Last Tequila Standing: Mi Casa Tequila


Mi Casa Tequila is special.

It truly is the spirit of our land and we’re ecstatic to introduce you to it.  Before I get into our three award winning offerings, I’d like to talk about the emerging market for boutique tequilas.

In recent years tequila has gotten big, I mean really big.  The last few years we’ve seen people being more conscious about the source of their food and beverages and we’ve also seen the re-emergence of craft cocktail culture in major cities like San Francisco, LA, New York, Chicago, Portland etc.  Bartenders are now competing in World Class Competitions and are continually looking for unique flavors to complement their alchemy.  The rarer the spirit or the more unique it’s story, the more eager they are to experiment.  For good reason too.  Bartending is more than just making drinks, it’s about showmanship.  Customers want to know about the spirits going into their cocktail, they want to appreciate it.  When a bartender says, “I used Mi Casa Tequila, farmed from a local family on their private estate in Michoacan Mexico and aged in bourbon casks from Heaven Hills in Kentucky,” it sounds far more impressive than saying, “I used _____ it’s a owned by a big distributor and we have to stock it.”

More than that though, we also live in a time when people are becoming more conscious about what they put in their bodies.  People want organic, they want free range, they want grass fed and they want to buy local.  There are so many commercially owned brands out there that people are yearning for something they can take home that is both affordable, high-end and made honestly. 

Now enter Mi Casa.

Mi Casa Tequila is crafted entirely from Blue Agave which we farm ourselves.  We don’t come from a long line of tequila producers, in fact before 2000 all that lived on that land were my grandfather’s horses and cattle.  We cleared the fields and planted each agave one at a time on a humble stretch of land and since then we’ve planted another dozen lots.  What you taste when you open a bottle of Mi Casa Tequila is quite literally the spirit of our land.

We offer our tequila in three distinct offerings.  We produce an un-aged Blanco while our Reposado and Añejo have rested to their distinguished profiles in White Oak Bourbon Casks sourced from Heaven Hills Distillery in Kentucky.  Our entire portfolio has been awarded over ten times since we’ve launched in May 2011, including the high honor of being crowned the 2012 New York Spirits Competition’s ‘Tequila Distillery of the Year’ and the ‘Gold Medal People’s Choice’ at the Monterey Tequila and Mezcal Expo 2011.

Our Blanco tequila is smooth with a hint of peppermint and dark chocolate and is our most awarded in our line up.  It is fantastic served neat or in any cocktail.  Our Reposado is aged ten months and still carries with it the spice of the agave while introducing notes of caramel and citrus.  The eldest of our bunch is our Añejo.  Our Añejo rests for up to 30 months and in that time it develops a nice viscosity and blossoms with butterscotch and floral aromas.


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