Trianon Anejo Tequila Review

trianon tequila, anejo, tequila aficionadoTequila Aficionado’s Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss Trianon Tequila Anejo and explain why they’ve nominated it as a 2014 Brand of Promise.

“If you’re looking for a tequila with personality and depth, look no further than Trianon Tequila.  This is an unabashedly unadulterated, old school tequila for true tequila lovers.” ~Lisa Pietsch, Tequila Aficionado 

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Trianon Tequila Anejo

Trianon tequila prides itself on using no automated equipment instead choosing traditional, batch distillation methods to produce their tequila. Theirs is an estate tequila in that they grown their own agave in the volcanic soil of Amatitan in Jalisco.

Trianon Tequila Anejo

We age our Blanco a full eighteen months in specially made American and French oak barrels to make Trianon Añejo. Because that’s how long it takes to strike the perfect balance between the taste of oak and agave. We could stop at 12 months like other makers—but by now you know that’s not the Trianon way. Aging longer allows the oak’s rich flavor to reach its full expression, perfectly complimenting the true agave taste of our tequila. With its warm, amber color and sweet aroma, our Añejo is best savored neat.




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