A Bartender’s Tip from Germán González

In this clip, Germán González, distiller of T1 Tequila Uno and Tears of Llorana, reveals the difficulty in getting consumers to sip 100% agave tequila and shares a technique that a particular bartender uses to educate drinkers who ask for T1 in a cocktail.

A thoughtful bartender or mixologist will always serve the customer in the best way possible.

If you’ve never sipped T1 Tequila Uno, before having it in your favorite cocktail, ask for a bit of a sample on the side.

You’ll be glad you did!

Read the full story of Germán González and T1 Tequila Uno here.

Tequila Cocktails – the 3 Secrets by M.A. “Mike” Morales

mezcal, tequila, gilbert marquez, tequila cocktails

M.A. “Mike” Morales’ short video interview with mixologist Gilbert Marquez of Mercado restaurant and bar in the heart of Santa Monica, CA, reveals Gilbert’s three secrets to memorable tequila cocktails.

Click here for 3 Secrets to Memorable Tequila Cocktails



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Destination Cocktail: Irish Poet by Gilbert Marquez

March 16, 2013|By Jessica Gelt | Los Angeles Times
The Irish Poet, a cocktail created by Gilbert Marquez at Mercado in Santa Monica, tequila cocktails
The Irish Poet, a cocktail created by Gilbert Marquez at Mercado in Santa… (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles…)

In a city that could be considered the melting pot of the world, it’s only fitting that our pick for a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail is Mexican. Created by mixologist Gilbert Marquez for Santa Monica’s nouveau Mexican restaurant Mercado, the drink is called the Irish Poet. The spicy libation is fueled by the smoky flavor of mezcal, the heat of seeded poblano peppers, the zing of fresh lime juice and a lick of chipotle pepper-infused salt. Inspiration for the drink struck Marquez after a riotous tequila-drinking session with a loquacious Irishman in Mexico.

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