitor must have entry form and fee paid and submitted, no later than Friday, August 17th.

Blind tasting competition: Each exhibitor will be given one entry of one expression, either blanco or reposado to be entered in the blind tasting at no cost. MBTC organizers will purchase the expression online.  For additional expressions to be entered, MBTC team will purchase online, however, exhibitor is responsible for cost of purchase.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LdWhat if I want to pour at El Cholo?

Great!  As a tour sponsor, your brand is already participating in and will be poured during the VIP Hour at El Cholo.  If you or a representative of your brand would like to do the pouring and be available to discuss your brand with the VIPs, we’d love to have you there!  Please email Lisa@TequilaAficionado.com and let her know you’ll be there.

How do I get Tickets for Each Event?


Mammoth: Buy Tickets Here. 

Monterey: Buy Tickets Here.

El Cholo: Buy Tickets Here.


Can I just wait until next year?

You can, but our tour locations and itineraries change every year and you’ll miss out on the massive exposure these three big events on this year’s tour will bring to your brand.


What are you waiting for?

Click Here to get on the tour!

The Lost Explorer Joven Mezcal Review

THE LOST EXPLORER MEZCAL is a collaboration with Proyecto Humo and master mezcalero, Don Fortino Ramos Florean. It was grown, harvested and distilled on the edge of San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca in the Zimatlán District—situated some fifteen hundred meters above sea level in the Central Valley. San Pablo Huixtepec is roughly equidistant from Oaxaca City and Sola de Vega on the road to the Pacific. Fortino is a self-taught first-generation distiller and has produced mezcal for well over two decades; his spirits are unlike any other.

Tomorrow We Ride! #WildWildWest2017

It’s time for the…




We’re packing up and getting ready to ride for some spectacular brands this year.  Here’s what our tour itinerary looks like, barring any unforeseen adventures.  It’ll be a nonstop month of tequila and mezcal fun!

Follow #WildWildWest2017

Follow us on Facebook HERE for all of our LIVE broadcasts. 

Follow us on Instagram HERE for photos and short videos from the tour.



We’re proud to ride for these brands:

4 Copas Tequila

888 Tres Ochos Tequila

Amorada Tequila

Ayate Tequila

Azunia Tequila

De La Tierre Maple Tequila Liqueur

Desmadre Tequila

Don Amado Mezcal

Dos Almas Tequila

Embajador Tequila

Fuenteseca Cosecha Tequila

Los Osuna Agave Spirit

Malinalli Tequila

Mandala Tequila

Nectar Blends Agave Wine

One With Life Tequila

Revel Avila Agave Spirit

Scorpion Mezcal

Seleccion ArteNom Tequila

Senor Rio Tequila

Siempre Tequila

Soltado Tequila

Tapatio Tequila

G4 Tequila

Terralta Tequila

Titanium Tequila


Catch Us If You Can!


30-SepLoad, Record & Secure all Cases of Spirits, Balance Load
1-OctDrive to Sonora, TX
2-OctDrive to Van Horn, TX
3-OctPhoto shoot at Davis Mountains State Park
4-OctPhoto Processing and Scheduling Day
5-OctDrive to Alamagordo, NM
6-OctPhoto shoot at White Sands National Monument
7-OctDrive to Lordsburg, NM
8-OctDrive to Tombstone, AZ
9-OctDrive to Tucson, AZ

Event at Elvira’s in Tucson (Terralta)

11-OctDrive to Phoenix, AZ

Events at Modern Margarita & Torch Cigar Bar in Phoenix, AZ (Embajador)

13-OctPrivate Tasting in Phoenix

Arizona Taco Fest

15-OctDrive to Yuma, AZ
16-OctDrive to San Diego, CA
17-OctPhoto Shoot at Pio Pico Resort
18-OctFeature Article Writing & Scheduling Day
19-OctDrive to La Jolla, CA
20-OctInterview in La Jolla, CA (Dos Almas)

Event at Sol Cocina in Newport Beach, CA (Desmadre)

22-OctDrive to San Dimas, CA
23-OctPhoto & Video Processing & Scheduling Day

Private Distributor Tasting with Glassbottom Distributors (CA)

25-Oct[Revel Avila Event TBA]
26-Oct[Tres Ochos Event TBA]

El Cholo’s 17th Annual Tequila Tour in Pasadena, CA

28-OctPhoto & Video Processing Day

Drive to Palm Springs

10/30/2017-11/12/2017Post Tour Work & Follow Up to Include:
Photo/Video Processing & Scheduling
Sit & Sips with Brand Reps That Want to Visit
Feature Article Writing & Scheduling
Correspondence to include Brand & Distributor Introductions
Addition of Tequila Aficionado Wiki Files for all Sponsors